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  1. I used GIMP for mine as well. Just offset it 25% right (Layer-> Transform-> Offset or Ctrl-Shift-O, Wrap Around on). If your image is 1024 pixels wide, the shift would be 256 pixels.
  2. And as suggested, I have released version 1.5 Spaceport Download For users, there won't be much of a change except that you can expect to see more customized Science results from across the Kerbol system. At least on Bop, Dres, Duna, Eeloo, and Eve. Eventually I'll do more (and spell check it), but just those five planets is almost 500 lines. The way I'm putting these into the game is a little odd, so there is a good chance there will be an error or two. Please let me know so I can track them down. For those of you interested in building your own custom biomes, there are a few more changes. First, is the addition of a ScienceResults.txt file in the biome directory. This is where I'm putting all of the science results that get input with the new biomes. The format is pretty simple. The file is divided up by experiment, with the lead being a line: id = ExperimentID This is then followed by a number of lines for specific biomes. These use the same format as the ScienceDefs file, which is Body Name, SrfLanded or SrfSplashed, and then the Biome Name. The next id line or end of the file automatically terminates each experiment. The second change is to the attribute files. The first line of each attribute file is now checked to see if the exact search feature is used or not. If the line is 0, exact search is not used. All of my biomes are currently set to 0. You can set your own value, which is read as a float. This enables exact search and sets the threshold to the provided value. None of squad's biomes use a value, so I can't recommend a good one. If you find something that works well, let us know! If there is anything else you have questions about, please let me know. Alternate Download Source code.
  3. Basically, look at the first page, there are quite a lot of details. But in general you need to do two things: 1) Make a biome map! The easiest way to do this is usually to use an elevation map as a base. You can make one using SCANsat or one that might be online. If you use SCANsat, you will have to shift the whole map right by 90 degrees. 2) Make an attribute file. This tells KSP what the different biomes on your map are called, referencing them by color. Take a look at the included biomes for examples. Once you have a map and attribute file for each body you want to add biomes for, make a new folder in your CustomBiomes\PluginData\CustomBiomes folder, named whatever you want your biome set to be called. Then when you load your game, set that directory to its default. Once you load it up, you should have biomes for everything you added. If you want to add science results specific to your biomes, you'll want to wait until I release the next version (later today?) which will change how that is done a little bit. Hopefully that will get you started. If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask or PM me.
  4. Under the assumption that uploading past versions will only happen when an existing mod first hits the system, I would argue that if users just upload the files in order, the problem is solved. And if an author does mess it up, the ability to edit release dates after the fact would fix it. That part is a second line feature, however. Even if a full permission system isn't implemented for initial release, I think building it into the user prototype still serves a useful purpose (ie, not having to add it later). Also, I don't think we need a "fully featured" permission system. Just two or three levels. Admins and users, with the possibility of either a super-admin or moderator level if the implementation points that way. Does anyone have anything to add on the search front? While I certainly understand your feeling that tags can be spammy, in this case a full text search might not capture everything a user would be looking for. I guess it depends on how verbose authors make their descriptions. For example, a short description and a link to the forum thread will clearly offer a lot less material to work with than a two page write up. But I've never done any search stuff, so I'll defer to anyone who has practical experience.
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention that the suicide burn altitude is marked by an orange caret (not pictured) that moves around the outside of the gauge. Hope you guys enjoy the new gauge!
  6. SteamGauges 1.5 is released! The new, round, radar altimeter is here! The major change to the RA is that it now fits in with the rest of the gauges in size and aesthetics. The behavior is the same except for the following changes: - Maximum altitude is now 5,000m. - Auto-Stop will now stop a burn if the vessel begins to climb. - The gauge no longer displays time to impact. - The gauge no longer displays the Green/Yellow/Red proximity lights. The Orbital Gauge can once again display orbital period. Just click on the button below the time readout. There are also a few minor changes throughout, courtesy of a.g. Toolbar 1.7.0 is included in this download. Alternate Download Source Code
