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  1. I have lived in the Northwest most of my life. I have been hearing about the BIG ONE for about 20 years. I remember some news story they did on it a few years ago where it showed if the REALLY BIG ONE happened, Vancouver Island would rip apart. It was pretty scary.
  2. It may be realistic based on the size of kerbin compared to real life but the size is there for gameplay reasons and for gameplay reasons the physics should at least try to scale to that size so that it still feels like earth. I believe the gravity of Kerbin is still 9.8m/s even though the planet is much smaller. A return from the mun without a heat shield should not be possible for gameplay reasons. Other wise you might as well just turn off reentry heating if it is going to have no effect anyway.
  3. Would it be possible to get the settings window/custom contracts window to save their position on screen? Everytime I start the game they reset to default and i have to move them back to where I like them.
  4. I am surprised this wasnt made stock with 1.0 but glad the mod still works.
  5. Sweet. Was waiting for this to be updated before I started my new career. Awesome work.
  6. Agreed. I think the Build.Fly.Dream. Trailer is way mor represenative of the game and the beauty of space. They should have done an updated version of with the permission of the original author like Start citizen did with their launch trailer. Which was an updated version of a great fan made trailer. That Build.Fly.Dream. trailer should be the video on the steam store page.
  7. One suggestion I have for the MRS nosecone probe is to remove the reaction wheel from it. The Stayputnik is the first probe in stock and it does not come with a reaction wheel. Or at least reduce the power of its reaction wheel, as it has 12 where even the mk1 command pod only has a strength of 5. The first stock probe with a built in reaction wheel only has a strength of 0.3. The MRS Nosecone probe just seems a little too advanced for the stock game. This is only a suggestion if you want to stick to a more stock tech progression. I personally have edited the cfg file myself to remove the reaction wheel.
  8. I just want something that would simply simulate proper shaped rockets. Requiring Nosecones and fairings and benefitting properly shaped craft. I also want to see reentry damage made default with the new aero model. It is something that could be toggled in the difficulty settings. They said they were going to add reentry damage a long time ago when they made the reentry effects and I think it is something that should be in the final game as it is a fun gameplay mechanic to create craft that can survive reentry or watching thing horribly fail.
  9. I too would love to see this updated for .90 as even with the new filtering I still cant get my parts to where I like them. This mod made it so much easier to organize the parts to where I could find them the fastest.
  10. Would it be possible to have the Quick Exit toolbar button always appear last?? I mean closest to the default stock buttons near the right side. It seems to go alphabetically and I have mods that start with letter after Q which makes it look a little weird for my ocd self to see the exit in the middle.
  11. I restart every time a new update comes out so I dont care about saves, though I sometime use the same craft files. You can usually keep old craft files and just test them at release. Most times things work fine and may only need a few adjustments. Recreating the whole thing is not usually required.
  12. By the the DDS conversion tool are talking about DDS4KSP?? Because I will tell you that it converts things pretty fast. I did my whole mod folder in like 2 mins or less with about 70 mods.
  13. 71 mods currently in my career game. There are a bunch more that I am looking at adding when they become more stable.