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  1. ......... Ah well. I suppose it means that you shouldn't build your ships with chutes attached near to service bays, fairings, or cargo bays. This also means ATOP those parts is not a good idea, so separate them out with something.
  2. I've been having an issue with Realchute. I don't know if it's the same with stock chutes or not, but... The RealChutes are refusing to open in a fairing. Which is, you know, fine and dandy. Except they're not in a fairing, they're just near a fairing. Or, in this case, a service bay. The simplest way to reproduce it is to put a 1.25m service bay on top of a cone adapter, put some radial realchutes at the top of the cone adapter, near to the service bay, and try to land.
  3. It is kind of oxymoronic to run a space agency where all you do is graze space, but it is a strategy, and it's been working out surprisingly well for me. See, once you get to orbit, the reputation rewards for going on a suborbital trip go down significantly, but if, before you go to orbit, you can send 8 Kerbals up on suborbital hops in one craft (use hitchhiker containers), you can easily clear four suborbital tourism contracts in one launch. With 60% commitment to intern usury, and mission reputation rewards which are nominally somewhere north of 20 points, it's fairly easy for me to bring h
  4. Another good way to collect science is to not go to orbit, so the tourist missions will only generated for suborbital hops. Then start converting your reputation gains to science via unpaid internships in the labs, and keep doing that. I've gotten almost all of the 90-sci nodes unlocked doing this, and you can collect mad bank, too. If you grind at it enough, you can pretty easily upgrade your runway and launch-pad to tier-3, and probably a few other bits, before it starts generating orbital missions for you.
  5. I just learned two very important things about Kerbal Space Program. 1: Tourists CAN, in fact, go on EVAs, if you click on the hatch from their IVA. (I'm not SURE any of my mods add this, but I suspect RPM, if it's a mod. 2: Going on an EVA during a boost phase is highly inadvisable, but survivable, if you have the Vanguard Technologies parachutes mod with the submod plugin that gives all Kerbals parachutes from the get-go installed.
  6. I've figured out something new to pass on, too. Don't go to Orbit. Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking, but bear with me here: after you've achieved suborbital spaceflight but before you've orbited Kerbn, you can take suborbital tourist contracts. And only suborbital tourist contracts. They won't generate for, say, the Mun, or Minmus, or even Kerbin orbit. These contracts pay well, and more importantly, they give you huge reputation boosts, which you can, with some investment in the admin building, parlay into big science boosts, courtesy of unpaid internships. Cheesy? Yeah, probably. But
  7. I discovered a bit of a bug in this mod, I think. You can get a mission to test the heavy launch clamp Landed at Kerbin. But if the ship is attached to the launch clamps, it doesn't count as landed at Kerbin. So you can never achieve this objective, and failure is the only option.
  8. KSP: The First Flight of Excursion 1 "So, what's the point of this again," Bob asked, standing on the catwalk mid-way up the VAB, looking at the rocket under construction. "Simple, Bob." Bill held up his hands, sawing his thumb and two fingers together. "The world's smalled violin? What does that have to do with that," Bob asked, pointing at the rocket under construction, and Valentina rolled her eyes. "Money, dear boy! Money!" She laughed, reaching up and smacking Bob on the back of the head. "Since Jeb's suborbital flight, rich idiots and CEOs have been clamouring for a taste. So we're build
  9. So, this is the tale of my Career mode, fleshed out into a story. It's ongoing, so... KSP: From Humble Beginnings The year: 2015 K.E. After millennia of strife which saw the Kerbal race brought to the brink of annihilation, peace reigns. The Kerbal race retreated underground following a disastrous nuclear exchange, but whilst living primarily in the vast series of caverns under Kerbin, something extraordinary happened. The Unification of Kerbalkind. It began as a sect of peace-loving hippies, the Kermen, whose message of universal tolerance and acceptance was ignored by most before the Fall, b
  10. Ascent guidance works for me, as long as I have complete control authority. Without enough control authority, the only place you're going is to not-space, and possibly straight to the afterlife, whether or not you use MJ's ascent guidance. A good player might be able to keep a craft with marginally insufficient control authority going where MJ might not be able to, but with seriously insufficient control authority, nobody's getting that sucker to space. If you have sufficient authority, however, MJ remains on-the-dot. Make sure you have the fully-updated versions. Get reaction wheels!
  11. Drat. You'd think that those things would be like, automatic, just like the altitude and speed things. I mean, I still set the world first. Do I really have to fill out the paperwork, too? [edit]Crap.. How do I mark this as Solved? The "How to get help" thread doesn't have it.
  12. Okay, so... I was being pretty aggressive to get into orbit, and I forgot to accept the orbit Kerbin mission. I put Valentina into orbit and got her back down. Now, the contract to orbit Kerbin is missing. None of my contracts available are orbital, all of them are suborbital. I check the completed contracts list, and Orbit Kerbin isn't in there, either succeeded or failed. Did I screw up? Is there any way to fix this short of starting a new career save?
  13. I was very disappointed when I learned that KW Rocketry has seemingly been abandoned, or at least is not going to be any kinds of fast on the draw to update to 1.0. Then I saw this, and I thought "That'll probably do me." I will miss some of KW's overpowered engines in the smaller ranges that made my rocketry life more tolerable, but this oughta do juuust fine.
  14. That's the spud lander capsule. I believe it's from Home Grown Rockets, but I'm not sure ATM. It does fit this crawlie, though, doesn't it?
  15. To drift a little off-topic here... Why in the world did you equip eight LV-Ns? They're heavy as hell! That's got to be just killing any fuel efficiency savings over, say, LVT-30s or (if you're using KW Rocketry) Vestas.
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