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  1. Did you find/get an answer for this? I have the exact same thing, is there way to turn down the star count, just a little Most importantly, I want to make sure its installed right, fresh install from Ckan.
  2. Im sure someone has asked this before, but I did not see it. When loading this through Ckan, it ask about 3 other mods that this works with? I Dont have any of those mods and cannot click continue without selecting one. Im confused about this part.
  3. This looks amazing, great job. Will mechjeb still work with this?
  4. Did anyone know this was coming, I mean this literally slapped me in the face.
  5. This is weird for me, bc the games that should give you free DLC dont. KSP however gave us early birds free DLC that most were willing to pay for. This turned into one of the best games I ever played, then at the point you were bored, well modders carried the rest. I donated more money to modders than buying 20 copies of KSP. I was happy Squad honored us by the free content. Im more than happy to pay full price for a new game, and future DLC (within reason). So for the Early adopters, it would be nice, to be recognized, for the support in some way. Im not sure what, but just something simple. Maybe a in game plack or something. Personally, I think most of the modders deserve something, all their time,work, and compassion for the game kept it alive for most. Plus, all the headache of fixing updates. Thank You Star Theory(KSP2) and Thank you KSP 1 modders. Ofcourse, Thank You Squad for bringing this to life.
  6. ok That makes sense then. I ended up uninstalling everything I could find and will try again today. Now that I understand its not an installer.
  7. I see where I installed, I just dont see the exe for it. CKan folder is at the very top of my KSP folder. I only see things like history and plugins and some other files. I guess ill reinstall it, Im assuming i can do that without deleting the older one? So I dont lose the mods i have. EDIT: I looked over the page and did not see anyone have this problem. When I try to install the update its gets to the end and then ckan (Ckan Program Update) just stops and crashes. Just Ckan not my PC. I can load it without trying to update and update the mods, but installing the ckan update causes my issue. EDIT 2: I uninstalled ckan and reinstalled the Orion version, everything went ok. I closed and restarted and it reverted back to asking to update.
  8. Where is the Ckan exe launch located? I had to install a clean OS but my steam games and all that are in the same drive and location. I just lost all my shortcuts.
  9. I was reading threw some post trying to find the conversation about the tweakscale with the new robotics parts. I cannot remember where it was, If i remember correctly, the only problem was the strengths did not scale right? Example: If you made the robotic hinge smaller, it would still carry the stock strength? If that was the only problem, how do you apply tweakscale to the robotics parts? Or did i miss something major?
  10. Thank you I appreciate that, google hates the way I word things in search. Anyway, that preview explains alot to me, one last question. Do i only download the 2k if that is what i want, or do i need the both. I know in manual install you install the 2k into the standard. Im not sure how ckan handles that.
  11. I was trying to download this from Ckan, but Im confused on what the mods mean They all seem to say the same thing except, one has a blue, one is diamond, one is orange with low med high for each. then there is one for scatter by itself at the bottom? I did not see anything explaining what all this means. Can someone tell where i can find the information for this?
  12. @Lisias Im not sure why, but you make laugh when you post threads. You er a funny guy, but humble at the same time. You have patience of steel, something I do not posses.
  13. As always, thank you for your work on this. @zer0Kerbal Thank you, I will try that.
  14. I understand and that is the unfortunate thing about modding, people can get way to expecting. Like their actually paying for the work. I donate, but no one is forced to. Modders need thick skin these days, no doubt, that is why I Donate to everyone I use modds from. I have a huge respect for everyone that modds big or small projects.
  15. I would say a simple scale for the robotics would be good right now until the rest is figured out. They gave robotic parts but they are way to big for small rovers. As always thanks for the work.
  16. Edit: Never mind, I found my problem. Absolutely beautiful mod!
  17. Ok now I understand why most are using Ckan now, This makes things so much easier.
  18. Oh well I feel dumb, I had no idea that steam updated it. Thanks for telling me about the compatible part, I appreciate it.
  19. Im very new to Ckan, Im just tired of manually installing and updating everytime i want to play. I downloaded the exe, but it only shows like 125 mods compatible. Ok so I selected ALL and now i see the mods i use but i cannot do anything with them? They all just have a line beside them.