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  1. Well, bigger LES means more fuel needed to lift LES, which means yet a larger LES, which means more fuel needed to lift THAT, larger LES. And so the vicious cycle continues...
  2. Ive just gone to orbit in an ion plane, SSTO as well. I really hope infiniglide wasn't helping me along the way, as i used 3 small control surfaces, and two delta winglets, the control surfaces were for the tail and canards. Sorry though, I only have pics of it in orbit. However, if pics of the entire flight are needed, I should be able to have those up by tomorrow. http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3281180233999001047/2794938175B22B442A78F0A4F3D75592B9E2AEC2/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3281180233999088932/35CCD28F88D443BBBD47E67A6696DD9BECA50C99/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3281180233999103110/F540A3CAE951F2A2823E1AAAD6EADCA339A59774/ Fun challenge Spica
  3. Ideally, if you want to be as accurate as possible, find the smallest asteroid you can. The magic boulder was in fact QUITE small (about 3.5m diameter). Anyways, THANK YOU, you've saved the magic boulder. Now all we need is a munolith mod.
  4. Given that face you've posted previously czo, BERTY is back, and he is in a BAD MOOD. (of course, berty would have transferred his consciousness to the duna lab before he was shut down, so as to avoid death). BTW, great job with this AAR.
  5. For laythe, I would like to see that haze become semi-transparent, and there to be high cirrus like clouds above the haze, with thick storm clouds below.
  6. For laythe, I would like some wispy clouds at around 15km, and some blueish haze around 10km, but you should still be able to see the ground. Furthermore, at around 2km, some dark storm clouds would be amazing. For haze, use a color like #2277AA (0.13, 0.47, 0.6) Thanks
  7. Once i was autocaptured by the mun, but that was a LONG time ago, like 0.18.
  8. What was the formula you used to find the specific amount of time dilation for a given speed?Nevermind.
  9. 1.875m Parts... I HAVE BEEN BEATEN? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO As in I am working on that same diameter of parts right now... (However, my skills are HUGELY inferior to yours) Sad faces were made today. On the flip side, it's my birthday, and I will be building my new Gaming PC today. Spica
  10. This is absolutely amazing, you deserve some rep, so here it is. Anyway, the moment this is released, I will download for sure.
  11. My cousin told me around 0.15. His friend that told him has been playing since before 0.13.
  12. Why not have the indicators always take up a certain angular size (pixel width) on the screen at all times, with the option to make them bigger.
  13. http://www.recyclepower.org/images/arrowmetal.JPG Recycling for the win! (The image is too big) P.S. i'm done with this for today.
  14. I prefer the steam version, because you have STEAM in game (what is not to like about that?), and, you can do all the same things as store version ksp, no difference whatsoever.
  15. Generally, it is not known when an update will be released until less than a week before it comes out, so there is no point in asking. However, I would guess sometime this month.
  16. http://www.nda.gov.uk/ukinventory/waste/waste-now-hlw.cfm It is a source for an assignment for school.
  17. I always say Mün, with the umlaut of course. I think it helps differentiate between the two pronunciations of the (real) Moon, and the (KSP) Mün.
  18. As far as I can tell, this math is assuming that all of the explosive force is imparted perfectly efficiently into the kinetic energy of the asteroid, which is most certainly Impossible.
  19. For me it actually increased my Framerate, believe it or not.
  20. Back in 0.16, you could say that I was the epitome of the noob who couldn't do anything without mechjeb. Then, in 0.17 I decided to not use it. It turns out, that by replicating all of what mechjeb did, I had quickly made my first non-autopilot mun landing, and it was easy. From then on, I had used mechjeb less and less. And now, I an somewhat bored of KSP because NOTHING is a challenge for me. Without mechjeb, I would be nowhere near as good as I am now.