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  1. Ok, i can provide that. After I update all my mods. Will be back in the next 30 minutes.
  2. So, I have successfully used this mod along with the other realism overhaul mods. However, something strange has started to happen. Whenever i load up KSP, I only have one chance to launch anything. If I revert, or leave to the space center, on the next launch the UI comes up, but the navball is empty and reads NAN m/s. Furthermore, I cant leave to the space center either. Any help would be appreciated on how to fix this glitch. Thanks Spica
  3. This is simply amazing.
  4. That can be done with the delete key. Not that I am against this mod in any way, i even use it myself.
  5. I KNEW IT, I KNEW BERTY WOULD PULL A HAL 9000. Jeb is dave, and berty is HAL. There was no explicit song, but there was a final pseudostory that BERTY told before he was deactivated.
  6. I can't wait for BERTY to sing a little song. (If you get my reference) Spica
  7. The reason for flags being treated as ongoing flights is because they, like kerbals on eva, are considered to be complicated, one part ships.
  8. Rocket engines can actually do that, look at the space shuttle main engines, at launch they throttle up to 104%, and can co up to 120%.
  9. Remember though, the mass of an electron/positron is less than 1/1700 of the mass of a proton. That means that you can have a LOT of electrons, but they will weigh practically nothing. I once saw a video by Vsauce saying that the entire mass of the electrons making up the data in the internet is something like 50 grams.
  10. Put in geostationary orbit, and drive a rover around inside it. Edit: Ninja'd
  11. I am not a very experienced modder, but I do know what partmodules do. The first line MODULE, tells the game that a partmodule is being defined.The braces tell the game that the forthcoming lines of text are the parameters for the module. The name being what module it is and what it will do. Then, the animation name tells the game what the extend/retract animation is within the unity asset (encrypted into .mu). The, the resourcename tells the game that this solar panel (as defined earlier) will produce ElectricCharge. The chargeRate is the specified rate at which the solar panels produce Elect
  12. Once, in 0.18 or 0.17 I got a Billy-Boblorf Kerman. He died on moho.
  13. Oh no. My favorite save is reaching that limit, at 64 years, the limit being 68 years, 35 days, 4 hours.
  14. Are you using angle snap? Also, use shift + wasdqe to rotate parts in 5 degree increments.
  15. Abuse of the word "Like". Especially when it is used more than 10 times in a 30 word sentence.
  16. AGREED The last time I ever used that engine was when I was still a noob back in 0.16
  17. You may want to consider using kerbal joint reinforcement to stop that wobble, also, get stretchytanks or novapunch so you can use 5m diameter parts. That will enable you to have a more realistic saturn V, and more lifting capacity.
  18. You should be using MMH and N2O4 for the SPS on the Command module. LH2's density is too low to support a high delta v with that heavy lander on top. Even though MMH and N204's ISP is much lower, you will get more delta v out of your CSM. However, it is heavier, so you may need a bigger launcher. Spica
  19. I've actually gone way faster, I went 12 trillion times the speed of light before, but then the game crashed a few seconds later.
  20. The same signal is played when you are more than 10,000 petameters from kerbol. That might be worth investigating?
  21. Speaking of which, Samio, would you please make normal maps for there planets so they can be compatible with kragrathea's planet factory mod.
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