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  1. I'm not sure if there's a known fix for this, but hopefully someone can help. I'm getting what looks like a glitchy atmosphere sometimes. It's basically a big planet sized sphere that flickers a lot. I've noticed it a bunch around Minmus lately. Someone mentioned enabling E.V.E. integration in a previous post, tried that, didn't fix. Looked back, same as this post, 2nd picture. Doesn't look like he got a reply/fix.
  2. I tried using this, mostly just want the nice looking planets/terrain. Already using Astronomers Visual Pack. Looked like it was going to be fine, KSC looks nice, I went into the Tracking Center to have a look at the planets, looks superb. But as soon as I launched a vessel my FPS tanked hard, basically unplayable. Is there any parts of this mod I can remove/tone down to increase performance? As I said I just want the nice terrain and planet textures, but I'm guessing it's the textures when in a vehicle causing the huge FPS loss. Is this just a no-go mod for me?
  3. Can anyone give me a quick how-to on how to change the version number for this? I'm using 1.2.2 and this apparently is for 1.2.1 tops. Just getting the out of date message when loading, even though it works fine. Not a huge deal, would just like to get rid of the message
  4. It's not a RAM limit. I was having crashes as well. Fresh install, couldn't get the game to fully load with a lot of mods installed. Uninstalled and started adding mods 1 by 1. As soon as I got to Aviation lights(3rd mod) the game would no longer finish loading. Note: I'm running 1.2.2, and the mod is listed as working with 1.3 in CKAN, even when filtered by compatible. I went and downloaded the 1.2.x version and it loads up fine. So the one on CKAN isn't compatible with 1.2.2. If you're trying to use this, go grab an older version.
  5. Dunno what Ven's mod is, so probably don't have it. And I don't have that folder or that file. Is it not included with the download in this thread?
  6. As I said, I was watching him through steam broadcast. So no SS or logs. And as I said, it was the Demo, in Tutorials.
  7. At any rate, there was a couple specific bugs I noticed when he was playing. 1. In the first tutorial where you're supposed to build something, he would attach a fuel tank to the capsule, then removed it and it wouldn't attach to anything again. And if he moved the capsule around it would become off center in the screen, like too far away, in the floor etc. He couldn't seem to attach anything to the capsule again. 2. He said SAS wasn't working right. I told him how it should work. If he has it enabled he should be able to hold a directional key down, and then align the ship and let go and it w
  8. I think you guys need to update the demo of the game. It seems fairly buggy. Was trying to get my friend into the game and had him download the demo. I was watching him play through Steam broadcast, and he ran into a number of bugs. The tutorials need a bit of a touch up too I think, but they get the job done mostly. I'm guessing my friend just got frustrated and didn't feel like playing anymore But after watching someone who's never touched the game try the demo and the tutorials, I can't really blame him.
  9. I used the link in this thread, so I assume it's the most recent. Maybe I did something wrong. You just extract the folders into the KSP directory as you would with any mod, yes? All the cameras that you put on manually work fine.
  10. Stupid question, but how do you activate the docking cam. It says it's part of docking ports, but I couldn't figure out how to turn it on I tried right clicking the port to see if you activate it from there, tried using the cycle next cam.
  11. Someone in the Steam forums was trying to claim this was a scam, as this "isn't on the official site". I linked to this thread there, but that user was correct, there's no mention of this on the front page of https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/ Wouldn't hurt to throw up an advert for it there as well
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