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  1. If Humans and Kerbals meet then we would be fantasized by the way they exist solely for the purpose to get into space and other planets, and that they have achieved all this despite they have no other presence on Kerbin other than the KSC and a seemingly bottomless supply of rocket parts.
  2. I think the Kerbals love being sent into space strapped in massive rockets with multiple SRBs, haven't you seen the look on Jeb's face when he's in a command capsule during re-entry at over 2000m/s knowing he has no parachutes?
  3. Hello everyone. I've been reading through some of the threads for a week or two, and now I have decided to finally join my first Forum. I tried the demo and became addicted to it and then brought the game. Managed to land on the mun, finally, and now trying to get a station into orbit to try and contain Jeb, Bill and Bob to prevent them from destroying the KSC.
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