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  1. I'll fix the button spam, and it should be possible to choose which type of button (toolbar vs app launcher) for the next release. Sorry for the bugs. As noted, 1.6.2 is still available for download using the old toolbar.
  2. Download 1.6.3 Sorry for the double update. After looking at the new stock toolbar, I thought I would integrate that into Custom Biomes instead of Blizzy's (wonderful though it is). There isn't any change to functionality, the button has just moved. Source Code
  3. Download 1.6.2 As promised, the new version. Changes are the compatible version, and a change to the compatibility checker. Custom Biomes will no longer disable itself on a new version of KSP, but simply announce in the Compatibility Checker dialog on startup. Source Code
  4. Download version 1.5.4 This is getting old, but I guess its preferable to buggy KSP. Source Code
  5. At this point I am certainly reconsidering having the mod disable itself on version release! Thanks for your input, but the intent of Custom Biomes is not to be a mapping mod. In fact, the only reason the map is really there is to make sure it is working. If you want to really see where you are, I recommend SCANsat. There is a development version that is getting some much needed attention these days, and offers most of what you're looking for, I believe. Also, expect another new version later today.
  6. Download version 1.5.3 Another KSP patch, and another SteamGauges release. No changes other than changing the compatible version. Source Code
  7. Custom Biomes 1.6.1 No changes, just compiled to 0.24.1 Source
  8. Download Source Unfortunately, this is not the original source code I'm in the middle of packing up my house to move, and the box with the original source code one it got packed up today. The linked zip is a reproduction of the source, so you can compile on your own if you so desire.
  9. Source Code I promise it didn't change much though!
  10. Download Version 1.5.2 Here is a newly compiled version for 0.24! No real changes, just the latest update to compatibility checker and toolbar. Please note that this is compiled against the x64 DLLs. There doesn't appear to be any issues running with the x86 versions, but my testing hasn't been exactly extensive. As usual, please report bugs here.
  11. FYI, I haven't noticed any glaring problems with SteamGauges yet in 0.24, so I will probably be releasing an update tonight. If anyone does encounter any issues, please let me know so I can address them! Thanks.
  12. Ha, actually you're right. It is 1.7.4, I believe. Current as of yesterday.
  13. Custom Biomes 1.6 is now available for download. This is a simple re-compile for 0.24x64, and the new version of compatibility checker. Toolbar is still required, but not included in this download. I haven't noticed any problems with 0.24, but haven't had time to extensively test. Please report any issues you find! Thanks.
  14. FYI, Custom Biomes will automatically disable itself when running under 0.24. I'm doing some testing tonight, and if it works without any changes I'll release a new version tonight or tomorrow.
  15. I don't think he's released it yet. You could try sending him a PM. I don't have it though.
  16. The property in the config file is GUIEnabled: <bool name="GUIEnabled">1</bool> Change the 1 to a 0, and you shouldn't see the button anymore. Alternately, you can hide the button within toolbar itself.
  17. I has not been compiled against 23.5, but it does function. Expect a new version when 0.24 releases. And Hotblack, see the first page of this post for how to create your own biomes.
  18. Primarily because I don't use first person EVA mods. That being said, the HUD does offer a jetpack fuel gauge, and you can disable the extra information around the pitch ladder to declutter it somewhat. What kinds of things don't you find suitable for EVA operations?
  19. Version 1.5.1 is released. I've only got the OneDrive link, I'll try to get a Curse link up later today. Version 1.5.1 fixes the TWR issue with all ModuleEnginesFX engines (the new ones). It should also get rid of some of the errors in the node gauge calculations. This version is now complied with the 0.23.5 DLLs, so it requires the latest version of KSP. Toolbar is not included in this release, but is still required.
  20. I haven't really been working on anything new, no. I certainly plan to fix the issue mentioned above, and release an 0.24 patch when needed. I haven't been playing much KSP recently though, so my inspiration is down. Maybe I'll think of some more stuff when I'm playing again. Also, I was spending some time on a secret, unannounced project that also hasn't seen much work recently.
  21. Thanks for the report. I wouldn't be surprised if that is cropping up in a couple of other places (like the node gauge, and maybe the Radar Altimeter as well).
  22. I haven't moved my stuff to Curse yet. I'll probably do it with the .24 release.
  23. Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I was enjoying the long weekend. Might I ask what directory structure you are using? I guess I'm not sure where you are CD-ing, and when.
  24. Check out Steamgauges (link in sig). It has a full pitch ladder. There is also a lot more information, but most of it can be disabled if you don't want to see it.
  25. That's pretty impressive work SpacedInvader. I might have to take a look at changing some biome colors, too. Have you tried the low contrast map without ExactMatch yet? As far as the two map option, I would like to reiterate that my intent for having the maps is more so that users can see which biomes are loaded rather than as a significant mapping option. I would still recommend something like SCANsat for actually looking at and locating biomes.
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