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  1. Upon some further testing and review, that isn't how it works The setting is for the entire planet, and then there is a float for sensitivity, which I haven't figured out yet. Still, a little fine tuning of the sensitivity and I might get it to read more reliably. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, the science defs are coming along.
  2. There is an attribute called exactSearch in the biome class. I believe it's set to false for all the stock biomes. I might try experimenting with it. It seems like it would only match if it found the exact color defined, as opposed to the default method which just matches the "closest" biome (though I'm not sure how they determine that). It might result in not finding any biome at the boundaries? Or maybe set all your biomes to exactSearch except for the "default" biome, which would match on the transitions. As you said, the KSC and runway biomes are not set through the map. Nor do they show up when you query the biome map for the current biome. I'm not sure if I can inject something similar or not. But you can always define a single pixel or so for a similar effect.
  3. And that's one of the cool things about Custom Biomes. Just fire up paint and notepad and you can have a THESUN.png and THESUN.att in maybe 5 minutes. On slightly related news, I'm going to be starting a big push for the science defs for all my biomes (maybe one planet a day?), starting with Duna. Hopefully I'll have a new release soon with more interesting Science!
  4. Alas, the biomes are not defined with altitude. The "above" and "high above" are defined elsewhere (I believe hard coded). I had considered adding something like sunspots, but I didn't think it would actually affect any of the experiments people are likely to run on the sun. Kubi, for actual mapping purposes, I would recommend SCANsat. The purpose of the map here is mostly testing to make sure the biomes are actually showing up in the right place.
  5. Thanks jpinard. And...if anyone downloaded it in the last hour, redownload it or manually change "Ploes" to "Poles" in the eve attribute file.
  6. Custom Biomes v1.4 is released! This version fixes the Linux and Mac issues that users have been reporting. It also fixes the flickering main window issue. KerbalSpacePort Download Alternate Download
  7. Thanks DMagic. I know I caught one typo a little while back, not sure if it was that one. I was traveling the last week, but I'm back home now so I should get the new version out tonight or tomorrow morning.
  8. Thanks BigP0ppaJ. The stuff after SCANSAT is more custom biomes stuff, but it usually doesn't print (the beta had extra debugging enabled). I'll release a new full version soon. Ruedii, I don't think that'll be high on my priority list. I do have a standard KSP config file, but different stuff gets stored there. I just don't see a whole lot of utility to making the file format that complex when part of the idea is for people to be able to easily make their own biome sets. I understand indexing reduces image size, but so far the plugin is just 2 MB. A test of the largest single image (Eeloo's biome map) went from 130kb to 104kb. Thanks for the input though.
  9. You can also get it from www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/steamgauges I'll look at the other link.
  10. I would say blank for the version string, and "Unknown" for the status field would work fine. Plus, it would probably only be an issue for a little while. I don't think there's a lot of abandoned mods using compatibility checker.
  11. I can confirm the same thing happened to me. You can fix it by opening your toolbar-settings.dat, and copying the names of all the buttons in the folders into the VisibleButons line. Obviously not ideal, but it'll keep you working until the next release.
  12. Bigpoppaj, give this one a shot. And again, please provide the ksp_log.txt where Custom Biomes is loading. Download Beta 2
  13. Thanks in large part to goldenpeach's bug hunting, version 1.4.2 is released. Download SteamGauges 1.4.2 Version 1.4.2 The threshold for displaying Mach number and G's on the HUD and Air gauge is now editable in the config file. Look for the HUDminMach, AirMinMach and HUDminG keys. The default key combo to toggle the HUD is now LeftAlt+H, still editable through the config file. Bug Fix: The HUD can be turned off again. Toolbar 1.5.0 is included
  14. They work the same way for any other planet. I didn't include a new map for Kerbin, as it already has one. But if you make a new map and attribute file it will replace Kerbin's biomes just like the rest of the planets. Please note that it is a complete replacement, not an addition. So if you tried to only change the mountain ranges (for example), you would end up only having biomes there.
  15. I think it might be your .NET version. Try compiling against 3.5.
  16. Interesting. I'll come up with some logic to parse it down to the correct directory. Just out of curiosity, what are the subfolders of your root ksp directory (where ksp.exe lives)?
  17. Its a function. I'll add the same config setting as the HUD when I release 1.4.2, tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
  18. Yes, it does dramatically increase the amount of Science on most bodies. But to get to the point where you can really abuse that is fairly far down the tree to begin with, so I don't see it as a huge problem. I believe tweaking the alpha values for each biomes will reduce their Science value, but I just realized I haven't actually tested that yet. If that does work though, you could set each biome's alpha value to 0.15 or so and end up with about the same amount of Science, though it would actually be harder to get at then.
  19. Alright, before I release a whole new version, here's a beta for you to try goldenpeach. I found the problem with the HUD (which I thought I caused working on something else yesterday), and hopefully the config keys as well. Also, the key command for the HUD is now LeftAlt-H. Please give it a try and let me know. If it looks good I'll release it. Download 1.4.2 Beta
  20. Correct. The mod comes with a set of biomes for every celestial body that doesn't come with one automatically. Furthermore, you can edit them yourself if you don't like the ones that come with the mod.
  21. Hmm, I'll look into the extra KSP.app today. And if you are getting a string of those NullReferenceExceptions, looking at Output_log.txt instead of KSP.log has a little extra info that can be useful. Thanks for the feedback. Edit: Please give this version a try. There aren't any significant changes, but it will give me a better idea of what's going on in the Linux install.
  22. Well it certainly seems like you've got a grasp on the problem. I don't think I've ever seen a post with a bibliography before... Very interesting work, and I hope it goes well for you. Best of luck!
  23. Ok goldenpeach and oinker, this one's for you. Version 1.4.1 is released with a couple of usability enhancements. The gauge icon tooltips now indicate weather a click will enable or disable the gauge. You should now know if the RZ gauge will pop up the next time you set a target. The thresholds for the HUD displaying Mach and G values are now actually editable via the config file. HUDminG and HUDminMach are the keys. Individual gauges can now be totally disabled through the config file. Search for the EnableXXXGauge keys, and set to 0 to disable a gauge. They cannot be re-enabled without a restart. When the Node gauge is armed to burn and time to burn is less than 5 seconds, time acceleration is set to 0. This won't replace alarm clock, but it should help up to 10x or so. Downloads are in the usual spots.
  24. Don't worry Oinker, I've got you covered with the next release. blizzy, I've got another thought. Other than changing the caption and visibility, how about some way to indicate if a button is selected or not? Like, changing the style to "in" instead of "out," or changing the texture. Personally, I would prefer the style change, but I'm not sure if the GUI can do that easily or not.
  25. You like releasing a new version right after someone releases a new mod version that comes with toolbar bundled in, don't you?
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