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  1. well then thats another learning opportunity for them
  2. yes thats what i was hoping for too, a couple comets with gravity and fixed orbits, then moveable ones
  3. so im assuming then the comets will count as parts that dont have gravity? thats unfortunate.
  4. im ok with complexity, its the reason im drawn to ksp in the first place and not something like space engineers
  5. may i please know how you find these windows? what mathematics are required? i really would like to expand on this and find more.
  6. slight problem, when i downloaded a texture pack, its the same name as avpb, so can i rename it or?
  7. 0.16, i didnt really get obssessed with it until around 0.18 though when they started really shaping the game into what it is today. back when i first started playing i was really into astronomy but not really aerospace engineering/orbital mechanics, ksp changed that for me forever, ksp is my everything.
  8. I completed my first perfect kekkj maneuver.
  9. The Thread for this says its for 1.9, but i cant seem to find a link for a 1.9 version, has it not been updated yet?
  10. how did you get it to balance out without a tail assembly? ive been trying to recreate the raven all day yesterday and today, and i cannot get it to work without a set of tails to stabilise the damn thing, it just drifts off to the right or to the left and completely stalls out
  11. im getting this really annoying glitch that seems to happen to every single ship that i build as of late, after a certain amount of time in flight it begins to spin rapidly in one direction and doesnt stop no matter what i do, turning on sas causes the spinning to stop but i cant turn in any direction but the direction the ship was uncontrollably spinning in. this has happened to the last 4 ships that i have built regardless of whether i had clipped parts or not, my controller also has no deadzone or joystick issues. does anybody know a way to fix this problem?
  12. it used to be lb and rb would do it, but now i cant figure out which button does it
  13. look how long squad went without charging us for dlc, games dont need constant dlc to make sales they just need to be good, then they will continue to sell, to date ive gifted like 20 of my friends kerbal space program, thats 20 copies sold right there
  14. i said it felt like it, not that it is, take two seems to like to gain the rights for games then basically give the middle finger to its players. you saw what happened with open 4 and gta 5 or all the community made multiplayer plugins for gta 5 that got shut down because take 2 likes to fire cease and desist's everywhere. when i say hostile takeover i mean of the ksp community and not the company of squad itself, were the ones that are going to suffer at take two's heel
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