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  1. Whoa! I would LOVE to download that as soon as I can, I hope you plan to do minmus too!
  2. My favorite is the Proton It looks almost sci-fi ish.
  3. I remember back in 0.16 when I started, all of my rockets blew up at exactly 11 kilometers. To this day I still don't know why they did.
  4. I have to say that Mechjeb taught me practically everything about flying in KSP, from orbiting, to munar landings, to interplanetary transfers. I was indeed completely dependent on it, then I decided to not use it anymore. Now, I'm a great pilot, and great designer as well.
  5. I may be able to become a trajectory planner, but I need to brush up on my orbital mechanics. If this does indeed grow and develop well, I would be happy to join.
  6. To elaborate further on the dirtiness of RP1, I have been to the huntsville space and rocket center, and have been in the same room as an F1 that has been test fired. It burns RP1 and lox, and the room does NOT smell good at first, but then you get used to the smell of burnt parts of gasoline molecules. NOT that RP1 is bad though. It is only quite dirty.
  7. Since all of the real engines by SFJackBauer have very high gimbal ranges, how do you prevent SAS from overcompensating, therefore leaving my rockets oscillating around. Thanks Spica EDIT: I may have found what I am looking for. TweakableGimbal by HoneyFox.
  8. Go to the settings menu, and change Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame to 0.01, that will cause KSP to slow the physics engine down less while under moderate stress. Fixing your exact problem (Hopefully). Spica
  9. For the super eve, the heightmaps look a little unpolished, and could be improved. I have also started a planet mod, I would recommend using Space Engine for the heightmap, normal map, and color map. That would give a much nicer and more realistic look to the super eve. If you cant find a planet that suits your needs exactly, edit it in Space Engine's built in planet editor. Spica
  10. I found out what was wrong, stretchytanks had updates without my knowing. I was getting the blackscreen with the sea level srb. Thank you Wallenberg and NathanKell for the help. Spica
  11. Ok, i can provide that. After I update all my mods. Will be back in the next 30 minutes.
  12. So, I have successfully used this mod along with the other realism overhaul mods. However, something strange has started to happen. Whenever i load up KSP, I only have one chance to launch anything. If I revert, or leave to the space center, on the next launch the UI comes up, but the navball is empty and reads NAN m/s. Furthermore, I cant leave to the space center either. Any help would be appreciated on how to fix this glitch. Thanks Spica
  13. Spica

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    This is simply amazing.
  14. That can be done with the delete key. Not that I am against this mod in any way, i even use it myself.
  15. I KNEW IT, I KNEW BERTY WOULD PULL A HAL 9000. Jeb is dave, and berty is HAL. There was no explicit song, but there was a final pseudostory that BERTY told before he was deactivated.
  16. I can't wait for BERTY to sing a little song. (If you get my reference) Spica
  17. The reason for flags being treated as ongoing flights is because they, like kerbals on eva, are considered to be complicated, one part ships.
  18. Rocket engines can actually do that, look at the space shuttle main engines, at launch they throttle up to 104%, and can co up to 120%.
  19. Remember though, the mass of an electron/positron is less than 1/1700 of the mass of a proton. That means that you can have a LOT of electrons, but they will weigh practically nothing. I once saw a video by Vsauce saying that the entire mass of the electrons making up the data in the internet is something like 50 grams.
  20. Put in geostationary orbit, and drive a rover around inside it. Edit: Ninja'd