  7. I'll see what I can do to make room for it.
  8. I've made some changes based on your comments. Its probably still often too wordy, but can be edited down. I think my "opt-in" and your "subscription" are meant to be the same thing. Users subscribe to a mod in order to receive update notifications. I believe a simple search function is a functional requirement. Otherwise users would only be able to find content via a direct link or some global index? Now, a lot of traffic does come from the forums so it might actually be usable without it. I just think it would throw a lot of users off if they couldn't search for mods. Of course, if its worth doing its worth doing well. I split metadata into "required", "optional", and automated categories and specified Markdown. In general I like the idea of full-text search, but I also understand why keywording is useful. This may need the most discussion in this forum. I edited the update notification section a bit. Honestly, I think the email notification is the most useful. Few people are going to want to log on to a mod site just to see if they need to update anything. But options to limit a digest to daily, weekly, or monthly would probably be required as well. The email could provide a direct download link to the updated mods. On the other hand, I also see the utility of a list on a user's homepage with links to updated mods. A simple "x" next to each notification could serve to dismiss it if they were not interested in downloading at that time. I agree that an ordering system probably isn't required. As we are capturing upload timestamps, ordering of the versions is already taken care of. I really like using the term "mod" to refer to a set of .zip files, which retains a continuity over time. Each separate .zip file that is uploaded will be referred to as a new "version" of the mod. The server can retain past versions for download by users if they so desire. I specified a possible download log entry. I don't go into much detail with subscriptions, but I don't think that needs a log so much as just a sum. Moved administration stuff around a bit, though it isn't heavily specified. User Accounts are now represented, with some specification. Non-moderated ownership transfer comes in two steps, I believe. The first is the owner selecting a target mod and target user to assign ownership to. This then generates some sort of message to the targeted user (email?). The targeted user then either chooses to accept ownership, decline ownership, or ignore the message. This implies some time limit may be appropriate, and a results message should be sent back to the original owner. The file is in the same place, and should be editable by you guys if you have something you want to add. I've done some reading about MongoDB, and it seems pretty interesting (to one who's only dealt with relational DBs). I can certainly see how some of its traits would work well in this application.
  9. 1.5 Beta 1 Download Source Beta release now available! It looks the same as above. The suicide altitude (not pictured) is marked by an orange carrot along the outside of the gauge. As you can see, the time to impact counter and Red/Yellow/Green indicator light have been removed. There are also a few other minor fixes courtesy of a.g. Please let me know if you run into any issues.
  10. It might be helpful if you include all the mods you have installed, or even better your entire output_log.txt. But if you did fully remove toolbar, it is probably caused by some other mod.
  11. I think so far we have determined that version 0.1 will be for mods only. The architecture would almost surely support .craft files as well. Maybe a later version could offer a walled-off .craft area, but I don't think that's high on this group's priority list. I'm assuming everyone will balk at this, but here is a link to the document I built for my earlier post (updated with Majiir's architecture diagram and two additional requirements) as a public document. So if you find OneDrive a terrible collaboration tool, feel free to copy it to google or wherever you want.
  12. This isn't a beta release, but today I was working on the much requested round dial for the radar altimeter. It is based off of the radar altimeter found in some F-4 models, so the scale is "realistic" for aircraft. The black area in the upper left will mask out the pointer at elevations above 5000m. It doesn't have the R/Y/G lights like the old one did. Would anyone really miss that? Tomorrow I'll work on getting it integrated into the mod, which should be fairly easy, and then I'll release a beta build for you guys to play with.
  13. I do like the idea of the package manager, although I do agree that that would be a total project in and of itself. An alternative might be allowing specified dependencies that would trigger the automated download of the dependant mod. That would let someone downloading a mod that's mabe two months old to hook into yesterday's toolbar update. Unfortunately, it does interfere with the "big red button" concept. Ownership transfer (probably at the admin level) is an excellent second tier feature.
  14. Here's my stab at first and second tier feature sets. The required features are required just to have a working system. The major features are what makes it better than spaceport. I think all of these make it past the "minus 100" check. What's missing? Main Features - Required Hosted downloads of mods, uploaded by registered users A set of required metadata for each mod Search engine with more reliable/intuitive results Major Features – Almost unanimous Update notification system Mod versioning Hosted downloads of mods, uploaded by registered users As Majiir has so gracefully provided us significant bandwidth and storage space, hosted downloads only make sense. Mods must be uploaded as a single .zip file. Also, there seems to be no convincing argument to allow anonymous uploads. Although not a requirement, there is some utility in linking accounts with Squad’s forums. A set of required metadata for each mod This list is flexible and subject to discussion, but here are my personal suggestions: Mod Name Mod Author (automatically linked from user account) Mod Version (possibly standardized as Major.Minor.Tertiary) Intended KSP Version Summary (plain text, description to appear in search results) Description (plain or rich text, description for mod page) Mod Image (a hosted logo or screen shot, fixed size or scaled to a fixed size) One or more tags (Propulsion, C&C, Struct&Aero, Utility&Sci, etc) If rich text is allowed in the description, consistency can be sacrificed for the sake of flexibility. Otherwise, optional fields for installation, how to use, etc may be implemented instead. Search engine with more reliable/intuitive results Just a Majiir said. If a user searches for “kethane,†it should come up first. Useful refinements would be tags and intended KSP version. I think we all know how we all want this to work. Update Notification system An opt-in system that allows users to be notified that a new version of this mod is available. The most obvious push method would be an email (w/user selectable frequency). For a passive notification, logging on to the site would yield a notification icon that would link to a page listing mods that are newer than the version last downloaded by the user. This requires two significant elements. First, users must be logged in when downloading for this to be tracked. However, requiring registration as a barrier to entry is probably not what we want. Second, date and version of download must be tracked by the server for logged-in users. The opt-in system would ideally be something simple, like a subscribe button on individual mod pages. Mod Versioning By versioning I mean two things (and they should probably be broken up). First, when a mod is uploaded it will be required to have some version information. The key element is that ordering must be easily obtained. A simple comparison of two versions must be able to determine which one is later. Furthermore, when a mod is updated by the author, it must have a version that is higher than the last uploaded version. This allows for update notifications. The second part of versioning is more version archiving. This would mean that versions other than the current mod are stored on the server, and can be downloaded by users. The main purpose for this would be to allow users to download versions of mods that are compatible with historic versions of KSP. It might be useful to allow some author curation of these archives, say to remove a version that has a catastrophic bug. The understanding with all archived versions would be that there is no expectation of “official†support from the author.
