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  1. Leaving in the absolute best of terms, of course. Dr_Turkey will be taking over Squadcast!
  2. Thanks Kasper. You all be nice to Dr_Turkey, okay? One could not ask for a better job experience and a better community than Kerbal Space Program has. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
  3. Here's a short FAQ to help explain what the PS4 version means for the PC version. Why bring Kerbal Space Program to PS4? As the fanbase of our game has grown, we’ve received a constant influx of pokes and requests from people asking us to bring our game to PS4. With the power of current generation PS4 and the flexibility and ease of use of the Unity engine, bringing KSP over to the PS4 is simply a no brainer. Space is for everyone, regardless of how you prefer to play. How will the game work on PS4? That’s another thing we had asked ourselves for quite a while and simply had to make a goal: We could simply not compromise on players’ experience. Thankfully, the PS4 controller has systems that make building and flying rockets just as easy and intuitive as the PC version. How are you bringing Kerbal Space Program to PS4? We’ve teamed up with Flying Tiger Entertainment to bring the game to PS4. They have experience and have shown us time and time again that they were simply the right choice to make sure that the players receive a quality game on their PS4, and not a lazy port. Will this have a negative effect on the development of the PC version? Absolutely not. If anything, working in collaboration with Flying Tiger has helped us speed up processes like the Unity 5 upgrade, but in general the two will remain separate versions of the game, much like the educational version TeacherGaming works on!
  4. People have come back from vacation so there wasn't much content to put in the devnotes that wasn't flat out spoiling the PS4 announcement. Thankfully I can say that the dev cycle on 1.0.3 is nearly done now, and you'll hear more as the week progresses.
  5. Controls work out well so far. We'll share diagrams later. And of course, like future versions of KSP (not 1.0.3, we're not that fast) it will run on U5.
  6. You're implying I can play even with a keyboard and mouse.
  7. No dev time lost thanks to the kind people at Flying Tiger, who have shown us fantastic progress with getting the game working on the PS4. Also they've been great to work with as well, as Unity 5 was something both studios could work on at the same time and it really, really increased the speed at which we progressed through that project. Worry not, 1.0.3 is still being worked on and you shouldn't have to wait much longer for it. Edit: And you'd be amazed at how well the DS4 works with the game. We certainly were ourselves.
  8. Yeah, there's a couple sections of the EULA that could use work. We obviously are not against modding at all and we're cool with you guys having as many backups as you want, on as many OS's as you want, just don't give them to other people.
  9. Not to mention incredibly gross, ignorant and stereotyping.
  10. It has been going through them for a couple months now, actually! Which is why we were never fully sure on why people were so concerned.
  11. We've had terrible experiences with the signal to noise ratio of any broad-facing testing environment. Sorting through reports becomes a mammoth task when the overwhelming majority of them are of extremely low quality. The amount of extra overhead this causes ends up having a worse effect that just staying with our core group of really experienced, super efficient QA Crew. Branch testing for QA started as soon as it was possible, and has gone on since. Add to that the fact that we're effectively scheduling the longest experimentals period in the history of our game, and we can be reasonably certain that most major things will be caught by then. Happy to answer!
  12. We are having an actual beta phase, 0.90 is currently a Beta that the whole community is participating in, and showering us in feedback about. We also have a closed alpha (and eventually beta) testing for 1.0, as QA and Experimentals have so far helped in the cleaning up of a large (and growing) amount of longstanding bugs, balance issues, as well as the implementation of a bunch of small QoL features plus the vast majority of what we have announced so far. Edit: To answer razark's question, if the day came where we had to look at what we had and found that we were simply not comfortable calling it 1.0, we would have no issues at all delaying it. For now, we see no reason to move our deadline, as the constant input from the QA team has so far reassured us on the fact that we are following the right path.
  13. As we've said before, we have met the criteria we originally designed as 1.0, there no incredible desire as much as us being responsible. We're evaluating our current plan to make sure everything can get done in time, and is brought to the proper quality that it should be at in order for it to be 1.0. If that means holding back some of the minor additions to the 1.0 plan, then we are okay with it.
  14. I personally don't see the contradiction. Yes, we absolutely set our own deadlines, no, we cannot move it willy-nilly as it would be going back on all of our planning and meetings.
  15. Just to try and guide the conversation here guys, as much as we're committed to moving the game to Unity 5, it is by no means a small task and would add a massive amount of overhead to any update it is part of, to the point where it would likely almost be an update of its own. This is regarding the current feature list for 1.0, as adding more stuff like specific parts, new systems and what have you would most likely just complicate any issues we may have about dedicating enough time to every feature to make sure we're happy with its quality.
  16. Hey guys. Basically looking at the current feature list we need to look at our work in general and consider working on polish, bugfixing and balance in certain areas of the game instead of some of the new features we're working in. Going specific instead of going wide. We don't plan on stopping work at 1.0 at all, so we're maybe better off leaving some stuff for 1.1 and getting to work on the specifics of what can make the existing stuff in the game truly shine. We've decided that the next release will be 1.0 because it accomplishes the goals we've set up with the development of KSP from the very beginning, my question to you is whether you'd prefer we try and add more features, or focus more on things like the aero overhaul, bugfixing and balance?
  17. We're proud to announce that we're partnering up with Eucl3d, which will allow our players to 3D print your creations. We plan for this to be accessible through an ingame menu, but in the meantime, you can get started this very Friday the 27th with just a .craft file on I know you must have a ton of questions regarding this project, so to address this, /u/eucl3d will be holding an AMA on to clear all doubts and explain everything on the same date! In the meantime, feel free to sign up for their newsletter on
  18. Hey guys, this info will be posted on Reddit and crossposted here once it's actually a thing. Mostly since it entails an AMA later in the week with our new partner, which will happen on /r/kerbalspaceprogram.
  19. Sure, we simply added a toggle that modders can use that will allow to them completely overwrite the aerodynamic model if they want to do something different, instead of running an override or trying to bypass it.
  20. Hey guys, just to clarify. I said the ascent profile may work but would be horribly inefficient if it did. We're still tweaking aerodynamics so keep in mind all of this can change before the release version. Some things are set, though, like infiniglide being dead.
  21. I get what you're saying, but I also think we're putting a lot of weight behind the 'official' word here. Is our official twitter less or more official than the forum? If tomorrow we have a meeting with the /r/kerbalspaceprogram moderators and designated them our official subreddit, where would that be placed in the hierarchy? I think it's much more reasonable to say 'I wish news were posted everywhere at the same time', which I can get behind.
  22. I would argue that the original fans were HarvesteR's brother, then Adrian and Alex, if we want people who was a fan of the project first!
  23. Of course not... but I'm curious about your emphasis on the original fans part. Do you consider that makes the forum more worthy or better than the rest of the communities because of it?
  24. Consider Kasper our provisional CM for now. Dude's pretty good at it!
  25. Been on that site for ages, yeah. Downright pleasant if you stick to the right places in it. It was never our intention for the forums to feel neglected. If anything there has been an issue of balance, as we thought other communities (which granted are easier to read and filter than the forums) kinda needing engagement to parallel that of the forums. Devnotes go here, blog posts and devlogs happen here, too, it has been an effort to even things out regarding offsite communities and the like. We even were happy to track messages and see how long it would take from a message to get from point A to B. We'll make sure to use the announcement subforum sees more use for this kind of thing. Edit: If anything this proves that community intermingling has grown successfully. Outside of some offsite communities which have chosen to wall themselves off due to disdain for the others, but hey, their loss. I say go everywhere, participate in all conversations. Enrichment's good and one's never too old to learn new methods of communication.