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  1. And with that, version 1.7.2 is released. Download Here Alt Download Source Code
  2. Try this version ap0r. Static Kerbin radius has been replaced by CurrentMainBody.Radius, which should work much better in places that aren't Kerbin.
  3. That is probably because Kerbin's radius is being used. I'll change it to use the correct one.
  4. If it isn't loading correctly, you might experience more instability, but I haven't noticed it as being any less stable with stock. On the other hand, I haven't played without SteamGauges in quite a while, so I'm not a reliable source. It shouldn't be constantly crashing on you, though.
  5. That almost looks like a corrupted DLL. Try re-downloading steamguages, and see if that fixes it. If not, I'll build a debug version for you to run.
  6. You can't upload attachments directly on these forums, so you can either post any part that has "Steamgauges" in it, or upload it to something like drop box and then paste the link.
  7. KSP.log is right next to KSP.exe, wherever you installed Kerbal Space Program.
  8. Unfortunately, I would have to see the log or a screen shot to do any troubleshooting. I'll be happy to take a look when you can get to it.
  9. In that case, you're going to have to be a little more specific. You can take a look though your KSP.log and see if anything pops up with Steamgauges in it, or just post it here.
  10. You're welcome. As for your question, ask them would be my first thought. Haven't looked into it though. Here is a link to SteamGauges 1.7.2a, a trial release for KSP 1.0.4 compatibility. The only change is that the temperature gauge now looks at both internal and skin temperatures, and still reports the highest (percentage) temperature.
  11. I just ran a quick check and there don't seem to be any compile level issues. I'll have to do a little bit of work with the new temperature model to determine what I should be displaying on the temperature gauge, but I'll hopefully have a test build out tomorrow.
  12. Left click. Here is a graphic of how to show the buttons on the toolbar, and where the unlock gauge option is as well.
  13. In version 1.7.1, Aviation is all that is required. Try pressing Alt-H, which toggles the HUD off and on. If you want to change which technology unlocks the HUD, find the name of the tech in the research building and put it in the steamgauges config file after "HUDtechnology".
  14. Click on the options button, which will bring up a menu with a toggle for unlocking the gauge positions. Click and drag them where you want, then lock the positions again. Note that toolbar will not initially display any of the buttons, so you might have to turn them on first.
  15. Version 1.7.1 Version 1.7.1 is released. It fixes the bug identified by Thorbane. Also available from Curse.
  16. I have, but then I always keep coming back to the fact that there is a VSI right there in the stock UI. Same reason I've never done an altimeter. The HUD does have a VSI readout (two, actually). And Thorbane, I found the offending line of debug code. I'll release a patch later today.
  17. The toolbar button won't show up by default. You have to go into the toolbar menu and turn its visibility on manually. Then you can position it how you like.
  18. Version 1.7.0 Alt Download Source Code This is the official release for version 1.7.0. RZ gauge details are back, along with the temp gauge scale. The HUD is now disable until "Aviation" is researched (but can still be changed via the config file).
  19. Yeah I'll play around with the layout. What I should do is plug NavyFish's docking port alignment mod into the RZ gauge.
  20. It used to be available when "Electronics" was researched. Poll for the couple people still reading this: how many are using the RZ gauge, and how many need independent control of gauge scale? If I condense all the size sliders into one that will free up a lot of room in the advanced settings menu.
  21. Version 1.7.0d Fixed the alignment error, ablation gauge now works, you can resize the gauge (currently at the cost of the rendezvous gauge, which I doubt anyone uses), and the HUD technology is now in the config file. It should be set to the first tech, so should be available at all times, but I might change it back for the release. Feedback? Ziggsta, I've been asked about IVA several times, and besides not being a modeler, modding all the cockpits out there would be super painful. Using RPM is a possibility that I haven't really looked into. I'm sure it would be possible to replicate the gauges in RPM, but I don't know how customizable they would be. I would also be worried that you would really only be able to fit one per page and still have them legible.
  22. Here is a first past at the temperature gauge. Take a look at it, let me know. I'll be working on changing the tech requirement to the config file tomorrow. Version 1.7.0c Source Code
  23. That's because it was a test release, not an actual release. I'm working on the temperature gauge, so I'll include the source code in the next upload. And yes, yes I did. Honestly, I'm considering taking out the tech requirement, but then again I'm not sure if I like the HUD available right from the get-go. Maybe I'll put it in the config file instead. Source code for previous versions are available from the alt download location (see first post).
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