  15. I'm still (slowly) making my way through adding custom Science logs for all the new biomes. When I'm done with that, I'll release the next version which will include the ability to set the exact match property, and its threshold. amo28, is it always incorrect, or is it only during transitions that there is a problem? If it is the former then there might be something else going on.
  16. It should be compatible with RSS, but I haven't tested it. There are two possibilities for why you might be noticing position errors. If its the reported lat/lon, the version you have might have an error in coordinate output (I fixed it, but I can't remember if it was before or after the last release). If the maps don't mesh up and it seems to only be a longitude error, that is caused by a correction that SCANSat does. KSP starts their maps at -90 instead of -180, so you need to shift the SCANSat map 25% to the right in order to use it as a biome map. I'll take a look at the source code later today to see if the lat/lon fix was in the last release. @Ghost13 Not directly, no. You can certainly create biomes around the anomalies and give them custom Science reports, but the multiplier is set based on your condition (srflanded or highorbit, for example). I believe the alpha channel can be used to lower the Science value for biomes, but it probably won't handle values over 1.0. So, you could decrease the rest of the biomes down to 80% or 90% which would kind of give you the bonus for anomalies.
  17. One option for largely automatic version checking would be to get various mod authors to come up with a standardized way to title their mods on KerbalSpacePort with an easily parsed version number and then standardize a local versioning method (either a version.txt or readme.txt with the version easily parsable). That's a small enough amount of work that I think a lot of developers would be willing to adopt it. Of course, you run into a bit of a chicken and egg thing at the beginning though. But it would alleviate you from having to maintain some sort of current version list. A good format for titles might be: [compatible KSP version] Mod Name vMajor.Minor.Optional You can then pull the version number by matching v[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}(.[0-9]{3})? in the web page. (roughly, anyway)
  18. Yeah, it looks like it is possible, but I would have to re-write how I draw everything on the screen, which would take quite a while, I'm afraid. Sorry!
  19. Yeah, that's kind of what I was figuring. Although you could still disable gauges before going into hidden mode, that would probably be more work than most people would want to do. And I don't really want to write two systems for drawing the windows to make it a toggleable option, so I guess he'll just have to live without.
  20. Does anyone know what KSP is doing, exactly, when the user disables the GUI by pressing F2? Someone was asking if they could keep my HUD visible while disabling the rest of the GUI. Obviously they aren't completely disabling Unity's GUI drawing since you can still show the console, but they're doing something pretty global since I didn't have to add any code to make my GUI disappear. Has anyone done any work along those lines? Thanks.
  21. Kind of curious why you would want easting and northing instead of lat/lon. But as Faark said, you can easily get Lat/Lon from a vessel, and then determine the distance to that point from whatever reference you're using. As easting/northing is a relative coordinate system instead of an absolute one, you would need to define reference points to base those measurements on. I suppose you could just use N0 E0, but that would get you to some really big values. Otherwise, you would have to define your own grid like the UTM grid. Then you can find the distances using a couple of methods. Here is my favorite page covering a lot of lat/lon distances. You could either find the great circle distance between your reference and given location, and then use the heading and do some simple trig to get the base and height of the triangle, or you could just run that formula twice using the corner points (ref lat, ref lon) to (point lat, ref lon) and (ref lat, ref lon) to (ref lat, point lon) to get the eastings and northings directly.
  22. I haven't really looked into that at all. It depends on what F2 is really doing. If it is disabling Unity's GUI drawing stuff, then no. I'll see what I can find out though.
  23. Thanks DMagic. Ahh, there perils of typing things up in notepad... Hope you like it guto! Please let me know if you run into any issues.
  24. Raven, that's exactly how I've implemented it. The first line is a float to specify the nonExactThreshold. If it is 0, exactSearch is set to false. Regardless of what I find out, that will be the new file format for 1.5 when it releases. Very nice DMagic. Yeah, I'm sure there are some tweaks to almost all my biomes. I was just taking a stab from the elevation maps, so I may not have gone far enough south. I'll look into that.
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