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  1. I haven't noticed that, but it could be related to the delta T in the time warp (ie, it thinks it has been 5 seconds since you started discharging batteries when in real time it was only one frame). If it continues, I might have to do some more significant debugging. Here is a new version compiled with the new DLLs. It didn't look like anything was affected, but if anyone notices anything let me know.
  2. So I am trying to determine when a part on the active vessel has been destroyed, or is about to be destroyed so I can change a UI element. Do I need to be adding something to GameEvents.onPartDestroyed, or is that the opposite of what I want to do? I guess I'm asking for a quick rundown of the GameEvents system. Thanks.
  3. Currently, no. The HUD does display ground speed, but nothing dedicated to it for ground vehicles. If I did put it in, it would be in the NAV gauge as a ground speed readout, most likely. Thanks, ap0r, I forgot to mention that one as well. I think my timer might be checking for 5ms instead of 5 seconds... I'll work on that as well.
  4. Here is the next version. It uses the new texture, and has the ability to disable individual annunciators by clicking on them. There are a couple of alignment problems, but I wanted to get it out for you to look at. The only light issues I know for sure are the gear transit indication doesn't work correctly, and abort still doesn't do anything. The scaling has changed a bit as well, and I will have to find a place to put it in the settings window. Feedback on this version?
  5. I think that's the way we should go. Trying to decide if I like it with the red off texture or a grey off texture for the disable lights. Could you bring down the brightness of the on lights just a touch? Maybe not run them quite a high up to white.
  6. I like the corner light, actually. It is distinct enough, but not too obtrusive.
  7. I believe I have fixed that, but you'll have to wait for the next build. Plain white might work. I'll play with a few colors while I'm testing things out. I think candy cane makes it look too much like it is broken, not off. Also, it doesn't look as much like it is being lit from behind then.
  8. That is good, yes. Please move GEAR UP to where GEAR TRN is, and put "STALL" in above it. Also, move LIGHTS to where PE LOW is now, move PANEL DP up one, and put PE LOW where PANEL DEP is now. I just don't like one orbital light being so far from the rest, and I think lights works fine next to brakes. I'm not 100% on the blue, but I can change that myself. Does anyone have any other recommendations? I would almost like a kind of orange, but that seems like it might not be far enough away from the red/yellow. Maybe a much lighter or darker grey?
  9. I'll look at that as well, Stoney. That's odd, percy. If there is no storage for oxidizer, it shouldn't trigger that light; I'll look at it further though. I like your gear transit idea (which is indeed how most aircraft gear lights work). Maybe the stall light can work in its place (I doubt a stick shaker is practical in this case). I will think about logical ways to split the panel, but I don't think it will be my immediate priority.
  10. Yeah, I like the idea of clicking on the MW/MC to show/hide the annunciator panel; I'll put that in as well. If you could, please add another column with LOX LOW, NO LOX, XENON LOW, NO XENON lights, and add some kind of blue (or whatever you feel works best for "disabled").
  11. GPWS (which you are describing above - Ground Proximity Warning System) is a somewhat more advanced system, and is actually included in the HUD (without the audio). I don't plan on incorporating audio at the moment, but who knows in the future. Yes, I am trying to decide how I want to handle the nuisance BATT DISCH warnings. I'll probably put some sort of timer on it, so it only activates after X seconds, or over a higher threshold. I will look into the no fuel issue, but are you using combined tanks and just loading no O2 in them? If that's the case, the gauge is detecting the fact that you have 0 of (some amount of O2 above 0) oxygen on board, and correctly illuminates the low fuel warning. The best solution then is probably to have a separate low/no O2 light (and xenon, by extension), requiring a texture re-work. I can also add an inhibitor function, that disables individual annunciators (turns them... blue?) when clicked on. There is a stall warning on the air gauge, and SAS is in the HUD and main UI, so I'm not inclined to duplicate that.
  12. Here is version 1.7.3c (beta release). It adds the master warning/caution buttons, as well as the annunciator panel. All of the annunciators work except the abort light (still working on that). The master warning/caution lights will illuminate when an associated light comes on, and stay on until clicked. Clicking them will also show the annunciator panel if it is hidden. Feedback?
  13. Odd, thought I replied already. Looks good, programming in progress.
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