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  1. Alright everyone, sorry for no uploads (Youtube is blocked in China). I will still record videos, but I cannot upload them until my stay is over at the end of summer
  2. Naval Battle Club

    Has anyone experimented with using loaded ore tanks as extremely heavy blunt impacters? (The large ore tank can hold 15 tons of ore, so I think I may have discovered what the tirepedo H is made of)
  3. Naval Battle Club

    I can resurrect my old Kraken Ships if you set up. Try not to group your ships at the same point in an orbit, it makes for bad lag.
  4. Naval Battle Club

    I made these a year before they were cool WHO'S HIPSTER NOW?
  5. Naval Battle Club

    It's time to dust off these babies, get them ready for the fight... - - - Updated - - - tirepedo craft?
  6. Wat's your worst Ksp 1.0 glitch?

    You cannot comprehend the power of the kraken
  7. Naval Battle Club

    We need to do a collab at some point. With our powers combined we could transcend the dimensions of the game and make the REAL MAUHAUHAUHAUAHUAHUAHAHAHAH!!!!
  8. Naval Battle Club

  9. Wat's your worst Ksp 1.0 glitch?

    here's mine there was actually four solar systems at one point on screen. It was scary.
  10. Strange Rotation At 3km?

    bruh, I've seen some ****. I have SEEN the gaping maw of the kraken. he broke my whole game file, can't open it without darkness. 1.0 too
  11. Naval Battle Club

    Save me.... Before it's too late... thehourofthekrakenisathand
  12. Naval Battle Club

    I am death, destroyer of worlds' I broke 1.0 guys I thought the head bug in 0.90 was bad. I was wrong. Even worse was the gyro bug. After spinning for an indefinite time, ksp splits into two instances, each phasing in and out . The horror. I have entered the realm of the abyss. I can never go back. I can never unsee. I cannot, and I will not forget my purpose. This is the end once and for all.
  13. BTW Guys, I might have to skimp out on making the next episode quickly, as I need to get the 1.0 showcase done and finish my little 0.90 Kraken Head Split glitch vid
  14. Filed a dispute, quoted fair use
  15. -.- I didn't monitize the damn video, doesn't this count as fair use? The claim is either for the queen or two steps from hell song which is stupid because I've seen them used on other channels notably frektal fells and the mighty jingles. I'll make sure to turn up track compression on the reupload or speed it up to evade copyright, maybe past a little section of fair use at the bottom