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  1. I like the old format a lot better. More to the point, easier to read and digest.
  2. Only times I get frustrated is when I run into the kraken.
  3. Cities Skylines is a huge time sink atm. That and KSP is all I need. Although I might flirt with Fallout IV when it's there.
  4. Your guess is spot on. I am baffled as well. I was aware of the stowed chute problem, but I've never seen it behave like this.
  5. Thanks for the replies! Here's a little more detail about the situation: I built a very simple rocket using the MK1 pod, a heat shield, some fuel tanks, the LV-909, the LV-T45 and some boosters. I used a service bay, attached to the MK1, and put some batteries and goo canisters in it. I attached radial chutes to the MK1, keeping in mind that they are as far from the service bay as possible. Launch to LKO with no problems. Re-entry, no problems. Deploying the chutes, also no problem. Landing safely and everybody's happy. So after using this rocket for 4 launches I was surprised to get the message: Unable to deploy chutes because they are stowed. Nothing was changed to its design and it all worked fine before. I went back to the VAB and changed the offset for the chutes just a tiny bit; problem solved. But still, Jeb is dead and I have no idea why it all worked the first few times and all of a sudden it failed. There has to be a reason for it unless it truly is random which is hard to believe.
  6. Since when did parachute deployment became a random thing? I used one particular rocket more than 5 times. Nothing was changed to its design but all of a sudden the parachutes wouldn't open anymore because they're stowed. I know this tends to happen when the chutes are too close to a service bay, but how can it be random? If it worked once, let alone 5 times, it should work all the time? Shouldn't it?
  7. I play with tons of mods... It makes the game so much better! Just a few to mention TAC Life support Remote control Kerbal Engineer ScanSat These mods make KSP a totally different game... and I love it. Along with other mods like: Dmagic orbital science KAC Final Frontier Mods are mandatory IMO
  8. Ever since my childhood, I am fascinated by space. It all started when I was 11 years old and heard about Halley's comet passing Earth on the news (just gave away my age ). They told the next time it will pass, would be 76 years from then. And that got me thinking I would most likely never experience this event again in my life time, which sparked my interest in the vastness of the universe. Being a computer aficionado, needless to say I have played tons of space games. But it was all just games; sci-fi. KSP is different for me. It makes me feel like I am the scientist who makes it all possible to go to space in more or less realistic circumstances. It lets me explore worlds on my own, but only if I am smart enough to figure out how. KSP is much more than just a game, it is a learning tool. Thanks to KSP I now have a way more realistic view on how space travel works. The downside of this, is that every inacurate representation of space flight now stands out. When I look at StarWars for example, I can't help thinking: no way you can fly directly to that planet's surface from orbit. KSP caters my inner nerd like no game has ever done before.
  9. You could try to use a converter if you don't want to (or can't) make it yourself.
  10. @ Asmayus I feel very much the same way about contracts. Working with a budget is fun, but grinding contracts isn't. Contracts seriously limits my creative gaming by forcing me in to directions I don't want to go. I really think there should be other means of making money next to the contracts. Right now, I am using a mod that gives some money for science experiments. Very simple, but it brings back the "set your own goals" back to the career mode.
  11. Kerbal Engineer: I can't believe there is no DeltaV readout in the stock game.