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  1. that's on the top, not the side. >_> makes it a tad unwieldly when building aircraft/spaceplanes also would be rather ugly >_>
  2. could we perhaps get a mk.1 fuselage with a hatch on the side perhaps? the airstairs wont let me offload kerbals as it always says hatch obstructed
  3. Dont know if this has been suggested before but a Mk.1 sized Crew cabin with a SIDE facing door?
  4. perchance the ability to just have the adjustable landing gear without the wheels breaking from ... we'll just say Overweight craft?
  5. Not sure how, and search turned up nothing, I apologise but I'm curious if there's any easy way to park my fight... I mean High Speed Scientific Research Aircraft on the deck of my carrier.
  6. while the swing wings are a totally different beast... the cockpit off of a b-1 lancer actually sounds like a really neat idea
  7. Damn... Wish somebody would be willing to make a similar system F....Iddlesticks
  8. is there ANY chance at all for a revival of say... the engines + wheels from modular multiwheels?
  9. any chance of a non opening cargo fuselage section? or maybe an addon for a high mount wing? or maybe even a front loading ramp/cockpit?
  10. well perhaps making them look a tad more stock-alike texture wise would be appreciated if possible. and maybe find out how to get them to show up in game as They dont seem to be doing that either despite having all the configs and what not. As just the wings control surfaces. would be decent additions themselves.
  11. I've got some of coffee industries old airliner parts that he never really finished, I was wondering If you would want to get your hands on them there's more than a few parts I figured they're worth atleast taking a look at. especially the wings and the b29 style cockpit.
  12. fantom works does not have the stockalike design qualities that this mod has oh so been able to capture also is there a dll with the airliner cockpits and such?
  13. I managed to get it working , Thank you very much
  14. I'm horrible for this suggestion. but Maybe C-130 styled cockpit? but with optional Radome/1.25 node up front?
  15. How do I Let friends connect to this say in another country. or across the internet in general
  16. My only concern is how do we move these things to the water? like... that's my only question really. we can build the big boats, but how do we get them to the shoreline?
  17. Can you still set limits in the Editor?
  18. Does the bow of the RORO Still Raise out of the water when the ramp is deployed? and can we vary the opening angle?
  19. alright, Thank you! I look foreward to the release!
  20. Cant seem to get my subs to submerge Nomatter how much ballast on them >_> do i need another supporting mod or... what?
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