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  1. Kestrel

    I made a Harrier some time back, but they changed a few parts, and the engine I used then was de-rated and no longer had the power to lift it, but personally I felt that particular version was better looking. I'm just happy I could still build something with a single lift engine that bears a passing resemblance to a Harrier. I think the old MkI cockpit makes the biggest difference to the overall look, and the fact that you didn't have to turn on afterburner to generate enough lift. The old engine specs meant you could hold a hover at 2/3 throttle without afterburner so you didn't have a big flame spewing out beneath the craft.
  2. Nice replica, but can I make a couple of suggestions? If you go to the action groups, you can add the 'control from here' function of the Probodyne to something like the SAS or Stage function. That way as soon as you turn on SAS or stage the engines on the runway, it automatically sets the 'control from' to the right component without having to try and scroll inside the nose to find it. Also if you right click on all the fairings and hardpoints in the 2nd stage, you can disable them from staging at all. This will prevent the plane from falling apart if someone hits the stage button twice by mistake. Good job, I look forward to seeing your next offering.
  3. Kestrel

    Not intended as a replica of the Harrier, but taking its styling cues from that craft, here is Kestrel. The craft can be downloaded from Kerbal X - where you will find pilot's notes on flying the craft and details of the Action Group Keys used to fly the craft.
  4. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Harpoon Straightforward and easy to fly SSTO for performing crew change duties on stations in LKO (max 250km if you want to get back without refuelling at the station). Take off and pitch to 20 degrees. Toggle engine mode with hotkey 1 when the engines start running out of breath at around 20,000m, and cut the engines and coast when you have achieved your desired Apo. Circularise, rendezvous and dock as necessary. Craft can be downloaded from Kerbal X
  5. Searching for an old fashioned flying saucer

    Here's a modified version of mine that doesn't have a big blue flame shooting out the back.
  6. Searching for an old fashioned flying saucer

    You mean something like this. Completely stock, so no mods required. Obviously this one was built for atmospheric flight, but it wouldn't be too difficult to do something for flights in space.
  7. Why are people against mods?

    I think people tend to be split amongst a number of mod using types. Some will embrace any mod going as it adds massively to the experience, whilst at the other end, some people prefer to play completely stock for the purity of the experience. In between we have players who use mods to improve the visuals, and others who will use some mods that help with the build process and mission planning. No one group is necessarily right in their approach to playing the game, as no one group is wrong either. KSP is a game that is easily tailored to fit the needs and requirements of the individual player, and no one else has the right to say that any one way is wrong, only that it is different to the way they play it.
  8. Been a while since I last submitted an entry to this, so here's another I knocked up a few days ago. Built along the lines of the SR-71 Blackbird, but designed to deliver small satellites to LKO, I present Blackbird SSTO Take off In orbit Payload delivered Nearly home Mission success Craft file can be downloaded from Kerbal X and comes complete with the small relay satellite -
  9. It's not the best trailer Squad have ever put out. For me it's too far removed from what you actually do within the game, and looks completely different with it's enhanced graphics. If I was new to the game, having bought it on the strength of that trailer, I'd be asking myself why the game looked so different and when do I get to the part where I can play the mission controller.
  10. Horten 229

    Yes it is running on Wheesleys but to be honest, it doesn't suffer that much from sideslip.
  11. Horten 229

    Nah, it's a lot easier to cheat and fit a vertical stabiliser inside the fuselage.
  12. Horten 229

    Inspired by a thread by someone who was having problems achieving stable flight with their own Horten, I thought I would build one to see if it was possible. This is my effort. Pilot Notes Take off speed is around 60 m/s This Horten is sedate rather than spirited, so controls are a bit slow Action group key 3 will toggle the airbrakes, though like the other controls, they aren't overly effective Don't try steering on the ground at higher speeds, as it has a wicked tendency to ground loop. Craft file can be downloaded from Dropbox
  13. Unpowered flight

    I wanted to create a challenge that would be fun for anyone who entered. It's a sad fact of life that there will always be individuals who will cheat for the sole purpose of seeing their name at the top of a leaderboard, completely missing the whole point of the challenge. Thankfully I think we have a pretty good community in KSP and cheaters don't seem to be anywhere near as prevalent here as they are in other games/forums.
  14. Unpowered flight

    Nice entry @Not Sure I'm going to round your altitude up to 2900m to allow for the lag between dropping the boosters and taking the screen shot. It's not immediately clear that the boosters under the wing were dropped at the same time, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.