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  1. I really wonder if it will even release at noon Mexico time. I really wish it would but don't know really. But HYPE is real.
  2. Back from school. I haven't played KSP for 4 and half months but hype is unreal. I am really looking forward to getting back into this game.
  3. Hopefully being able to move in IVA isn't cancelled. Also more space station and base parts where you can move around would be nice. Hopefully that will find way to 1.0 or before.
  4. I edited savefile like it suggested in that thread. Now both Kerbals move again. Can I mark this as solved or is that mods job ? I can't find where to do it. Thanks !
  5. I was on Mun driving rover with two external seats. I decided to get off for little walk with both of them. After leaving the seat I noticed I could not move either one of them. No controls work. I have tried restarting game and I have also rebooted my PC after this problem started. Other kerbals can be controlled in EVA just fine. Rover has been there for long time and I decided to drive it again and they have been attached to chairs for long time (I think before 0.24 came at least.) Information: Version: Version 0.24.2 (Steam version) I use 32 bit version No mods or plugin installed PC: Windows 8.1 64 bit Intel Core i5-3230M @ 2,60 Hz 8 Gt of RAM Nvidia Geforce GT 635M (with 2 GB) Here are pics of situation: NOTE: One of the kerbals did not move even when he is outside rover, I moved rover before trying to EVA with another one Here you can download my savefile (ZIP folder, please unzip before using): (It has quite lot of stuff, Kerbals in question on the bottom of list (Edlo and Midlo IIRC). Their craft is called "Mun Rover mk2". http://www./download/vjtaxaa5daicns1/Space_Program_Alpha.zip
  6. Continued working on my Space Station. Habitation areas are completed now and now I can move forward to different types of modules like science (Just for looks it is sandbox) and solar panels.
  7. Take your time. I like finished update later over poorly done update earlier
  8. Big LKO space station at about 100km orbit. Little Mun base and little Duna base. Lots of flags all around solar system and circa 200 debris. I don't have anything else happening now.
  9. Very beautiful plane ! Using science labs as passenger compartments is very cool idea.
  10. Devs have talked about 2nd gas planet, but it will not come to 0.24 or at least it is not confirmed to come. That is just some random editing wiki as joke.
  11. Skipper and orange tank. Both are useful and very well modelled.
  12. It was perfect that all waiting spam/posts where in one thread and not spammed all over the forum. This should be done next time also.
  13. We are over 100 now and this must be fastest growing thread in KSPForums.