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  1. Granted. Due to your vague description of a 'halfling', you are given a half fish-half hamster servant that is pretty much incapable of doin anything. I wish for the ability to pay attention better.
  2. 1/10 Never seen you before. Although I've been away for a while.
  3. I launch Infinity Kraken-Powered Boosters via Jeb at the ISS and Bob.
  4. Gilly: The place where you can jump, walk away from the keyboard to order a pizza, and come back before you return to the ground.
  5. Banned for typing your username with caps lock.
  6. Granted. All wishes summon Lampreys and only Lampreys I wish for a cup of coffee.
  7. Banned for computer talk in a nonsense thread.
  8. Not really I've been around for a bit, but still considered new to those that survived the forum kraken attack. The user below me is famous here.
  9. I think the aclubierre drive is plausible. Although a Slipspace drive would be awesome *Engage Halo fanatic mode*
  10. *Invisible answer* The user below me has aknowledged my return.
  11. Anarchists have nuclear missiles!
  12. Banned for trying to overthrow the power.
  13. Granted, they're posionous. I Wish for reaction images.
  14. I drop the sledgehammer meant for the mirror while tripping, crushing your face.
  15. The trolls have cataclysmic explosives.
  16. Banned for fueling your ego under the pretense of expressing yourself.
  17. Granted. But I was looking at my screen upside-down so: V10
  18. So. I've been trying my hand at calculating the Delta-V of my craft rather than using guesswork to get to celestial bodies. I am hindered by one part of the formula: Natural Logorithm. What is it and how is it found?
  19. Granted. you recieve nothing while everyone else gets food, shelter and love. And wealth. LOTS of wealth.
  20. Banned for no reason in particular
  21. Granted. Your magic consists of being able to communicate with snails. I wish for the power to not be distracted from the forum by another obsession.
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