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  1. Scarecrow

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    This is my entry for the submarine to orbit challenge. It's basically a small SSTO without wheels, but includes a small ore tank to help it sink.
  2. Scarecrow

    SSTO Ascent profile urgently needed

    I usually pitch up to 20 degrees straight after takeoff, aiming to get to 1100 or 1200 m/s by the time I get to 20km which is roughly where I have to change over to closed cycle mode. Not sure why you would want to be doing 500m/s below 1000m as that is where you are going to encounter the most drag and thus have a higher fuel consumption rate.
  3. Scarecrow

    Build a Submarine That Can Get To Orbit

    Just did this challenge with a simple design that can happily get to orbit starting from an underwater position. Check the video.
  4. Scarecrow

    F4 Phantom

    I find with true replicas you have to mess about with so many panels/wing parts/etc to get it looking right that the finished craft just looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I also find that they don't necessarily fly that well, whereas my semi-scale efforts are all about the flying.
  5. Scarecrow

    Sukhoi Su27 'Flanker'

    Another of my semi-scale interpretations of a well known aircraft. As easy to fly as you could hope for, this aircraft will also take off on it's own after you have enabled SAS and throttled up to max. Two action group keys are available; 1 will toggle the afterburner and 4 will toggle the ladder. Download craft file from KerbalX
  6. Scarecrow

    F4 Phantom

    Welcome to my semi-scale F4 Phantom. Not intended to be a true scale replica, but hopefully giving the feel and flavour of the legendary Phantom, this version is easy to fly and completely stock. Only 2 action group keys to remember : 1 toggles the afterburner on and off and 4 toggles the ladder. That's it. Once launched on the runway, turn on SAS, throttle up and stage the engine. With no further user input, the Phantom will take off at around 110 - 120 m/s. What could be easier? Download the craft file from KerbalX
  7. Yep. Most of my planes are designed that way.
  8. I’ve never used caps lock when flying my planes and have several in the hangar that are happy to take off ‘hands free’
  9. That is certainly enough to get it off the ground.
  10. Serving no specific purpose, and with a relatively short range, depending on engine mode used, this is an easy to fly aircraft with no vices. Turn on SAS and throttle up, and this plane will happily take off on it's own with no further user input. It's also easy to land with a gentle glide ratio that only needs a nudge of back stick to settle it back on the runway. Download craft from Kerbal X - Foxtrot
  11. Scarecrow

    Are SSTO's worth it?

    I have designed a few SSTOs, mostly just for the fun of it. Probably the only use I've personally found for them is for putting small satellites in to LKO (before the satellite puts itself in to a higher orbit) or for transferring crew to and from space stations.
  12. Scarecrow

    Post your LANDERS here!

    Fireball Junior on Mun
  13. Scarecrow

    Rocket noodle problems

    It's not a very elegant solution then, as I've been playing KSP for years and have never used auto strut or even know how it works. The whole advantage of KJR is that you don't actually need to do anything for it to work; it just does it's thing in the background. I assume you need to do something manually to get auto strut to work.
  14. Scarecrow

    Rocket noodle problems

    But why should you have to use struts and increase the part count when a simple fix is already available? If the problem can be solved with the use of a mod, why don't the developers include that mod's function in the vanilla game?
  15. Scarecrow

    Rocket noodle problems

    Whilst the game is light hearted and cartoony, it's one of few that follows Newtonian physics when moving about in space, so has a serious heart behind it all. Rockets that wobble their way in to space are a pain for seasoned players to sort out, and a definite off-putter for new players who may not understand that wobbly rockets are a built in design flaw rather than a problem with their rocket building skills.