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  1. Is there some way to temporarily disable the interaction between KCT and ScrapYard? Both mods work on their own in 1.3 but as soon as both are installed they create MASSIVE log spam (I'd upload my log file after the game crashed but it's 609mb). And it seems frm what I can see it's the interaction between the two that does this. Is there some way to disable this interaction in settings somehow? Until KCT is released officially. I'm using scrapyard for the Untitled Part Failure mod. EDIT: Nevermind, It's not KCT or ScrapYard that is the problem.
  2. I've been using the dev build in 1.3 and have had zero issues so far. Everything seems to be working perfectly.
  3. I don't see it specifically mentioned but the SpaceDock link still has the old v0.50.14 for 1.2.2. The GitHub version works great though.
  4. It would be amazingly useful if we can select/deselect or edit modules to add to the welded part. For example: I make a weldment while having MFT installed. However, I add a structural part that has an MFT module(that I don't use) and although the mass is correctly calculated the MFT module resets the mass to a very low value. Being able to easily delete/edit the module in-game would streamline the process.
  5. I think it's a very simple problem. You have decouplers in Stage 2. The KER staging logic sees "Stage 2"(the values displayed) as what happens after that stage is activated. Since the decouplers eject the fuel tanks(I assume) you lose all that mass before the engine fires. Move the decouplers up a stage and see what happens.
  6. Introduction: I have never done a legit mission to land on Tylo. When I say legit I mean without cheat mods like hyperedit or infinite fuel. I have sent uncrewed orbiters and such but never even landed a probe. I mostly play 64K or RSS when memory allows but I decided to return to a vanilla-like game with very few parts mods. Tools and such are freely allowed. So here we go. My first mission to Tylo. And its expanded and extended operations. Goal: Land Kerbals on Tylo. Create a re-usable transportation and delivery system from Kerbin to Tylo. Create a refuelling sta
  7. Calculating the effects of Coriolis is a little of a challenge. Because you basically have to launch into a slightly different inclination than what you want your final orbit to be. And this inclination depends on not only the final orbit inclination but also on your latitude. I would recommend the author switch to using azimuth as input parameter rather than desired inclination. Or both. You can input one or the other, if you input inclination it automatically does the calculation for azimuth and uses that. Check the orbiter wiki on launch azimuth. Or google images of it. It's fairly easy vec
  8. I haven't played KSP in a long time(since 0.25), mostly due to RAM issues and so on. Recently I made a modded install that's fully functional and doesn't crash(albeit without some of my preferred mods). Anyway I started a new Science-only game in 64K and this thread follows the progress of it. I will be posting images as if these were real space missions. That means no exterior views unless I'm on EVA with a Kerbal or on the ground on Kerbin(there might be photographers, who knows). I will add additional images of the craft from the VAB and occasionally images from KSP TOT or the map view
  9. It's a fairly simple problem. it's due to the RAAN and Inclination not matching between the porkchop plotter and the Mission Architect. The initial orbit in MA seems to be perfectly equatorial, meaning you have to do a plane change AND the departure burn. plane changes require a LOT of dV. Make sure the initial orbit in MA has the same values as those you used to compute the departure burn. In fact, calculate the optimal launch before you launch your spacecraft, that way you can launch into the correct orbital plane from the start and save a lot of fuel.
  10. The Wide Angle Camera snaps a shot of almost the entire Kerbol system(thanks to Distant Object Enhancement). From right to left: Duna, Eve, Kerbin, Moho, Dres, Tylo, Laythe(it's right behind Jool but I think it counts), Jool, Bop, Eeloo, Vall. Periapsis at 1,600km, velocity 30km/s. playing with 64K.
  11. Testing out Scatterer mjod and modifying its values for 64K. NavCam after capture at Jool during Tylo encounter in 64K(legitimate probe mission). The Tylo capture messed with the orbit just enough to cause the probe to crash into Jool. Maneuvers necessary. The Wide Angle Camera snaps a shot of almost the entire Kerbol system(thanks to Distant Object Enhancement). From right to left: Duna, Eve, Kerbin, Moho, Dres, Tylo, laythe, Jool, Bop, Eeloo, Vall. Periapsis at 1,600km, velocity 30km/s.
  12. I cannot play stock KSP. I ABSOLUTELY need at least kerbal Engineer and a dV map to fine-tune my spacecraft/rockets. Preferably I play with 64K or RSS since stock Kerbal just feels too small "wrong" somehow. I cannot play without procedural tanks and i strongly dislike the stock procedural fairings.
  13. Yes. I don't have EVE installed. or Interstellar. The only visual mod I have currently is Scatterer.
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