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  1. My suggestion is to increase the contrast between neighboring biomes as much as possible. Instead of going from light purple to medium purple to dark purple, go from light purple to yellow to dark purple, etc. That should help with mis-reporting the biomes. I'm not sure if compression impacts the transitions at all, but that's something else to consider.
  2. The only way you should notice a memory increase is in using larger textures for the biomes maps. The definitions themselves are a string and a couple of floats, so pretty tiny.
  3. I haven't noticed any problems, but it also hasn't been compiled against 23.5. By all means use it, but please report any problems you run into.
  4. We've done a little research on it, but it doesn't seem like it was fully implemented by Squad. None of the stock biomes use it. You're free to play around with different values yourself (it is the first line in each biome file), and if you get good results let me know.
  5. If you get some good utility out of larger biome maps, I'll change the code to just look for aspect ratio instead.
  6. I haven't done any experiments with higher rest maps, so I can't say for sure. But you're welcome to try scaling one of the maps up and seeing what happens For most of the smaller bodies I think the 1024 rest is plenty, but I could see a higher rest map being used on some of the more complex planets.
  7. They were based off SCANSAT maps for each of the bodies, overlaid in GIMP. I don't guarantee that the boundaries will match up perfectly with all the terrain everywhere, but if you notice glaring errors let me know so I can fix them.
  8. Yeah, that would do it. I doubt the compass gets used much, bit I'll fix it in the next release. Thanks for the report!
  9. Yes, you can bundle Custom Biomes with RSS. As far as which planets to include, CB will only modify planets for which it finds a biome file. If you want to include the current set of biomes I created, that's fine as well. So if you have modified Kerbin's terrain, you'll want to include a new biome map (though not necessarily a new definition file, if you use the stock colors). For an entirely new planet, a biome map and definition file would both be needed.
  10. There isn't a T line, but there is a waterline (where the nose is pointed) and a flight path vector (where the nose is going). If you have the HUD lined up correctly, just put the FPV on the end of the runway and you'll land there. Pretty much, it looks like it does on the first page.
  11. You don't need the other source files; you aren't compiling toolbar itself into your code. You just need the toolbar dll and the wrapper. Then you check to see if the toolbar dll is present through the wrapper. If it is, proceed with building your button. If it isn't, then build the old style button instead.
  12. The way that KSP defines inclination is actually only from 0 to 90, which is accurate. A 0 degree inclination orbit is, of course, parallel to the equator. It can be rotated up to 90 degrees, at which point it crosses directly over both poles. To specify where the orbit lies on the planet, the longitude of the ascending node is used. So saying an orbit has an inclination of -90 would be the same as changing the longitude of the ascending node by 180 degrees.
  13. All you need is paint and a text editor and you can put 'em in yourself. But I'll look at it for the 0.24 release.
  14. The current version has the hud toggle bound to Alt-H instead of just H. You can change the binding from the steamgauges config file though.
  15. Did you still get credit for the science you did? I think it has to do with the way I'm adding the experiment results into the game, but I'm not immediately sure how to fix it.
  16. Honestly, its pretty hard to get anything useful from that screen shot, sorry. Do you consistently not get good times on this specific vessel, or is it vessel independent? Also, is it a specific type of node that causes problems? Maybe a node on a hyperbolic orbit or something? If it is bothering you too much, you should be able to toggle the calculate burn time option in the menu. That will just replicate the value from the nav ball.
  17. Custom Biomes does work with 0.23.5, and comes with additional biomes for all stock bodies. You can also customize those biomes, or make your own from scratch. I pretty much made it because Squad was taking so much time putting more biomes in.
  18. Yes. As does the full version, available at http://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/steamgauges
  19. Does the toolbar show up for you in the flight scene? The first time you run it, no buttons are actually visible in the toolbar. There is a multi-colored button that you have to press, and then you can select the custom biomes button for display. Once the button is visible, clicking it will open and close the custom biomes menu. If you don't see any evidence of toolbar, it probably isn't installed correctly. 000_toolbar should go in the GameData folder next to CustomBiomes, not inside it. If none of that fixes the problem I'll need some more details to figure it out. The next release will include an option to semi-permanently disable the GUI, and will also default to having the menu closed when the game launches.
  20. The current version should have changed the hotkey to Alt-H, which you are much less likely to hit when using RCS. If for some reason it isn't set in your copy, you can change that in the config file (though I would make sure you're running 1.5 first). I'll keep an eye out for 33 second nodes as well.
  21. What is messed up about your GUI? Any chance you could post a screen shot? And also under somewhat limited testing, 1.5 doesn't look any less stable to me under 0.23.5.
  22. I've done some playing on 0.23.5 and haven't run into any problems, so it looks good to go. Unless anyone finds anything specific, I probably won't release a new version until 0.24. I haven't seen any sticking on the node gauge, could you be more specific so I can track it down? Thanks.
  23. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, as it now shows on the first post.
  24. Not right now. I can add an option to disable it, which could then be re-enabled via the config file. I'll probably release that with the 0.23.5 recompile, which is hopefully soon! And speaking of asteroids, I'm not planning on doing any biome stuff with them, as they are already individual biomes and probably too small to make it worth having more than one biome.
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