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  1. If anyone runs into this after 1.1.2 patch, I got held up by this slow loading issue as well, doesn't seem to have been fixed or patched entirely. Can confirm disabling virtual ethernet worked for me. I had one installed due to using virtualbox, and disabling it fixed my issues.
  2. It was mainly just a comment, but i'll try it again and get you one later. I'm still not entirely sure if its mods like yours specifically, but I know everything runs when I remove them. Perhaps you can tell me later hehe.
  3. Honestly, it seems like neither one of these work for me. I'm 64bit now. It seems really erratic. I was using deb, works fine, everything goes smoothly... and then i start up ksp the next day and going to the vab crashes the game consistently. Similarly, i try to use this mod, I get the same problems. I do have many mods in use, but this didnt really hit me until after the very first releases. I would gather the 64bit is just really touchy right now and these mods are possibly best played with new careers/stable mod packages. Might be this will all really shine later.
  4. This. I just spent an hour figuring this out for myself. You can't use a massless fuel. As the man said, you need a resource other than electricity. You can setup the engine to regenerate that fuel, too (I have yet to do this in my case)... and you can make the isp insanely high and the ratio for the fuel insanely low to mitigate things. I'm personally playing with the idea of making an FTL or just a very powerful engine to travel interplanetary distances quickly at the expense of mass and electricity generation. My POC has to use Xenon (though very little) right now to function viably.
  5. I was wondering if you had made these actual ftl drives at all... as in superluminal speeds or just very high speeds. I'm dabbling in this idea now just in concept. I dont have a ton of time so I might have missed this through a search.