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  1. That they haven't included something like KJR as standard to eliminate the wet noodle syndrome.
  2. Just an update. I've done a completely fresh vanilla install, and all worked fine. I then installed the 'Making History' and 'Breaking Ground' DLC packs and all is working as it should. This leads me to believe that either my original installation had been corrupted somehow, or one of my mods is responsible. I will reintroduce the mods one at a time and see if any of them has an effect. Further update. I have now reintroduced all my mods, and the game is still behaving itself. This can only lead me to believe that I must have had a corrupted file within the game somewhere, which leaves me with one last question : did the corruption occur during install, or was it something that happened during gameplay, and if so, what would have done that. I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on my manoeuvre nodes in the future, and if this problem does occur again, then hopefully I will have a better idea as to its cause.
  3. I am already using KER, but I still feel the game should work as intended before relying on mods.
  4. Yes it has done it with multiple craft, and yes the engine has been fired previously - it was used to raise my Apo above 70k from launch. Ultimately it's not a massive problem, I'll just revert to 1.6.1 until they bring out a version that works for me.
  5. Nope, order of craft from top is :- Parachute, capsule, decoupler, fuel, engine. Engine is staged at launch to raise Apo above 70km. Once the Apo is at desired height, engine is shutdown to coast up to Apo. Manoeuvre node is set at Apo to circularise, which will be done using the same engine, but no burn time is given. I've also tried in an unmodded install, and have the same problem.
  6. Basically everything works as it should in the previous version. I've changed nothing between 1.6.1 and 1.7.1, but 1.7.1 doesn't show me burn time. The screenshot above was from a craft that consisted of a capsule, decoupler, fuel tank and engine. Kerbal engineer was showing how much dV the craft had, so no idea why the manoeuvre node isn't working. Kind of makes judging long burns rather tricky. Installed mods are rather simple :- Kerbal Engineer, Joint Reinforcement, Alarm Clock, Hyperedit, Docking Indicator, RCS BuildAid and that's it.
  7. I downloaded 1.7.1 a while ago, but have only just started using it. I have discovered that when setting up a manoeuvre node now, it no longer gives me an estimated burn time. Time to node is still displayed, and there is now an additional 'Start Burn in', which displays the same time as the 'Node in T'. Underneath this is a value which appears to default to 50% but can be changed anywhere between 0 and 100%. This doesn't appear to change anything if I alter the value, and the burn time legend is in red with no value displayed. Anyone any ideas how I can get my estimated burn time back?
  8. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is one of my 'must have' mods, because I think floppy noodle rockets spoil the game without incurring a lot of extra effort and/or button clicking to design it out in vanilla designs.
  9. That's useful to know. No idea how old my version of KJR is as I normally copy it across from the GameData folder of the previous version, but it definitely isn't KJR - Next. Will have to find that and try it.
  10. It turns out that KJR was indeed the culprit, which leaves me with a dilemma. I absolutely hate the 'wet noodle' rocket syndrome that you have to suffer in the stock game, as even auto-strutting doesn't always solve the problem, but using KJR to solve that problem means that I can't make use of the robotics goodies that BG brings us. At the moment having inflexible rockets is more important to me than using hinges and rotors, so can only hope that the author of the KJR mod can make it work with BG.
  11. Yes I do. Is that what's stopping it?
  12. I've only just got round to updating to 1.7.1 and figured I might as well get the BG DLC as well. It's not going too well so far. As an experiment I thought I would first have a play with the new robotics hinges and rotors. I thought these would make it a lot easier to build a Harrier style craft, or maybe something with variable geometry wings. As a very basic test bed to work out how the hinges and rotors worked I just attached them to a girder with a couple of batteries for power (if needed) and attached a small motor to the rotor, and a thermometer on the hinge. After setting the parameters, and seeing that everything was working to the required limits in the SPH, I assigned the rotor and hinge to their own actions group keys, and launched the contraption to the runway. And nothing works. After pressing the appropriate AG key, I can see that the parameter limits for the hinge and rotor are changing, but neither are actually moving. If I go back to the SPH and remove the motor and/or the thermometer, everything then works as expected. Is there something I should be doing, or am I perhaps doing something that I shouldn't? Please tell me I haven't wasted my money.
  13. I'm not seeing any screenshots. If you want to imbed images in your posts, you need to upload them to a picture hosting site, and link to them. What you have posted above appears to be the id of the images on your PC, which no one else has access to and therefore won't be able to see.
  14. I made a small video showing how the Docking Port Indicator can be used. You may find it helps.