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  1. It does look like that might not have made it into the release, odd. It will be in the next version for you. I want to do something to change the icons depending on their state, so it shouldn't be too long.
  2. The tech is actually "Electronics," which is after "Advanced Electrics." It looks like a microchip.
  3. To turn it on or off you need to either press H or click the HUD icon in the toolbar. The settings window disables certain parts of the HUD, not the entire thing. The icon is 5th from the left in the image above. If that still doesn't work, please send me an output_log.txt and I'll have a look.
  4. Cross-responding to your post in the SteamGauges thread. I figured it was set up something like that. I don't know that its really worth being able to force folders on users anyway, just a thought I had since I was adding no less than 10 buttons with one mod. Keep it up!
  5. Hmm, the menu window(s) should always be movable. If you could, open up your KSP_Data/Output_log.txt. Preferably after you just start the game, enter the flight scene, and then exit (so the log is smaller). Then do a search for "exc," and see if there are any exceptions that mention SteamGauges. If not, go ahead and post the entire log and I'll take a look at it. After re-reading your post, I realized something. "Unlock Position And Size" is for the icon toolbar only, not for gauges. To unlock the gauges themselves, click on the basic steamgauges icon (the furthest right one in the image above). This will open one of two windows, but towards the bottom both will have a selection called "Lock Gauge Positions." If the green light is off, you should be able to move the gauges around. Then lock it again once they are in place.
  6. Anything about the error other than its interest level? I have to ask if you have disabled the drag lock in the settings menu? Also, I assume you installed toolbar that came with the download?
  7. Like LethalDose said, you need to add it to the GameData/Squad/Resources/ResourcesGeneric.cfg file. Here's the format: RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = Stellar Dust density = 0.005 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = PUMP isTweakable = true } Now you have some dust, that weighs 0.005 tons per unit, and can be moved between any parts of the vessel. Now, you need some parts to do something with it. A simple dust bin might look like this (modified from the FL-T500 fuel tank: PART { name = dustBin module = Part author = Clockwork_werewolf // --- asset parameters --- mesh = model.mu scale = 0.1 // --- node definitions --- node_stack_top = 0.0, 7.72552, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0 node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -7.3, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0 node_attach = 5.01, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1 // --- editor parameters --- TechRequired = basicRocketry entryCost = 1600 cost = 850 category = Science subcategory = 0 title = Stellar Dust Bin manufacturer = KerMart description = Holds stellar dust! // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 0.25 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.3 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 6 breakingForce = 50 breakingTorque = 50 maxTemp = 2900 RESOURCE { name = Stellar Dust amount = 0 maxAmount = 180 } } And if you want to collect some dust you can either write your own plugin code of some sort, or use something like this (modified from the circular intake): PART { // --- general parameters --- name = DustScook module = Part author = Clockwork_werewolf // --- asset parameters --- mesh = model.mu scale = 0.1 // --- node definitions --- // definition format is Position X, Position Y, Position Z, Up X, Up Y, Up Z node_stack_bottom01 = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0 // --- FX definitions --- // --- editor parameters --- TechRequired = supersonicFlight entryCost = 8800 cost = 680 category = Aero subcategory = 0 title = Dust Scoop manufacturer = KerMart description = Scoops up stellar dust from SPACE! // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision attachRules = 1,0,1,0,0 stackSymmetry = 2 // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 0.01 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.3 minimum_drag = 0.3 angularDrag = 1 crashTolerance = 20 maxTemp = 3400 fuelCrossFeed = True MODULE { name = ModuleResourceIntake resourceName = Stellar Dust checkForOxygen = false area = 0.008 intakeSpeed = 10 intakeTransformName = Intake } RESOURCE { name = Stellar Dust amount = 0.2 maxAmount = 0.2 } } I don't actually know if ModuleResourceIntake will work in space like that, but hey, that's why you write your own module to do it for you! Hope that helps a bit...
  8. I'm not thrilled with the node or rendezvous ones, but I do like how the other ones turned out. Speaking of toolbar, I know you're working on images for folders, but might it also be possible to create buttons that automatically go into a folder? Or, define a folder in my code, and assign the buttons to it? Just wondering how much of a pain that would be for you.
