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  1. @bice all the problems you mention should be fixed in the temporary patch I have released some posts ago. I guess you missed the last page of this thread There will be an official release coming probably on monday as @ObiVanDamme stated in his last post.
  2. I've created a fix for the recycler problem. Please let me know if it is working for you. Download link for the updated .dll stays the same as in my last post:
  3. I will look into this and let you know if I find a a way to patch it. @ObiVanDamme you will receive a pull request in the next few days from me so you can integrate my patches if you want to
  4. I've created a quick and dirty patch to make OSE Workshop comptatible with KSP 1.1.2 and KIS 1.2.10. Download: Source: Please be aware that this is not an official release and thus no support can be given!
  5. Well I didn't try OnSave/Load. As I already said I don't know how to call the methods. It would be nice if you could explain it to me
  6. Well I know I need ScienceSubject. It is also returned from R&D's GetExperiment() method. But my question is how to restore a ScienceSubject once I have saved it
  7. Okay now I understand why it was not working. However I can see the methods GetExperiment(string) and GetTechnologyState(string) but for setting the values there is only SetTechState(string, ProtoTechNode) but no mehtod for setting the experiments. So if there's someone who could tell me how to put an experiment into the R&D instance I would be very lucky
  8. Thanks for your reply xEvilReeperx. As I not only need to purchase the parts but also really unlock the tech nodes it is not enough to just iterate through the parts and purchase them. So I will try to use the OnLoad and OnSave methods. However the methods take a ConfigNode as parameter. Can you give me a hint on how to call the methods and where to get the ConfigNode parameter from? Unfortunately I'm not a very experienced programmer...
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for a way to backup and restore the tech tree and the experiment history. I know it is possible to get that data from the persistent.sfs file. However I need a method to get and also restore the data while KSP is running. What I tried so far is using ResearchAndDevelopment.Instance: ResearchAndDevelopment rdinstance; //Backup rdinstance = ResearchAndDevelopment.Instance //Restore ResearchAndDevelopment.Instance = rdinstance However it didn't work. Unfortunately I didn't find any projects that are accessing the R&D data in a way I would like to do. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Hello BGog42, As studying keeps me busy at the moment I didn't have much time to work on this project lately. However I might have some time when I get back home from 30C3 to finish the improvements I wrote about in my last post. Until end of frebruary I will have a lot of exames at my University so I might be able to start working on on VAB control as of March. I'm sorry I can't develop faster. Altough any help would be very appreciated. So if there is a developer with a leap motion controller wanting to help me please just send me a message.
  11. DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: My new Version should be online within this week. Found out some weird behaviour during the testing so I had to fix a lot of stuff. I still need to fix a problem with the SAS though
  12. As you are already the second one I hear from that VAB control is wanted I will plan to implement it. However before starting to work on this feature I will have a look at docking control. It would be nice if you could send me your ideas about the VAB control. So what you think which gestures and which intuitive hand movements will do what
  13. Hi retaliation, I just recoded half the plugin yesterday to optimize the interface to the leap controller. My new code still needs some work and testing but you can expect a new update in the next few days. Feel free to test my plugin. It's always nice to get some feedback
  14. OK thank you! I will have a look at MonoBehaviour