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  1. Really minor annoyance: a messagebox from KSP Add-on version Checker - Issue Monitor pops up on startup claiming that "The currently installed version of Kerbal Konstructs was built to run on KSP 0.24.2" This is with version 0.4PRE4d, running on Linux x64. It otherwise seems to be working great.
  2. An updated firespitter comes with B9 5.2.6, if you can afford to download the 62mb for it.
  3. The new hypersonic front section looks to be shaping up nicely, too:D
  4. A realfuels config for US_core and US_TAC @PART[US_i_Wedge_FuelCell]:FOR[RealFuels] { @RESOURCE[Hydrogen]{ @name = LqdHydrogen @amount = 3.5527321 @maxAmount = 3.5527321 } @RESOURCE[Oxygen]{ @name = LqdOxygen @amount = 1.73 @maxAmount = 1.73 } @MODULE[USI_Converter]{ @inputResources = LqdHydrogen, 0.00008214208, LqdOxygen, 0.000039999018 } } @PART[US_Wedge_Fuel]:FOR[RealFuels] { MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 75 type = Default } } @PART[US_Wedge_Monoprop]:FOR[RealFuels] { MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 100 type = ServiceModule } } @PART[US_l_Wedge_Hydrogen]:FOR[RealFuels] { !RESOURCE[Hydrogen]{} MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks basemass = -1 volume = 36.184591 type = Cryogenic TANK { name = LqdHydrogen amount = full maxAmount = 100% } } } @PART[US_m_Wedge_Oxygen]:FOR[RealFuels] { !RESOURCE[Oxygen]{} MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks basemass = -1 volume = 26.78135 type = Cryogenic TANK { name = LqdOxygen amount = full maxAmount = 100% } } } @PART[US_Wedge_Sabatier]:FOR[RealFuels] { @MODULE[USI_Converter]{ @inputResources = ElectricCharge, 30, CarbonDioxide, 0.0636363636, LqdHydrogen, 0.0003229871 @outputResources = LqdMethane, 0.0000034632, True, Water, 0.0000002587, False } }
  5. Will regex be adding unitCost to the fuel types at the same time?
  6. I can't seem to get the mk16 under RealChutes to replicate your problem (with a single engine, tank, mk1 cockpit). Does the RealChute parachute do the same thing? Also, in, the stock parachutes are bugged when you switch away from the vessel and switch back. If you plan to use them with RealChute installed before the bug is fixed, you can delete GameData/RealChute/ModuleManager/Stock_RealChute_MM.cfg, which will cause the stock chutes to revert to stock parachute behavior.
  7. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the AJE_1.6pre1.zip linked in the first post appears to only have the source code for AJE in it.
  8. I also had some problems like this where with SAS on, the rocket would start rolling more and more. Turned out to be that I had to reverse the controls (a right click tweakable on the engines) before this behavior would correct itself. Only really applied if you are using SAS. Also, with RCS build aid, you can check to see if you have any torque being generated by your engines in the VAB.
  9. Yeah, that would do it. My testing setup had rock containers and karbonite tanks radially attached, and a karbonite extractor on top. The fuel tank for conversion was a normal one that was attached radially. The distiller would only put the karbonite into the fuel tank when attached inline ( I didn't bother with the fuel line, it should produce the same result) Here is my a picture of it:
  10. I am supposing it is probably too labor intensive at this point to switch to TouhouTorpedo's modular multiwheels? It appears to use it's own wheel system, which apparently fixes some of these things.
  11. Yeah, I had this problem as well, end solution is just run a fuel line from the tank you want filled to the converter. Alternatively, put in an inline L/Ox tank.
  12. When I fire crew who I have acquired through rescue contracts, the game bugs out (basically it only half changes scenes, won't let me access the main menu, only way out is to kill the application) The way to fix it was by deleting the relevant records of the kerbal rescue missions from the persistance.sfs. The bugging out may be related to another mod interaction, though.
  13. Anything that involves gundams is going to be OP by default Spoiler: this is the core that makes the magical impractical robots more OP than normal impractical robots(in 00, initially anyways). It works on sufficiently advanced technology:wink: In the meantime, where is the red version that gives those too close space cancer?
  14. Does that mean I have to hold "H" constantly to go up?
  15. Editor extensions: alt+R to toggle radial attachment for a given part (it seems to also disable it globally, so you may need to do it twice more to get radial attachment back when you want it later)
  16. Tried out the debug version with my custom configs, still no problems, other than ksp avc complaining about the mod being out-of-date . Would seeing my log be helpful at this point, since nothing seems to be going wrong? Any scenarios I should try out?
  17. Are you using realfuels? I know when I use any of the included .craft files, they exibit at least the right-click behavior with realfuels enabled, though if you leave and re-enter the sph (by launching or going back to the ksc), everything becomes right-clickable again, though the tanks still act weird. This is even with the b9 config in realfuels disabled (only prevents doubling of some tweakable menu items).
  18. The first post has an updated changelog, but needs an updated download link as well (still pointing to version 3.0) Regardless, thank you for all your work on this.
