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  1. My X-Wing is SSTO capable, and I believe meets all the rules.
  2. Scarecrow

    Trying to make a precise satellite placement

    It's the other way round. You need to burn up (normal) at the descending node (DN) or down (anti normal) at the ascending node (AN).
  3. @Alpha 360 Thanks for clearing that up, I think. I might be losing the plot though, but as best I remember I only missed the first challenge due to not seeing the thread in time. According to the list of challenges in the original post we have had: 1. Land near a Mun anomaly 2. Build a Mun Station 3. Build a glider 4. Rescue a Kerbal 5. Build a Skylab 6. Setup a Mun satellite network According to that list, mission 5 was the Skylab mission, which is the mission entry I linked to on page 14 of this thread. Unless I am mistaken and have missed something somewhere. The only other thing I can think, which might make sense, is that the medals you issue aren't specifically for the mission, but for the level you get to based on how many missions you have completed. In which case having done the fifth mission, but having missed the first, I would only qualify for a tier 4 medal. Is that right? I haven't put a tier 3 medal in my sig because it was a bit fuzzy and you can't distinguish the difference between that one and the tier 2 medal. But challenge mission 5 was actually my 4th mission, so a tier 4 medal would be nice as it looks really good.
  4. Scarecrow

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    My SSTO capable Xwing looky-likey.
  5. @Alpha 360 Was there a problem with my station entry that disqualified it for a badge?
  6. Scarecrow

    Spaceplane handling

    Well I downloaded your craft and had a play, and managed to get it to a 75k orbit and back again, without too many untoward flight characteristics. I did make a few changes before being able to do that though. Changes I made include resetting the angle of incidence on the wings back to neutral. This means taking off is a little more difficult, and to help that I moved the front wheel down a little to lift the nose a touch, and raised the rear wheels to lower the rear. I also moved the rear wheels forward slightly. Ideally they should be just behind the CoG to aid rotation, but you would be in serious risk of a tail strike if you moved them much further forward from where they are. For the control surfaces I changed the front ones so that movement is up to 150, and changed the response to pitch and roll only. I also changed the rear controls to pitch and roll only. The tail fin was changed so that it had yaw authority only. The craft you supplied for download doesn't have any oxidizer on board, so I had to fill some of the tanks to enable the engines to work in recycle mode to get it to orbit. However the fuel does seem a bit marginal, so I am not sure what weight you would be able to put in the cargo hold and still manage to make orbit. If you would like to have a version of the craft with my changes, I can upload it to dropbox.
  7. Scarecrow

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    As my turn around turn wasn't done correctly, and I felt I could go quicker anyway, this is my 2nd and final entry for the challenge. Again this is keyboard control and a stock plane, though I did change the design slightly. I lost a bit of time when I popped the airbrakes by mistake in one of the turns on the return run, and this time I slowed down a bit early for the landing. Due to the slope, I ended up stopping balanced on two wheels and a wingtip, but nothing broke or exploded. I've left the take off and landing at normal speed, but the run itself is at 4x actual speed, to keep the video to a reasonable time. Engine stage at 1:00 as before, and craft at a stand at 9:00 giving an elapsed time for the run of 8:00 minutes dead.
  8. Scarecrow

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    Ok. I may try another run, as I think I can go a bit quicker anyway.
  9. Scarecrow

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    Yeah, I think a chute would have helped me massively to slow down, so I too reckon a keyboard controlled 8 min run is possible.
  10. Scarecrow

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    After numerous attempts, many of which failed for breaching 400m or simply crashed, I finally managed a complete run and landed back at the starting point island. There is a little wobble at the end of the landing run, but nothing broke or fell off. Engines are staged at the 1:00 minute mark on the mission clock, and everything comes to a stop on the island at 9:19, so I am claiming an elapsed time for the mission of 8:18. This is in a stock aircraft using keyboard control. I think I could knock a few seconds off if I started slowing down for my landing a bit sooner, and didn't overshoot the island by a fair bit while still trying to slow down, but I am quite happy with this run. The replay is at 5x times speed so as not to bore everyone with an 8 min+ video, but I can upload a replay at slower speed if required for verification.
  11. Scarecrow

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    Nice challenge. I've had a go, but with the really imprecise controls of using a keyboard it's difficult to be smooth at the speeds required to get a good time. Just a nano second too long on the W or S key can result in a major change in altitude, or loss of speed if you are in a tight turn. My time was around 9 minutes, but I don't think I could do better than that without an analogue control.
  12. Here's my entry. Basically put 2 relay satellites in my shuttle which I then put in to orbit around Mun, right on the edge of the SOI. The satellites were then deployed and orbits adjusted to match that of Mun, with one preceding it and the other trailing. Mission images
  13. Do these satellites need to be part of a single launch or can they be launched separately?
  14. I started off trying the spaceplane approach, but quickly realised that because the Terrier is so bad at sea level, it actually takes ages to get to an altitude where they start being really useful, by which time most of the fuel had gone. My final solution was a rocket that used quite a few Terriers initially, just to get that gain in altitude, but progressively jettisoning them to save weight and improve the rate of acceleration.