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  1. It would be a very bad rebranding. If you check out the scum traps in the sewers of Steam you will find it littered with (*blank*) Simulator "games" in it. While there are certainly a few actual games, some of them being pretty good, most are just trashy asset flips that barely qualify as "games".
  2. Hi, Just commenting so I can find this post easier. I normally just use search to find this. If there's a better way let me know! Can't wait to actually play 1.8 as I'm still using my 1.7 Save for now.
  3. I was really looking forward to this movie. So much so that I went to see it at a Thursday preview in IMAX. Sadly though, I didn't enjoy it very much. I knew going in that it was going to focus more on Neil and less on Apollo, but I didn't realize how narrow that focus was going to be. Just about every other astronaut and key figure, besides Ed White and Elliot See, are only referred to by their first name if at all. The movie focuses entirely on Neil and his family life and the struggles he goes through there. That in itself wouldn't bother me, but there are a few times in the movie where
  4. I have the same issue with crashing as it reaches the main menu. I tried the newest version from Github ,with the same results.
  5. The full text on the error is "No Terrain in Range to analyse". It worked once for me after many many attempts, but I have been unable to get it to work again. Currently on the Mun trying it.
  6. My brother was staying with me for christmas, so after all the holiday things were done I sat down to play a little KSP before bed. My brother came in and asked what I was playing so I told him about it and was going to show him my next launch. I always use Kerbal Construction Time mod, so as a result many of my missions are prepped and built well in advance of their actual launch. My brother was pestering me to do something quick, so I picked the next project that was nearing completion and timewarped to its completion. Not even knowing the purpose of the mission it was prepared for I playe
  7. This is actually not that an uncommon thing on laptops. Most likely the heat sink has been slightly jarred. If you are comfortable with it, open up the laptop and tighten the screws on the heatsink. What happens is that even if there is a tiny gap opened between the CPU and the heat sink it won't be able to properly dissipate the heat so modern CPUs throttle themselves down, hence the 100% usage. If not, take it to a geek squad or something and ask them to try either tightening up the screws on the heat sink or reseating it.
  8. This is technically a Steam question, but I thought I'd ask it here first since it pertains to KSP specifically. Can I modify a shortcut on my PC to launch the 64 Bit version of KSP through Steam's launcher? I currently have a shortcut on my desktop which runs the following: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 220200 This launches the 32 bit client which I had in previous version just replaced with the _x64 equivalent, essentially fooling the launcher. I would like to avoid that if possible.
  9. Very cool site. I saw late into it that they had Armstrong's heart rate monitor. Was kinda interesting to see it go up so high around landing. I don't think anyone needed proof of the kind pressure they were under, but there it is.
  10. Must've been a nice view from the cape. I'm all the way in Tampa, and I was actually able to make out the 2nd stage lighting because it's so clear..... OMG the landing video is such a tease!
  11. A huge rocket lifting off from the earth in a fiery extravaganza is a lot more compelling watch than listening to broken radio broadcasts while staring at a room that is staring at screens. Everyone can view the former and get something out of it, while the latter is not as much of a broad appeal. That being said, I liked watching the screens in the Roscosmos mission control
  12. Oh a ship.... Send the bill to the shipping company
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