  9. SteamGauges 1.4 is released! SpacePort Download There is one new gauge and several functional additions to existing gauges. Introducing the Air Gauge The Air Gauge is here to aid all your atmospheric flights! It features a radial airspeed gauge that can display either True airspeed (KSP's native mode) or Equivalent airspeed. Equivalent airspeed is uncorrected for altitude and mach, and so it will always be lower than TAS. The EAS/TAS button toggles between the two modes. Around this airspeed indicator you will see three needles. The orange pointer is your current airspeed. The red and white "barber poll" indicates the current terminal velocity, and the blue arrow is the speed of sound. In the top center of the gauge is your current mach number, accurate to two decimal places. Below that is an Angle of Attack readout, and a stall warning indicator. It will display pitch AoA from 99.9 to -9.9 degrees. The red stall light illuminates when AoA goes above a user specified value (default is 25). At the bottom of the gauge is an air intake readout. The green arc means you have 200-500% more air than is required by your engines. The yellow arc is 100% to 200%, and the red arc is less air than needed. Try to keep the needle in the yellow or higher. HUD Changes The HUD has received several upgrades. The speed tape can now display TAS or EAS, selectable from the settings menu. There is also a terminal velocity carrot that will display on the left side of the speed tape, labeled Vt. There is now a Thrust to Weight ratio display below the throttle display. With active engines, a display of the current and maximum TWR is displayed, from 0 to 99.99. This value is calculated with all active engines firing using the current gravity value (not surface value). When controlling a Kerbal in EVA, the throttle gauge changes to a jetpack fuel readout, indicated by the Jetpack Fuel label. The minimum G and mach for display on the HUD are now editable in the config file (HUDminMach and HUDminG). The 'H' key toggling the HUD may also be changed from here. Radar Altimeter Changes The Radar Altimeter has three new features. The first is a Time To Impact counter in the form of MM:SS at the bottom of the gauge. Only active when descending towards a body with no atmosphere, it gives the time to ground impact with no correction. Additionally, there is a red needle to indicate the minimum altitude for a max performance burn to bring the vessel to a stop at the surface, aka a "suicide burn." This assumes all active engines are fired at full throttle, but doesn't account for remaining fuel. It is also only active while descending on worlds without atmospheres. Finally, there are two buttons at the top and bottom of the gauge to automatically start a burn when suicide altitude is reached, and stop the burn just above the surface. Maneuver Node Changes Much like the radar altimeter, the node gauge now has automatic burn capabilities. Enabling auto burn will throttle up to 100% when the time to burn counts down to 0, and the vessel is pointed within 2 degrees of the burn direction. The auto shutdown occurs when there is less than 0.5 m/s of burn left, or the vessel moves off the burn target by more than 7.6 degrees. Fuel Gauge Changes The fuel gauge now displays remaining jetpack fuel when controlling a Kerbal on EVA. General Changes There have been a couple of architectural changes behind the scenes. If you run into any weird bugs, this might be the cause. Please pass them along! The plugin should now handle missing gauge textures without crashing. There is now an option to toggle all the gauges using toolbar buttons instead of the single window. This toggle is found in the settings window. This image show the toolbar icons. From left to right they are: Air Gauge, Compass, Electrical Gauge, Fuel Gauge, HUD, Node Gauge, Orbital Gauge, Radar Altimeter, Rendezvous Gauge, and the SteamGauges menu.
  10. Unfortunately, TWR is only at the bottom of the HUD for now, below the throttle gauge. I'm really not sure where else I could fit it at the moment. Possibly the radar altimeter after it gets redesigned? Anyway, expect version 1.4 to be released later today.
  11. That's an automatic declutter feature, the idea being if your mach is below 0.5 you don't really care about it, and if your G's are below 2 you also really don't care. I suppose I could put the minimum values in the config file for people who want them showing at different times. And speaking of the config file, that's where the HUD toggle is found. Just find the HUDkey entry, and change it to some other key. Some day I'll make it assignable in the settings window, but for now you'll have to do it manually. Yesterday I finished the "lots of toolbar buttons" mode, and I'm currently working on a TWR display in the HUD. Once that's done, I think I'll finally release 1.4. Expect a redone radar altimeter in 1.5, and hopefully stage fuel and delta V readouts.
