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  1. Hi guys As can be seen below, I have CROSSFEED DISABLED on the Clamp-o-tron Docking port snr. connecting 2 tanks. The tank furthest from the engine is still draining. Any ideas? I have the following mods: BahaSP CollisionFX Firespitter KerbalEngineer KronalUtils MagicSmokeIndust MechJeb2 ModuleManager New_Horizons QuickScroll QuickSearch QuizTechAero TweakScale
  2. Hi guys The name's Elton. Been playing this game for quite some time now. Spend about 70% of my time in the SPH mostly working on SSTO's. (about 30% are worthy of being called SSTO) I've build quite a number of them. Now busy trying to take cargo with me and converting them to VTOL's. Before posting to the "Suggestions and Development Discussion" thread, let me ask it here. 1.In the SPH or VAB, I sometimes have a big number of parts that I want selected. Is there a way to select all decouplers or intakes instead of clicking every one? 2.After selecting my parts, lets say 10 turbojets, I now want to "toggle engine" for each one. Problem is, or rather to my irritation, I have to click toggle engine for all 10 engines. Is there not a way to click toggle engine once and impart it on the rest of selected engines? And likewise with any other action on any part where there is more than 2 selected? I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome ;-)