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  1. Episode 3 - We obtain an orbit and live another day!
  2. Just because you say you will travel back in time to this particular point, doesn't mean your future self actually will do it. By the time your future self gets to that point, he or she may think it's a stupid idea. Not only that, what if there is multiple time lines? Then your future self could go back, but not meet you because you are no longer in the same time line. In other words, there are to many factors to get in the way of this test for it to be reliable.
  3. Episode 2 - Continuing to make some science to unlock more parts and just fooling around.
  4. Episode 1 - Trying to work up some science and unlock parts.
  5. A new KSP LP series is coming to my Channel. I will be posting updates on here from time to time with each new episode. I hope you all enjoy it. For now, here is the trailer.
  6. Despite what others have said, I do have to mention Windows 8 does perform better then 7. The only reason you wouldn't want to get 8 is if the new Metro thing is undo-able for you. I feel the overall increase in performance and usability out weighs the down sides. Last but not least, you can pretty much disable metro using a 3rd party program. Anyone who recommends 7 over 8, really is being highly biased because of the UI. If you want, I can post sources of benchmarks to prove that 8 is better.
  7. You are allowed to monetize Let's Plays, Reviews, and really anything as long as you have permission to. Usually the best way to provide proof that your allowed is to put a link in the description of the video, to that proof. If KSP FAQs has the info, just place it in your video description from now on. The only time you need to join a gaming network for your videos, is if you want to be able to monetize every single game. Since most networks have permission. While if you do it on your own, you have to check which companies allow it. Example: SQUAD, Mojang, Valve and Blizzard all allow it if memory serves me correctly. As well as countless other companies. Edit: Well not countless lol, since it's countable. However, I wasn't being literal anyway. XD
  8. Well when I mean a complete rewrite, I simply mean they changed a major portion of the base coding. I read about it early on in it's development stages. It was the first time in a while that they actually went through all the base coding for the OS instead of slapping crap on top of it. I can't find anything on google about it anymore. It's probably there, I just don't know how you would search for something like that with out getting a ton of irrelevant links. -.- I know they considered windows 8, a complete redo of windows itself.
  9. Windows 8 was actually a complete rewrite of the coding. It runs a lot better then any version of windows. All major tweaks you could ever do in past versions are already done by default. Getting rid of metro and replacing with a windows 7 start button isn't all that hard. It would only require a simple google search. In all honesty, I am surprised that anyone would out right say windows 8 is crap, when it clearly isn't. Anyone who says that, really isn't very smart. One can complain about the metro interface, but that is about it.
  10. Holy crap people, look at the freaking date (7th June 2012). I usually don't mind necro posts if it's with in a reasonable amount of time, but this is just ridiculous. This topic is probably no longer even relevant. @Stone Blue "I know this pretty late" Your kidding right? This wasn't from 1 month ago, is was from 1 year and 1 month. Don't forget to look at the year.
  11. Ya, I watched this movie recently. When I first heard them say "drop", I was like "What!? That wouldn't work at all! >.>". Then they said "nuclear", and I face palmed. You know, I sometimes think ignorance seriously would be bliss in situations like this. It really ruins the whole fun of the movie when you know what they are claiming wouldn't actually work. Seriously, if the same situation happened in real life, I would probably wet myself from laughing so hard at the villains stupidity. I would be like "OK .... h .. here .. push the button right now and shoot it ..." Villain pushes button "5 minutes pass and nothing happens as I am rolling on the floor laughing as the villain looks embarrassed as hell.
  12. Yes, you are correct, that is exactly what I meant. I also do have to mention Half-Life: Opposing Force and Blue Shift are not actually official to the story. Also, the aliens from Zen are different then the combine. The portal storms spread through the entire planet. Many people on the planet turned into zombies. Half-Life was pretty much a zombie apocalypse scenario through alien control. The military tried to cover it up, but failed. So automatically there is no way in hell we would have the forces even required to go to war with an entire military like alien race. They hit us while we where weak. Anyway, we also need to keep in mind, the amount of forces and power the combine have are not even shown in the game. If anyone remembers, in Half-Life 2, while going through the citadel you see armies of striders and ships. Humans are already under their control, their is no need to have their elite forces out and about. Also, one last thing we need to remember is, there is so much we do not know. Such as the age old question in the Half-Life series "Who is the gman?" I think everyone can agree, he probably is not human. He also seems to have some interesting ... powers. Also, who are the benefactors he mentions? In other words, Valve played out this story very well and left out just enough information to keep you guessing over and over again.
  13. ROFL ... love that video. I was soo curious as to what you where going to do, then when you drew the stick figure I started laughing X3.
  14. I see, ya it's probably a large file size lol. If you have a video editing program, you can use it to render in a smaller size. If not, I would suggest you look into getting one if you are planning to continue making videos, makes the whole process much easier and you get better results as well.
  15. What program did you use to record? It might be a very large file and it could be best to render it into a smaller format first.