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  1. There's one that a lot of people seem to use, but I've never even tried it, and I can't remember what it's called, but it basically does everything for you. A bit like an auto Jeb. I've always felt that KSP has a lot it can teach you about space and Newtonian physics etc., and that by using an auto tool, it would remove some of that learning process, and thus some of the enjoyment from playing KSP
  2. Only what I consider as essential, and mostly for gameplay.
  3. Soggy noodle rocket syndrome. It would be nice to not have to rely on KJR to avoid rockets flopping about like a drunk worm as it takes off.
  4. All the landable planets and moons and return with manned expeditions.
  5. That looks really interesting. I will be curious to see how it develops.
  6. Finally got round to flying the mission to complete part 2 of the challenge - Transport Ship
  7. My entry for part 1. I was going to do a multiple launch orbital structure, but decided to keep it simple. Has room for 36 tourists, each room is jettisonable and has independent de-orbiting boosters and parachutes in the event that the hotel has to be evacuated in an emergency. Crew quarters will accommodate 8 Kerbals, and there is also a lab/workshop/kitchen fitted for those odd job tasks. Battery capacity is 12,000 units, and there are 5 docking ports available. The communications array incorporates a good deal of backup capacity to allow our guests to stay in touch with their family/minions back on the surface. Current orbit is 260km. Launchpad Jettison boosters Discarding the cargo fairing Orbit established, antennas and solar panels deployed, docking ports/airlocks extended and ready to receive visitors.
  8. Never even occurred to me to try rotating my ship so that I could use a key other than D to pitch to the east. I guess by leaving it at default, there's no chance of me forgetting to rotate a craft.
  9. Didn't realise I'd used that - it's an old design. Before that was available, all my Saturn V style craft used a capsule by Alcor, which is much better than the original standard 2 man lander capsule, and that's what I thought was on this one. Probably would have lost points for using a mod capsule though. Would be a simple matter to add 2 drogue chutes for an extra 10 points, but I think I would only do this one again if I also added a buggy and small satellite for the additional points they also give.
  10. Mission completed in KSP v1.7.3 The escape tower system works, it's a design I use on all my manned flights that use this capsule. If my maths is correct, that totals 205pts
  11. If the game is not allowing them to respawn, the only other way that I know to force them is to edit the persistent file for that particular save.
  12. Yeah, I was really disappointed by that aspect when they introduced the ability to change the colour of your lights. Being able to change teh colour of the lighting effect was cool, but I had some applications where it would have beenr eally nice to be able to change the colour of the light source as well.
  13. When designing a new Mun capable ship, I start at the last stage and work back. If it's a single stage lander that is also going to return my Kerbals to Kerbin, I make sure it has enough dV to de-orbit from a Munar orbit, land, return to Munar orbit and then return to Kerbin. Once I have that bit sorted, my next step is usually an intermediate stage that will complete a circular orbit at Kerbin, perform the Munar injection burn, and then complete orbit capture at the Mun. The final stage is the bit that performs the take off from the pad and at least pushes the craft into a sub-orbital flight with an apo around 80km or better.
  14. Big thumbs up from me for Navyfish's docking port alignment mod. Get your approaching vessel all correctly oriented and then simply translate in to position. Simple.
  15. Here's my entry. All 1.25m parts as stipulated, and a total count of 8 parts. Lower stage consists of decoupler, 2 fuel tanks and an engine. Upper stage consists of capsule, parachute, fuel tank and engine. Launch Circularising orbit Orbit established - showing Pe above 70km Re-entry phase Just before splashdown
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