  12. I really didn't want to do a huge toolbar spam, since there are 8 gauges and the settings menu, but now that there are folders I'll probably make it an option somehow. Also, I can make the radar altimeter auto-hide when you're landed. If anybody wants to come up with an icon for all the gauges, that would be cool I'm also not happy with the RA design. Some day it will be re-done, but not right away.
  13. I would take a look around this forum for help with modeling: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forums/14-Modelling-and-Texturing-Discussion
  14. That's a big log file, I'm not surprised notepad didn't handle it well. If you just do a quick jump into KSP, get the error and then quit, you'll have a much smaller log file to wade through. Upon a brief perusal, the first error I see is on loading Kethane in MMI_Kethane.dll. Next I see some Engineer Toolbar errors, which is where Engineer Redux plugs into the toolbar. Then there's a planet factory exception. After that, protractor. So there's obviously a lot going on that's bad. To really get a handle on it, the best way would be to start from a clean install and add one mod at a time until you start getting errors. Another option would be (if you had this install running before) to remove the last mod or two you installed and see if that fixes it. BTW, what was the "mission ending bug," if not a crash?
  15. I'm releasing a beta version of Custom Biomes 1.4 Download 1.4 Beta There are a few major elements to this release. First, the plugin should now handle non-Windows directory structures. This makes the plugin compatible with Mac and Linux installs. Second, you can now inject custom Science results into the program. Instead of getting the default response from experiments conducted in new biomes, you can get ones specific to that biome. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as adding new entries to your ScienceDefs.cfg There is a new file in the basic biome set called ScienceResults.txt, which contains the new science defs. The format is simple, and pretty self explanatory. Start each experiment with a line id = experimentid. Then, define the experimental results as PlanetConditionBiome = Result text. Here is an example: id = temperatureScan DunaSrfLandedNorthPole = Duna's North Pole is significantly colder than the rest of the surface. DunaSrfLandedMidlands = It's thin atmosphere and distance from the sun makes for cold temperatures year round. Next, the biome attribute window lists the current biome for the active vessel. Also, the biome map also displays an 'X' at the vessel's current location. This is mostly for making sure the reported biome matches up to what it is supposed to, and doesn't imply that I'm getting into the mapping game. Known Issues: The main Custom Biomes window still flickers. If you come across anything else behaving badly, please let me know. I would like to release this version fairly soon if no one discovers any major issues.
  16. Glad its working for you. I'm releasing one more beta for 1.4. There are details in the beta thread (over in the addon development board), but I'll provide the link here as well. I would especially like any Mac or Linux users to report if this works for them, and of course if anyone has problems. Download 1.4 Beta
  17. Ok hakan, try this one. It breaks science on Duna for some reason I'm not sure of, but if it loads the GUI then I'll have that part licked anyway. Beta 2
  18. No, what is odd is that it works on my Steam install, but not yours. I'm currently using Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(). I'll look at Application.dataPath and maybe something else. Is there anything "odd" about your installation? I assume your kip.exe is in d:\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\kerbalspaceprogram?
  19. Good. I'm still working on injecting the experimental results correctly, but after that's done I'll release 1.4 to the public. In the mean time, if you're a Mac or Linux user, please use the beta linked in post #53.
  20. Ok, I think I found it. Try downloading it again, and let me know if that fixes it.
  21. Interesting, it seems to have liked the / for the directories but not for parsing them back out. I'll look at it again tomorrow and hopefully have another version for you to try.
  22. Alright BigP0ppaJ and hakan, try out this version: Beta Release Actually, anyone running Mac and Linux should try this out. Please let me now if this fixes your issue. Although to be honest, I'm not quite sure if that is your issue hakan. I've run it from inside steam and didn't have the same problem. If you do still have the problem, there will be a more in depth dump into output_log.txt, if you could include that.
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