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  1. If the game is not allowing them to respawn, the only other way that I know to force them is to edit the persistent file for that particular save.
  2. Yeah, I was really disappointed by that aspect when they introduced the ability to change the colour of your lights. Being able to change teh colour of the lighting effect was cool, but I had some applications where it would have beenr eally nice to be able to change the colour of the light source as well.
  3. When designing a new Mun capable ship, I start at the last stage and work back. If it's a single stage lander that is also going to return my Kerbals to Kerbin, I make sure it has enough dV to de-orbit from a Munar orbit, land, return to Munar orbit and then return to Kerbin. Once I have that bit sorted, my next step is usually an intermediate stage that will complete a circular orbit at Kerbin, perform the Munar injection burn, and then complete orbit capture at the Mun. The final stage is the bit that performs the take off from the pad and at least pushes the craft into a sub-orbital flight with an apo around 80km or better.
  4. Big thumbs up from me for Navyfish's docking port alignment mod. Get your approaching vessel all correctly oriented and then simply translate in to position. Simple.
  5. Here's my entry. All 1.25m parts as stipulated, and a total count of 8 parts. Lower stage consists of decoupler, 2 fuel tanks and an engine. Upper stage consists of capsule, parachute, fuel tank and engine. Launch Circularising orbit Orbit established - showing Pe above 70km Re-entry phase Just before splashdown
  6. This was my simple take on a YB49
  7. No matter the orbit, I've never bothered with normal, anti-normal but just concentrate on orienting the docking craft correctly before translating as necessary to complete the dock. Unless you are taking an absolute age to complete your docking, the fact that the two craft will be in an almost identical orbit at the point of docking, you shouldn't see any relative movement in orientation between the two during the docking process.
  8. I made this X- Wing a while ago. It's SSTO and stock.
  9. I did try to modify my design to fly without SAS, but I couldn't even get it to leave the runway.
  10. Looks like the OP has abadoned this challenge. No leaderboard uodates for a while.
  11. You can make Shuttles in earlier versions so I don't se why 1.8 should be any different.
  12. Seeing as how this is a space related forum, I thought it would be appropriate to post some space related images. Orion Nebula
  13. That's interesting to note. My own submission is below, but as you will see I circumnavigated Kerbin twice, and actually landed in the sea to the east of the space centre. As a result the actual distance between the take off point and landing site isn't very great, but actual distance flown is vastly greater. I will submit the entry with the distance shown in the F3 window, but another measurement would be circumnavigation x 2 plus 102.4km. Waypoint Manager showed my distance from KSC when 1/2 way round as 1880.5km. Therefore, the total distance I flew based on those figures would be 7,624km 20 secs after launch Just under 1/4 fuel used - looking good 1/2 way round the globe for the first time - max distance from KSC at this point is 1,880.5km as measured using Waypoint Manager Flying in to a sunrise is always a nice feeling Passing the desert airfield for the first time 1/2 fuel used. Interesting that this is not yet a complete circumnavigation. Obviously fuel consumption improves as the fuel load goes down. Passing KSC on completion of the first circumnavigation. Towards the end of the flight, Waypoint Manager is saying I am 16:09 mins away from KSC, and Engineer is saying I have 15:54 mins fuel left. Should make it from this altitude as long it glides well. KSC the second time around Out of fuel at 4h 19m 23s Seconds before splashdown Final flight stats, and Jebediah survived despite a bit of damage to the craft. Competition submission :- SAS was turned on Flight distance (according to F3 window) - 14,694km Flight Distance (calculated using measurements provided by Waypoint Manager) - 7,624km Flight Time - 4h 26m 41s