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  1. Another issue I'd like to bring up: Probe Cores Early in the tech tree, the player gets access to the Stayputnik. "Great!" the player thinks. "I can use one of these for a one-way Mun shot!" The issue I've run into is that the Stayputnik apparently overheats and explodes during launch. I use the word "apparently" because there isn't actually any feedback to the player that overheating is happening. In my experience, the Stayputnik tends to just 'Pop!' around ~35k km with no warning and no re-entry effects observed. Obviously slapping a spherical probe core on top of a rocket isn't an opti
  2. Thanks for the update, guys. Delays are always a bummer, but the honesty and transparency about the process is very much appreciated.
  3. Glad to hear that the saga continues, KSK! Eagerly awaiting the next installment!
  4. I just use Kerbal Alarm Clock. It let's you launch a mission and then go do something else while it chugs along in interplanetary space.
  5. I usually just try and keep the g-meter out of the red zone during reentry. A pe of around 10km usually works pretty well even when coming in from interplanetary trajectories. For the purposes of role playing, I typically assume that the kerbonauts are wearing g-suits for reentry and can therefore sustain up ~10g's for short periods of time. As was the case with the Apollo missions, skipping out of the atmosphere is not an option in my space program.
  6. I've wanted a camera for a long time, but I never thought of having it linked to a museum! Man, that would be so cool, and the functionality is almost there with the science archives.
  7. I have a couple "house rules" for my missions: 1) Pods can only house one half of their full capacity for long term missions. The number gets rounded down in any situations involving half-Kerbals. IE, the Mk1-2 can only house 1 kerbal for interplanetary travel since cutting kerbonauts in half outside of missions was deemed to be "wasteful" by upper management. Engineering is still in the process of looking up the definition of "wasteful." The hitchhiker can therefore house two kerbals on long flights. This tends to work out well for your standard 3-crew mission where the extra half-kerba
  8. Glad to hear it, KSK! Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
  9. I was just thinking this as I watched the Lego Movie last night! I think it'd be easy to make things attach in line, but radial attachment could be a bit tricky. I would buy the crap out of a set of buildable Kerbal rocket parts though. Let's make it happen!
  10. EVA a kerbal close (you need to be very, very close) to the science module that you want to grab data from, right click the data module, then click "Collect Data."
  11. You can EVA a Kerbal out to collect the experiments, store them in a command pod, then use the lab to clean up the experiments. Return the command pod for 100% science!
  12. Yes, I amazed while reading the original post at how much of it found its way into 0.23. I would really love to see a camera part though. Just think about how the history of spaceflight has been defined by photographs like this one:
  13. Anyone know if there are any plans to update this? Has anyone tried it in 0.23?
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