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  1. [quote name='Lego8_bit']don't tempt me I could do that Very easily with my sub just replace the passenger with cargo bays to house one or more mini subs or even house water to air missiles [COLOR="#FF0000"] [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] and where did you get that water tank mod from anyway?[/QUOTE] What water tank mod, everything is stock? The only mods I use are things like Alarm clock and Kerbal engineer, things that give you additional information. There are no parts mods.
  2. One of my Apollo style rockets has been carried over through several games now. I tend to refine the design as new parts become available that improve or reduce the number of parts used previously, but the basic overall design and flight parameters haven't changed.
  3. [quote name='pincushionman']What did you do to move the center of mass forward? Do you just have that much fuel at the front?[/QUOTE] I can't remember for definite, but I seem to recall placing four of the cylinder shaped RCS tanks just behind the air intake at the front. At least I think it was this plane that I did that on. I'm off to bed now, but will have a look in the morning to confirm. ETA: Just checked the design, and I actually used 6 of the cylindrical RCS tanks to move the CoM forward.
  4. [quote name='algwat']Ok, sorry about that, so the new water tank ballast is not stock, but does give better control, and allows you to sit on the bottom lurking for when there is something to see down there....8)[/QUOTE] It's possible to sit on the bottom and lurk using standard parts. I've only just seen this thread, but put a sub in the craft exchange a day or so ago, so I will submit my entry after I've had some sleep. Here's my entry: Max depth : 1083m - 1083 pts Speed underwater : 18 m/s - 18 pts Distance travelled : 64km - 64000 pts Touched the bottom : x1.5 Total score : 97651 I was down to half fuel shortly after passing 50km, so my maximum distance was beyond the point of return. Obviously I could have gone further as I still had fuel left, but as the fuel was being used up the craft was becoming more buoyant and I think there would have been a point when I would have struggled to keep it submerged. Ready to go [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub2.png[/IMG] Feet wet, and transport wheels jettisoned [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub3.png[/IMG] Sitting on the bottom [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub9.png[/IMG] Maximum depth. Nose of the craft is actually on the bottom, but the bottom stopped being illuminated by the lights shortly after passing through 1000m. [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub7.png[/IMG] Maximum distance, just before surfacing [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub8.png[/IMG]
  5. [quote name='Frozen_Heart']Are you able to look up now underwater?[/QUOTE] Yes, but usually there is not much to see.
  6. I'll have a look at it as I put it up using my mobile phone after having problems with Dropbox yesterday. ETA: Original post updated. Should work now.
  7. Biplanes work just fine. [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/Bipe02.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/Bipe03.jpg[/IMG] As this is stock, it does use a jet engine at the back, which may help resolve some of the CoL/CoM issues mentioned above.
  8. I think most Kerbals are a little more appreciative of Kirsch, or Krug if it's a special occasion.
  9. [quote name='More Boosters']Ore tanks, dump ore and you gain buoyancy.[/QUOTE] Not correct. Actually, that is true, but it's not how this boat works. If you dump ore you come back to the surface but are then unable to submerge again. The action group keys for diving are linked to the cargo bays, which become negatively buoyant when closed. No idea why. I did try using a greater number of the smaller cargo bays to give a more delicate control of the dive/surface process, but they don't seem to work.
  10. Something that may be of use to any budding marine biologists out there. [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub1.png[/IMG] [B][U]Operation Manual[/U][/B] Hyperedit may be the best way to get UB-40 into the water, but if you don't use hyperedit, just stage the engines and drive it off the end of the runway. [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub2.png[/IMG] Once in the water, stage to jettison the land wheels [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub3.png[/IMG] Throttle up to start moving. Once underway, press action group keys 1, 2 and 3 simultaneously to drop below the surface. [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub4.png[/IMG] Once comfortably under the surface, press action group key 2 to reduce the amount of negative buoyancy. If you want to sink faster, omit this stage, but be aware that your rate of sink may be difficult to counter if the bottom suddenly looms large beneath you. Reducing the amount of negative buoyancy makes the craft easier to manoeuvre in the vertical plane just using the normal flight controls [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub5.png[/IMG] Switching the external lights on will help you to determine when you are getting close to the bottom. [IMG]http://www.88qv.com/KSP/ub6.png[/IMG] [B]Additional notes[/B] Returning to the surface is best done in a controlled manner, just by 'flying' up. In emergencies, press action group keys 1 and 3 to introduce positive buoyancy in the fore and aft ballast tanks, but be aware that UB-40 in this configuration is likely to breach the surface at excessive speed, briefly becoming airborne and possibly resulting in damage as it smacks back down in to the water. Once back on the surface, use action group keys 1 and 3 to maintain positive buoyancy. Attitude trim whilst underwater can be done by transferring ore between the fore and aft ore tanks. More delicate changes can be made by making the transfers between the tanks closer to the middle of the boat. Action group key 5 toggles the periscope. Engines at 2/3 ahead give the best compromise for speed and distance, only losing a couple of m/s compared to full ahead. The 'brake' action group key can be used to put the engines in reverse thrust if you need to slow down quickly. [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmor7jv0wwl7k25/UB-40.craft?dl=0"]Craft download file[/URL]
  11. [quote name='Octa']This. It looks great on planes, but somehow it looks "bigger" than the old one. For small jets, fighters and spaceplanes, it does not look right. Maybe because of the large windows and because the tip is offset from the center axis.[/QUOTE] It is bigger than the old one. I have had them side by side in the SPH, and the new one is quite a bit longer.
  12. Well I tried copying and renaming the old Mk1 cockpit from my 1.0.4 folder, but it seems the new Mk1 cockpit became associated with the old one which resulted in all MkI cockpits looking like the old one, irrespective of which one I actually used. I also tried renaming the config file in the old Mk1 cockpit folder, and whilst it cured the above problem, it meant the old Mk1 cockpit lost all it's textures, and just appeared white. I've run out of ideas now. :(
  13. [quote name='Pecan']Drag it out of an old download, rename it and paste it in to your current install?[/QUOTE] Where would you find it in the install? I thought it would be in the parts folder, but that's empty.
  14. Another version of the Mk1 cockpit that hasn't had the heat tolerances nerfed so that it can be used on small SSTOs again without exploding. A decent looking 2 man lander can.
  15. Getting an intercept with the Min is all a matter of placing the manoeuvre in the right place on your orbit around Kerbin. If you go into map view and rotate it around until the Mun is half way between the 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock position, place the manoeuvre node at the 6 o'clock position of your orbit. Also remember to select the Mun as your target to get the encounter markers. Another rough and ready method is to be in flight view and wait until the Mun comes up above the horizon and then start to burn. This is how it was done before manoeuvre nodes were introduced to the game. ETA : This craft is relatively simple for a newcomer to get to the Mun. It was designed in 1.0.4 but it still works in 1.0.5. [url]http://kerbalx.com/Scarecrow88/Genesis[/url]
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