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  1. Well, with their logic did manage to develop warp drives before we learnt to stop killing each other. Oh wait, we still need to learn that.
  2. A member of the home guard breaks into the proceeding just before the surrender with a rusty, 23 year old shotgun. Das Chobit yanked the shotgun out of his arms and shot it into his face. Unfortunately, the shotgun misfired and killed Das Chobit. These events are now referred to by history as the Chobit incidence.
  3. 202. Jeb actually builds and flies a working rocket that doesn't blow up.
  4. Granted, they're not upset anymore now that they've killed you I wish that they will finish the next elder scrolls sequel soon.
  5. Banned for making the third joke based on my username.
  6. She was already, now she will just have more fans as the fans of this new fan art will find her fan art and become fans.
  7. False, now I want to know this glitch. The user below me will put false as their answer.
  8. Banned for creating the ribbon generator.
  9. True, mainly because I found it on steam to being with then found the site and forums. The user below me has sent Jeb on a one way trip.
  10. Granted but as there is no half life 3 yet or for a while, all the newly addicted people will destroy valve to get their Half-Life fix. I wish to of found KSP a year ago. .
  11. False The user below me will explain how I have misused the term paradox
  12. Banned for not having the video working on my computer.
  13. True, but anyone who read that would lose the game so you've created another paradox. The user below will create another paradox to confuse everyone.
  14. Its simple, its a paradox. The answer must be false as sniping would mean that they are not the person below me and the sniper is not sniped so they have to put false.
  15. To win simply cryogenically freeze yourself so you have no brain functions so you cant think of the game but still alive. Also, lost game.
  16. Banned for having YouTube gaming and music channel
  17. Granted but you meet yourself and touch so the reapers come in to clean the time wound by erasing you from existence meaning Postcards from Laythe never existed! I wish that the entire world could be like Finland now
  18. Error: Spinal cord disconnected Terminate life... Life terminated
  19. True, how else would you use a computer? The user below me shall be sniped by another person (paradox much?)
  20. Your wish is granted but when t is released, all copies and scripts spontaneously combust I wish that we will all be able to travel to space and other planets in a few decades Also, being prime minister of Finland is better than most other countries.
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