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  1. Hi Kapteenipirk Firstly incredible build, and very accurate to the original from looking at the video. Secondly can you please, please, please share this gorgeous creation. It deserves to be flown and enjoyed by the masses.
  2. Just felt I needed to say a huge THANKYOU! Everyone at Squad must have worked incredibly hard to get 1.0 released on time and it certainly shows. 1.0 is everything I'd hoped for when I first purchased KSP in 2012.
  3. Now I want to make a flying train. Darn You Ival70!!
  4. As nearly all my craft result in death already, I personally feel that they're all going to need a complete redesign for 1.0
  5. Looks more survivable than one of my landings.......... Needs more splosions:sticktongue:
  6. Entered simply for the chance to own a Kerbal eating wands..... Loved you guys at Squad from the start:D
  7. Very nice craft, Gratz on making such a great looking stock Saturn V replica.
  8. All I gotta say is NEED download linkage NOW!!!!! Excellent work Also where is the X-Wing?
  9. All I can say is THANKYOU!! Mulbin you have made me an incredibly happy Kerbal Exterminator. The Munbug VII now flies in real-time for me with no lag what so ever.
  10. When I click on the Dl links it just displays a page of text, is this normal or do I need to right-click save-as?
  11. Love this Rocket, however having major slowdown when launching it. Are there any solutions as it is rather part heavy, should I turn down the gfx or something?
  12. Come on folks Jeb is winning, there must be some Bill and Bob Kerman fans here too.
  13. I'd love to see a pic before I order, although I hear good things about shapeways, this will be my 1st purchase from them.
  14. Hi Folks I'm going to order a Kerbal Statue from Shapeways, however can't decide which 1 to get as I can only afford 1 so I figured i'd ask here. Simply state which Kerbal you think I should order and why. I'll check back and the kerbal named most by Wednesday June 5th is the winner.