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  1. These mods are literally time savers and benefit my gameplay. THANK YOU.
  2. That's unfortunate. I'm pretty sure I don't really care specifically about consoles, and that wasn't really an issue before Take Two took KSP over. While I commend the company for catering to a crowd, catering to that specific crowd and leaving out the one that made the game? Not a good idea. Console gaming hasn't traditionally dealt with any form of modding until within the last eight to ten years, probably shorter. It's nice those players get that attention, and it wouldn't be such a huge issue if the development team didn't post updates at such long and lengthy intervals.
  3. Not specifically, just the implication that they may make content unique for console/PC, which is disturbing to say the least
  4. I really hope you don't exclude PC of content, because if you do, you're gonna make a lot of your original fans very dang angry.
  5. Just as a side note, I have my STEAM installed on a separate HDD. Under that it was installed in a "Program Files" folder. After my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, what I neglected to note was that the system had *moved* the entire folders contents into an identical folder that was system protected "Program Files (x86)". When I tried to run CKAN like normally, the error came up with "ACCESS DENIED". This has not been explained before and I hope it helps with further errors of this type. **EDIT** The fix I applied was moving the entire contents (or at least STEAM) to another, identical Program Files folder without the (x86) or system protected status. CKAN now works like a charm.
  6. Looks like looking back in the thread I found the answer. Unfortunate I didn't receive a reply, but understandable. I recommend filing an FAQ to state that the "fix" (something I haven't tried yet, mind you) is to move the folder containing Kerbal Space Program out from the OS controlled folder. Here is the fix as stated by Politas in the prior page, for individuals who have the error starting with "System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path", since no one seemed to pay any note to it. @politas I highly recommend adding this fix to your CKAN TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE. It is not there. Individuals who upgrade OS from windows, such as myself, will experience this probably due to windows making the folders into system protected folders. Windows 10 is notorious for that.
  7. I'm having a weird issue, and I'm pretty sure it's windows, but I just updated to Windows 10 64-bit and uh....can't use CKAN anymore and I've done everything I could to figure it out. So maybe asking here will help? Here's the full error on screen: Is this a regular thing for 10? It was working fine on Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm not sure if this classifies as problem with CKAN itself, otherwise I'd report a bug, I honestly think it's windows 10 but I'm not sure.
  8. Yep! That's the culprit. Okay, makes sense now, though I find it odd anything from B9 is causing issues. Dag namit. Oh well, least I know if I do a fresh install it should work hahaha. Thanks for the help.
  9. @bcink So I did some toying around with part switches (the IVA works perfect now, btw), but I found out that the culprit is that for whatever reason, the oxidizer is set to 4.4 on the bottom stage (with the lander legs). So it instantly cuts out after a few seconds. I don't have *any* mod installed that modifies the variable in such a way. The only mod I have installed is one that allows you to switch tank types, and that's it. What is the typical fuel level for oxidizer? **EDIT** Okay so I toyed around with it more and, lo and behold, it does appear the tank type mod is the culprit. BUT I was able to switch the tank types so that the oxidizer is now setting at 1210.0. Will continue testing to ensure no further issues, but what it looked like was my issue was my own lack of knowledge of the mod I installed. **EDIT 2** Yeah, so even though it's got correct fuel levels, and even though when both stages are using fuel at a normal rate, I'm finding that the thrust of those engines (both first and second stage) are extremely low; insufficient to lift it off the ground. If I switch engines around with stock or mod, they work fine, but the mod-included engines just seem low powered. I know for a fact I *don't* have a mod that changes that variable. So, not sure what's causing that.
  10. Thanks for the response! Yeah, I have around 140 or so installed, varies as I uninstall or reinstall, so I think you're right. Can you elaborate on fuel definitions? Mods specifically designed around adding a new type of fuel or something? It's very beautiful. Yeah and if I do I will, thanks! Gotcha, I recently uninstalled Near Future so I'll reinstall that set. I mainly use CKAN for my downloads and stuff, yours being an exception obviously.
  11. I have like, well over 143 mods installed and it's working with 1.6 just fine. Just a FYI. **EDIT** Okay, so, um, nevermind. The fuel for the rockets doesn't work, seems kinda glitchy. Model loads, in IVA the seats are missing, but overall it's a nonfunctional showpiece, but it does separate into its functional parts.
  12. Are there any pictures explaining how to construct the Orca command module?
  13. I got 87 mods installed and I'm still trying to balance it out. 16 gigs of ram and the darn game keeps stuttering like always. Ugh. But yeah, that's a lot of mods.
  14. Thanks for the reply! After a bit of testing, I found that if I turn the ship on its axis (i.e. roll left, roll right while remaining on target) that in certain positions it docks. Experimenting with vanilla docking produces a different result, as the docks can be aligned and docked in any orientation. This is not true for yours which is what I think Fr8monkey was talking about. After he stated that I found out that if I turn left and right, it will eventually align to the detailed "hooks" on your ports. Regardless, that really solved my problem! Thank you for your mod, it really does make the game better.
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