  19. The weird thing is, I am running the Linux x64 24.2, with a bucket-load of mods, and even tweaked spawn settings. In testing, though there was an initial bulge of asteroids at the beginning, it evened out properly by the end, once I got the multipliers tweaked correctly. Custom spawner and everything. Of course, the caveat is that I have only been doing the tests in fresh games at high warp speeds to check out if everything was spawning properly (I was nearly convinced with the default settings that nothing was spawning, since I was used to the stock spawn pattern). Somewhat relevantly, before these asteroid spawning events, somehow I managed to delete/lose my NasaMission folder, and was wondering why no asteroids were spawning, and why there were errors about a "PotatoRoid" spamming my Player.log when this mod was installed. One steam cache check later, I had asteroids again (。・ É<)ã‚ž My relevant configs only for reference: // Custom Asteroids: inner-Kerbol system belts and Oort comets // Basic Asteroids.cfg // by Starstrider42 // // For Custom Asteroids 1.0+ // Compatible with: // Stock KSP 0.23.5 Yes // Alternis Kerbol No // Planet Factory Yes // Boris/Fearless/Wot Pack No // Cerrakk's Pack No // Hercules/Titan/Hypatos Pack Yes // Kaiser Yes // Kerbal Universe Project Yes // Kerbin+ Yes // JTG Industries Pack No // Sido's Urania Pack No // Super Eve No // Real Solar System No // 6.4× Kerbol Yes // 10× Kerbol Yes // 0.1× Solar System Yes AsteroidSets { // Stock intercept trajectories DEFAULT { name = kerbinIntercept title = Potentially Hazardous Ast. // One incoming rock every 50 Earth days or 200 Kerbin days //spawnRate = 0.02 spawnRate = 1.0 } // NKO orbits based on NEO population from "Debiased Orbital and Absolute // Magnitude Distribution of the Near-Earth Objects", // Bottke et al. (2002), Icarus 156, 399 ASTEROIDGROUP { name = innerAsteroids title = Near-Kerbin Ast. centralBody = Sun // With default lifetime settings, 3.2 NKOs will be around on average spawnRate = 1.0 //spawnRate = .5 orbitSize { type = SemimajorAxis min = Ratio(Kerbin.sma, 0.5 ) max = Ratio( Jool.sma, 0.77) // 4 AU, rescaled from Jupiter's to Jool's orbit } eccentricity { avg = 0.5 } inclination { avg = 7.5 } } ASTEROIDGROUP { // Ignore Kirkwood gaps -- they won't have much of an impact on gameplay name = mainBelt title = Main Belt Ast. centralBody = Sun // With default lifetime settings, 5.3 asteroids will be around on average spawnRate = 1.0 //spawnRate = .5 orbitSize { type = SemimajorAxis min = Resonance(Jool, 4:1) max = Resonance(Jool, 2:1) } eccentricity { avg = 0.18 } inclination { avg = 7.5 } } ASTEROIDGROUP { // Trojan orbits partially based on "Population and Size Distribution of Small Jovian // Trojan Asteroids", Jewitt et al. (2000), Astronomical Journal 120, 1140 name = joolTrojanLeading title = Trojan Ast. centralBody = Sun // With default lifetime settings, 4.8 Trojans will be around on average spawnRate = 0.23 orbitSize { type = SemimajorAxis min = Resonance(Jool, 1:1) max = Resonance(Jool, 1:1) } eccentricity { avg = 0.07 } inclination { avg = 13 // For now, just merge the low- and high-inclination groups together } orbitPhase { type = MeanLongitude epoch = GameStart dist = Gaussian avg = Offset(Jool.mnl0, 60) // Real Trojan belts have a standard deviation of 13 degrees in longitude, // but I'm assuming a lot of that is from inclination. Allow +/- 10 degree // variation in longitude instead stddev = 10 } } ASTEROIDGROUP { name = joolTrojanTrailing title = Trojan Ast. centralBody = Sun spawnRate = 0.23 orbitSize { type = SemimajorAxis min = Resonance(Jool, 1:1) max = Resonance(Jool, 1:1) } eccentricity { avg = 0.07 } inclination { avg = 13 } orbitPhase { type = MeanLongitude epoch = GameStart dist = Gaussian avg = Offset(Jool.mnl0, -60) stddev = 10 } } // Long-period comets only; short-period comets depend on the location // of the scattered disk ASTEROIDGROUP { name = oort title = Long-Period Cmt. centralBody = Sun // One comet every 20 Earth days (80 Kerbin days) spawnRate = 0.05 orbitSize { type = Periapsis //min = 261600000 // Sungrazers min = Ratio(Moho.sma, 0.2) max = Ratio(Jool.sma, 1.0) // Ignore comets outside the orbit of Jool } eccentricity { dist = Uniform min = 0.98 // Minimum apoapsis: 1.7× Jool's orbit max = 1.005 } inclination { dist = Isotropic } orbitPhase { // Let comets be discovered only on approach, so that the player has // time to prepare a flyby mission type = MeanAnomaly epoch = Now min = -2.0 // Extremely elliptical orbit; little time spent near periapsis max = -0.1 } } } RenameAsteroids = True UseCustomSpawner = True MinUntrackedTime = 1 MaxUntrackedTime = 9 VersionNumber = 1.0.0
  20. https://github.com/m4v/RCSBuildAid/blob/master/README.asciidoc Attitude is where your ship is pointing; Attitude mode lets you make sure that you aren't getting any unwanted translation in your attitude adjustments with rcs.
  21. Do they also function as grid fins when you aren't looking? Otherwise, it looks like a nice alternative to the other modular container systems. Good work~
  22. Thank you again for doing a such a great job with this mod. FYI, at the moment, the link to the handy IVA manual is pointing to this url: https://bitbucket.org/Taverius/b9-ae...splay%20Manual That, unfortunately, resolves to a 404 error.
  23. After analyzing the situation, it is as you say. Inline karbonite tanks work as expected, as do radial karbonite tanks that have fuel lines going to the extractor. My mistake was using radial karbonite tanks only and expecting the converter to put it into them directly. This may be what you want: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/90884-Karbonite-Real-Fuels-Integration-Configs
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