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  1. Somebody get this man a technical artist! I'll keep my eye on the development of this mod, good concept.
  2. I would add the ability to pull subassemblies out and add them radially. You still have to make space shuttle-esque ships entirely in the SPH because it's impossible to transfer planes to the VAB if the don't have an in-line connection point. Ant engines really have no purpose since they have terrible efficiency and minuscule thrust capabilities. Oh, and they don't get a fairing when you put a decoupler on. Concerning adapters, it would be really nice if some of the larger ones could be tweakable to hold fuel. I've been messing around with some .cfg files and they look pretty nice as fuel tank
  3. Yeah, that's been bugging me recently. It's like, "look at my beautifully streamlined lander, with half of it's surface area open and exposed to reentry flames." It's just bad for the aesthetics.
  4. That would be cool; I agree that there needs to be more little things you can do to get science (or in the future, money). Also it gives probes and EVA's more functionality. I support!
  5. I agree, animations for the win! I wonder if Squad is just holding out on adding content until they work through new systems like science and an economy. It seems like there hasn't been a whole lot of new parts/small bug fixes/fine-tuning in the last couple of updates.
  6. I heard that all the aerodynamic parts are going to get a make-over when the better flight model gets implemented. Let's hope we get artyom to help with the art when it comes around.
  7. Yeah, that would be pretty fun! (as long as it were optional, of course, to please the newbie-conscious) It would be neat if they could get some smart AI logic in there to assess your skill level and make it harder or easier as you play through.
  8. I like colors! p.s. Is that a hand flying away in the Kerbol picture?
  9. I definitely agree that science needs to be more focused. It doesn't really make sense that you take a surface sample from the moon and suddenly your kerbals know how to build mainsails. I think/hope that when they implement an economy some of this will make more sense, like maybe surface samples give you money and science, and research costs money and/or science. Your development and testing ideas were really cool; kinda like bonuses for proving your vehicle is mostly safe or something.
  10. That would be cool if they just put a simple sprite or something over distant planets so you can see them in the night sky. Right now Venus is really visible, so it would make sense for you to be able to see Eve. Good idea!
  11. Yeah, like you could choose to take a geologist to get more science from surface samples, or a communications technician to get better recovery rates for science transmissions.
  12. Wow, love the look of those jets, keep up the great work! I would rather build really nice looking planes with realistic designs than the "intake-spamming, can-reach-Eeloo-without-rockets" approach some people favor.
  13. I'm pretty sure that's the LV-45, or whatever it's called. It's the one that's smaller and can gimbal.
  14. I second this. It should be the space center's computer database that is keeping track of all the names, not the individual ships' computers.
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