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  1. Does anyone know which API the game will use? Dx11? 12? and / or Vulkan? (I'm hoping Vulkan will be supported because of it's excellent performance and compatibility)
  2. Working great in 1.12.1, no major issues found. There is one minor thing that it would be good if you could look into, the lights don't scale any more, seems they've had an update recently and tweakscale no longer recognises them.
  3. Thanks Lisias for continuing to support this mod, it's definitely on my essential list.
  4. I just got the Kopernicus update, should all be working now, many thanks DeadJoe.
  5. Hi Galileo, just wanted to let you know that SVE is working perfectly in 1.6 (minus kopernicus' Jool ring) so you might want to put that on the title page. Thanks for creating and continuing to support this awesome mod.
  6. Thanks Sal Vager, I was just about to ask about this. P.S. I've been wondering for a while why double clicking on the ship in map view to change focus was removed?
  7. 42 of course! it's the answer to life, the universe and everything.
  8. Ah that's a shame, I like to have a nice balance and I'm far too penny-pinching to spend money on them. There free ones floating about after all! It does specify the gender if you read carefully, where it says return the kerbal to Kerbin it will either say him or her. That's handy to know, I can save before accepting the contract and then decide whether to rescue or go back to the save instead of having to rendezvous and then find out. Thanks for the replies fellow Kerbalnauts.
  9. Hi folks, I'm looking for a mod that add the type of Kerbal to the page for rescue contracts, I tried a few search terms but couldn't find whether there already is anything like this. If anyone knows of a mod that does that (preferrably a small mod that doesn't make any other major changes) or is capable of creating one I'd be very grateful. Thanks .
  10. Thanks Ferram, just thought I should let you know that the date of the update is incorrect, it should be 10/27/16 (or for us contrary UK residents 27/10/16)
  11. Thanks Fourfa, wondered what was causing this. it was a real head scratcher as I could EVA on the pad so there was obviously no hatch obstruction.
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