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  1. Howdy, Frostflux is an SSTO that can achieve orbit with some fuel left over. You might be able to get an encounter with Mun but definitely not be able to land on any of the moons. You can of course return to Kerbin and fly for a bit before the fuel runs out. Watch out for the swaying that may occur at higher altitudes. Download here: Enjoy, Heretic391 (Chris)
  2. Howdy, This craft sways once it achieves mid altitude. I was hoping that that someone fixes it while I go and eat dinner Any suggestions would be nice. Sigh, attachments seem to be very buggy... EDIT: Well I've fixed everything so now it is a working SSTO. Thanks, Chris (Heretic391)
  3. Thanks for the help everyone!
  4. Hi everyone, Looking for a mod that features wide (but not long) engines? Also, is there any good mod for pivoting wings and engines? Thanks, Chris (Heretic391)
  5. Part count: 141 Weight: 51 Tons Cost: 107,803 Download link: http://www./download/oazn578s4dfjbai/Firebreather+Flyer+m14.craft btw heretic while you are having a go at 1.0.2 you should have a crack at my Nuclear Comet, fairly sure you will like it The Nuclear Comet mk1 120kmx120km orbit remaining resources Description: Cost: 216,566 Part count: 243 Weight: 126.2T Quite maneuverable in the atmosphere and capable of 1,000,000km+ orbits (More if you add more fuel in the cargo bay, less if you put a load in the craft other than spare fuel) the Nuclear Comet is about as good as it can get when it comes to single stage to orbit, With a choice of Nuclear or Rapier engines depending on how far out you need to go, once refueled this craft is an interplanetary explorer. As an added bonus there are emergency parachutes for easy landing. Flight instructions: On launch it is easiest to just let it fly off the end of the run way before touching the controls, once in the air pitch up to 40 degrees until 12km. At 12km bring the pitch down to 5 degree and gain speed until 1200m/s, at 1200m/s pitch up to 30 degree until orbit, at 22km engage nuclear engines, at 24km switch rapier engine mode. once apoaps is at 100km you can kill the Rapier engines and use the nukes to orbit. If returning to kerbin after orbiting without refueling you will need to move fuel into the forward most fuel tanks for stability. Action groups: 1- Toggle Rapiers 2- Toggle Rapier mode 3- Toggle turbo jets 4- Toggle Nuclear engines 5- Toggle solar panels Download link: http://www./download/9q7m4i8s3ymdit5/Nuclear+Comet+mk1.craft Will do! Looks great - - - Updated - - - Do you mind if I include it in a future sub designs video?
  6. Ahhh, thank you so much! I'll make the changes as required. Also, if it is okay I'll reference you in my future video for this craft.
  7. Well I made a fix to the craft just by adding more engines e.g. turbo jet. The new drag model is now an irritant for me.
  8. Hi everyone, I made this craft below in KSP so that it would at least orbit Kerbin but it decelerates the higher in atmosphere I go. Could you diagnose the problem? Download craft: http://www./download/ae84u6iugq3a821/Firebreather+Flyer+m13.craft Regards, Chris (Heretic391)
  9. Hi everyone, Hope you like the spaceships!
  10. Nice Ranger! At least your one works unlike mine. Btw in the film if you remember the ranger's docking port was diagonal.
  11. lol I would have to agree about that video, it's hilarious! Wow, you've been subbed for ages. I'm looking forward to seeing the video!