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  1. Slave Nickname : fs10inator Slave's desirability to being a slave : 69/69 Slave's softwares licenses : STK, Blender, Sony Vegas, REAPER Slave's Skills : Modeling, Video Editing, YTPMV Making, Farting Slave's Portfolio : here Slave's Contact Info : [email protected] Misc : ɔƨiM
  2. Oh, I meant to say this: just the black thing between the two stages as compared to the one in this NASDA concept art:
  3. This is the H-IIA+, a 2003 NASDA-era Mitsubishi design that preceded today's H-IIB. The H-IIA+ was renamed to the H-IIB in 2005. The only difference I can really see is in the interstage shape. The design, according to the last 2 pictures in the album called for a tapered interstage section, but later, the final H-IIB design had a 4-meter cylindrical, constant-diameter, interstage.
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