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  1. Please check your downloadlink on the first page, Linked to (don´t exists)
  2. Thanks for your help !!! My KSP works again As i descripe above, all mod parts loaded at the loading screen, then all stops when Modulemanager load the cfg´s. Normaly you see this but nothing. In the Taskmanager KSP is still running so i wait... after half an hour (nothing chanced on screen) KSP starts. The next starts run normaly.
  3. Need help! Yesterday my KSP install works fine, many mods and MM 2.5.6 running. Then i decided to test ALCOR, bad idea, after KSP don´t load. I delete ALCOR and try again but nothing.... Then i start with delete mods and try again but also no succes. I uninstall KSP and try with a new install: 1. without mods -> all fine 2. with mods -> first all fine but then the problem beginns again (where the first mod is installed that brings the MM.dll) 3. after many installs/uninstalls i found MM as making problems. When i delete the Modulemanager.2.5.6.dll KSP starts fine. With the dll it stops on the loading screen on the position "ModuleManager" where the configs should be loaded. I tryed older versions of the dll (2.5.1 and 2.5.4) but still the same. I´m confused because before ALCOR all was fine and the new KSP install should normally solve the problem...