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  1. IMHO I think it should be a lot higher then that, they are engineers after all. (Is there a way to make a config file to edit that amount? and if so what would be the variable?)
  2. Just an idea: Engineers should be able to fix all failed parts or be the only ones able to, gives more of a reason to bring engineers along.
  3. But then how are the tourists decided in this world, by lottery and the government pays for it? IE A service provided by the government that you might get lucky and get to go to outer space? Interesting.... In the US, lottery is regulated by the state, IE Oregon lottery etc, so in this case instead of winning money you win a trip to space....
  4. RIP, ya it’s intercepting the Tourism Plus Edit: I wonder if it would be possible to make exceptions for Contract Interceptor on a contract by contract basis or just an entire agency
  5. Been Loving Battletech. And a summary window would be a great addition. Out of curiosity what do people put for the configurable,I'm playing beyond hard difficulty so I'm looking to have to manage my funds efficiently
  6. Why haven’t I seen this mod, literally run all the KCT, stage recovery, and other “realism” mods beside actually going full realism overhaul for years. Downloading! (For tourism contracts does it work with tourism plus and other contract packs with tourism?)
  7. @DoctorDavinci All's working well, I wish I could help with career but I don't have much coding knowledge out side of html, CSS and wouldn't have a clue how to get it to work in career
  8. Career it doesn't work, it's triggering the repack action which is then being denied because of the engineer skill level 1 requirement.
  9. @DoctorDavinci I was thinking that might be an easier way, more simple and only happens when the kerbal has a chute anyway, I wouldn't mind trying out that plugin. Right now if I really need a the parachute repacked i just go into persistent and edit the file.
  10. I wonder if a mod could be made that allows all kerbals to repack their own chutes, that would be nice
  11. Yay my cars, trucks and other similar vehicles can break without me using a clamp!!! Never thought I’d be so happy for my things to be able to break.
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