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  1. hehe all those full fledged games have nothing on a game that's not even 25% done
  2. I think along side this, there should be two things. Difficulty and a scoring system for said contracts. Also, they should consider the "Costs" that would go into the program such as cost of parts, fuel, and supplies. They could go as far as Kerbal salary, but I think that would make the game a tad TOO serious. ANYWHO.... The first bit I want to talk about is Influence. This is pretty much your space programs reputation with the world and "corporate entities," for lack of a better term, and determines just how much money they would be willing to invest in your space program. As you complete these missions, you're scored based on various factors such as Kerbal survival, speed, cost, etc. This score determines just how much more this entity would trust you in future missions. This little detail would open up "factions" of sorts and can even make that second space center a possible competitor in the space race(IE you do bad, they get the contracts and not you). Influence would also influence the Kerbal Recruitment rate. If your space center has a bad reputation, then Kerbals will be less likely to visit that recruitment office. Of course to balance that out, using Jeb, Bob, and Bill would need to be discouraged in some kind of fashion(IE if Kerbal salary was a thing, they would be the most expensive since they're all just simply that awesome). Otherwise, your space program would thrive on just those three to cut costs. Difficulty would determine how hard it is to make money, produce science, and gain/lose influence rates. The easiest difficulty would start your space program out with more money, lower influence requirements for contracts and kerbonaut recruits. The easiest difficulty would mean a higher starting budget, higher rates of influence gained and lower rates on losses, and the influence requirements to open up contract opportunities. The hardest difficulty is pretty much the opposite of this and is designed for the most awesome of all kerbonauts with higher costs to everything, lower influence gain and higher influence loss, and mortal Jeb, Bob, and Bill because the truly awesome don't need to lean on immortal Kerbals to get the job done! ((On an added note, if things like deadly re-entry become official features, having the option to toggle these before starting would be very convenient. But yeah, added depth but nothing too serious to add further meaning to career mode. Also adds a way of FAILING HORRIBLY to the point of having a game over state by having no way of going on missions. Sandbox would be your playground, Career would be your tug towards the reality, not a drop off a cliff into stabby rocks of reality(unless you're hardcore and play on the hardest difficulties for sheer masochistic bliss), but a nice relaxing lounge that lets you use your think muscles a bit more to a void losing your space program to poor funding... or bad reputations because you like lobbing nukes at K2....
  3. I like mods, but the game hates me for using them and punishes me with extremely long load times ._. But yeah, I really do hope Unity allows 64-bit capabilities soon. 32-bit games are becoming out-dated.
  4. I was going to try and do this challenge, but right now the game is far too slow for my patience to handle. I can understand longer loading times with mods, but when it takes 30 seconds just to change a tab in the VAB, that's ridiculous.
  5. Probably locked, but hey, the design of your ship is pretty cool looking. Maybe it won't be such a lag fest by launch eh?
  6. Sadly, I don't think this follows the guidelines for challenges. No need to make a huge fuss and knit pick over it, of course. Though I gotta say, this might be better suited for the spacecraft exchange.
  7. Theoretically, you can get that by finding the one planet with the highest Delta-v requirement and aim for that. So I suppose aiming for an Eve lander would make for a fairly universal set up. So 12,000(11,500 according to the wiki) would be your Delta-v goal for a universal lander according to this chart! That is, if you plan on leaving Eve. Eve has the highest Gravity of all the planets(with a landable surface) at 5 times the gravity of Kerbin. landing would be hard enough, but leaving is a different story. Not impossible, just tough. If that proves to be to high a budget for a reasonable lander, then about 4,000 Delta-v(Over Tylo, but under Kerbin) would be the next best thing!
  8. If they did, I have not a clue on how to do it... nor would I really use it since I honestly don't have a lot of space for it.
  9. You seem to misunderstand. I'm not saying this isn't challenging in terms of difficulty, what I mean by it not being a challenge is that there's no structure. There's no rules, scoring, nothing that would constitute this as a challenge. Now, if it was no mod, then it would be a challenge since there is a limitation in the design! It has been proven to work as Harv(HOCGaming on youtube, not to be mistaken as Harvester) has displayed on his test flight series a working pod racer made of only mod parts, so you wouldn't have to worry about people griping that it's impossible. So your challenge CAN work, but it needs to be structured like one in order for it to be considered a challenge in this sense. As for difficulty, I'm a rocket guy so I would have a hard time with it. The no rules only make it easier, but I'd personally still struggle none the less.
  10. Definitely a ways of approaching it if you understand how to apply your mathematics in KSP, but I suppose your videos would assist in that if he really wants to go the no-mod route! And if he does so, I'll be pretty impressed! Well, not that I'm easily impressed enough by the very notion of folks being able to do these things with math. I can barely opperate a calculator to convert the distance between Alpha Centari and Sol down to Kerbal standards of measurement!
  11. Maybe this should be moved to the Spacecraft exchange as this is by no means a challenge.
  12. Wet, look at the date of this Challenge..... August of last year... I think you're late for that party, not to mention you probably had a later version than .16(major changes since then)
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