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  1. Scarecrow

    Permanently Parking a Lander in Orbit

    In one of my saves I actually parked a station around Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, Duna and Jool. The Mun and Minmus stations had landers permanently attached for visits to the surface, and were fairly basic. The Duna station had a lander capable of both landing on Duna or making a visit to land on Ike and return. At Jool, the lander assigned to the station there was intended for making excursions to Val, Bop and Pol, though I think I updated to a newer version of KSP before actually using that lander in anger.
  2. To be fair to the OP I too don't agree with the EULA for the update being far too broad in it's terms and conditions going way beyond what is actually required for a stand alone game, so I won't be downloading it. My KSP playing days are for now fixed at playing with v1.3. In the short term this won't make any difference to me. In the long term it means I won't be able to share my creations or, indeed, download any creations put out there by other members of the KSP community, as they won't be compatible.
  3. Scarecrow

    landing on the mun

    Actually landing on Duna is a lot easier than Mun, just pop a load of parachutes. Getting there and back, however, is a different matter.
  4. Scarecrow

    Action Group Staging

    You can't do something that specific. The 'stage' in the action group keys allows you to assign something to that command, but it will be executed each time you stage, i.e. press the Spacebar. The alternative would be to add all those actions to a specific key, and add the 3rd stage to them, then use that key rather than 'stage' at the appropriate time.
  5. Scarecrow

    I want to get to Duna... How?

    I created a thread a while back that showed, with a few modifications, a craft you used to get to Mun could also make it to Duna and back. Thread is here if you are interested
  6. Scarecrow

    What is Your Favorite Moon?

    My favourite easter egg is on Vall, but my favourite moon is Mun. Perhaps a boring choice, but going to the Mun for the first time helps you understand the mechanics of transferring between bodies. No atmosphere means a powered landing, but the lower gravity means it isn't as hard as it could be. The gravity isn't so low though that rovers become almost useless as they are on some of the much lower gravity moons. You don't have to wait for a transfer window to go there, and it also has several cool easter eggs. And if you want to replicate an Apollo mission, it's THE place to go.
  7. Scarecrow

    Can't reach a round kerbin orbit

    Maybe the origin of your problem is burning for too long while you are still on your way to orbit, which is pushing your Apoapsis further out than you need/desire. While still burning for orbit, keep an eye on your Apoapsis (HUD from mods like Kerbal Engineer, or just normal map mode) and as soon as your Apo reaches the height that you want your orbit to be, cut your engines. Coast up to Apo, and about 20 seconds before you get there, burn prograde to bring your Periapsis up to the same height, and then cut your engines again. Job done.
  8. If I want to undock my ports as if staging them, multiple times, I assign the undock/decouple function to an Action Key.
  9. Actually if you put it in the main KSP ships folder it should be viewable in all your game saves. This folder is where the default stock craft are stored. It does sound like you are not copying it to either of the folders (main or individual save) where you would be able to find it once copied.
  10. Scarecrow

    How deep can you go?

    The depth one has been done before. If I remember correctly, the deepest part around KSC is about 1100 or 1200m
  11. Scarecrow

    Crazy Ships!

    I guess the craziest thing I've built is a replica of Fireball XL5 (anyone born after 1970 can look it up on Youtube or Google). The only minus point is that you need to enable Infinite Propellant to fly it, as to get the balance right to enable the 2 parts to fly individually as well as when coupled together meant that some of the fuel tanks are either empty or don't have much fuel, and the shift in C of M as the available fuel is used would lead to some interesting flight characteristics. There's a lot of action group keys to remember too, but they're all listed on the KerbalX page. The craft has been updated slightly since I made the video posted here : flap indication on Junior now also uses a green light to show when flaps are deployed, ans a righting mechanism and landing legs have been added to Junior. This means that when landing Junior on low gravity bodies, a vertical descent can be made to land on the legs. Once on the surface, the wheels can be deployed and the righting mechanism used to put Junior on it's wheels. This is only really necessary if you want to use the ladder to egress and ingress the craft, as it is designed to be used when Junior is on it's wheels and not for when sitting vertically. A short clip showing how amendments to Junior can be used to make a vertical landing on low gravity, non-atmospheric bodies.
  12. You can disable the auto fairing around the engine when you connect anything to it, so that solves that problem. Just right click the engine in the VAB for the option to turn fairings on or off. As for being unable to control the lander, are you playing in Career mode, in which case you might need a pilot in a vessel to be able to control it, or a probe. I've only played career once, so I'm not sure if that's the case, but it seems plausible given that scientists and engineers are required to perform some specific tasks.
  13. Scarecrow

    Signature links question

    Sounds easy enough. Thank you.
  14. Scarecrow

    Signature links question

    I've seen in some posters signature a small image that is clickable to link to somewhere else. A prime example is a KerbalX image that links to the relevant KerbalX page. As I have a few craft available for download now, adding a clickable image link is something I would like to add to my own signature but for the life of me I can't work out how to do it. I can add an image that isn't clickable, or I can add the URL as text which is clickable, but can't work out how to combine the two. Thinking it might need some clever BBcode, I did a search, but the BBcode tutorial that search found would appear to be in serious need of updating. Anyone else able to shed light on how to achieve what I am trying to do?
  15. How about a thread inviting people to submit craft for review and, if they meet the laid down criteria and pass judgement from a review panel, the submitted craft is added to the thread for others to download. If I was setting up a ‘simple to fly aircraft’ thread, criteria might include requirements such as: needs to be completely stock, no more than 2 action group keys and must be able to take off with no user input. Maybe a couple of people could volunteer to form a review panel to provide feedback on submitted craft so that the thread wasn’t filled with designs that were biased towards one persons view of the criteria.