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  1. Welcome DavidBowman! Always good to see that spaceflight, science, gaming and other nerdy enterprises can bring people together. Good to see you're ignoring the idiots and taking the high road
  2. "Don't panic!" Aahhh the name of my Wifi network Welcome Spide! I also lingered long in Kerbin's SoI, becaming really good at Mun and Minmus landings. For some reason I pushed going interplanetary away, every time finding a good excuse to launch yet another Mun or Minmus mission. But trust me on this one, nothing gets your blood pumping when you get your first Duna encounter. And after that high you really need some more, what better than your first Duna aero-capture and subsequent landing? You're in for the longhaul buddy, this game will consume your 2015.......
  3. Almost every time I approach a survey area that asks for a surface EVA or surface temperature scan the game quits on me. Is this a known bug perhaps? Most of the time the message "Now entering area XXX" is still displayed and the game crashed shortly after. Mods used: MechJeb KAS Karbonite Karbonite+ ScanSat Improved Chase cam Lazor Docking cam
  4. A very very very small point of critique; pitty they did not fix the radial decoupler issue.
  5. This, for the first time in months I cannot wait until I go home after work to continue my Career I restarted late last night (just got to orbit, so lots of stuff to do). Also for the first time ever I was really thinking about the different ways to proceed, which facility to upgrade, which contract to choose (because Max=2 you have to choose wisely early on, love that!), how stay under 18t, etc. For the first time ever I can now really say, YES, this is a game in the true meaning of the word. Thanks Squad, for all your blood, sweat and tears in creating this awesome game. So go enjoy a well deserved Christmas!!
  6. "or else you’ll miss out on the ability to throttle to a desired on vessel creation on a per-vessel basis, save settings on a per-vessel basis and more!" QUE?!
  7. ^this. I can still remember my first orbit, something like 18 months ago Welcome maceemiller! I really get your statement that nothing makes you feel like KSP. I have exactly the same!! Don't worry, that sense of achievement will remain. Your first Mun or Minmus landing, your first orbit and landing on Duna, first time seeing Jool from a distance, surrounded by moons, large and small, begging to be explored. And suddenly you realize you got the hang of it, when rendezvous and docking become "easy" and landing on Duna is sort of run of the mill. Maybe you get scared that you've reached the bottom of the barrel, that you've "finished" the game. Only to realize, NO DUDE, not by a long shot! And than you try your hands, and fail multiple times, at the Jool-5 Challenge, or a crew return from sea-level Eve...or etc, etc, etc. Enjoy man, you will!
  8. After finishing my Minmus Karbonite Refiney... ...I decided to look up an old friend..euhh...mortal enemy...
  9. Aircraft getting Parkinson when turning SAS on..
  10. Excited about the update! Really hope they fix the radial decoupler bug though, bit sick of not knowing how a booster will separate...
  11. Ha! Nice KSP reference this guy makes (0:36); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUjumVult6k Also LauncherOne looks very Kerbal!
  12. Disclaimer: no screenshots yet, will post some when I get home if needed. So I'm doing an Easter Egg hunt around Kerbin with a big airplane that is outfitted with a Karbonite refinery and a deploy able rover using Infernal Robotics. To deploy the rover I made a boom using IR consisting of a rail, hinge and a piston with a Jr. Docking port at the end. It works great when deploying and grabbing my little rover. I just landed at my third anomaly (strange sand colored structures ), got the rover out, did some xploring, drove back, aligned with the docking port on the boom and lowered the boom gently towards the rover. After a bit of shacking it seemed they connected normally (like they did during testing and at the previous anomaly sites), but when I started retracting and folding the boom things looked a bit broken. Everything is still connected, however the rail doesn't respond anymore and the piston seems to have "inverted" (difficult to explain, will get a screenshot up in a few hours). The hinge still works but the 0 degree point seems to have shifted. Any easy way to fix this? Maybe editing the save file? I really do not want to start this mission again after countless hours of flying Mods used: - Infernal Robotics - MechJeb - Lazor DockingCam - Izzy's Toolbar - Karbonite - ScanSat
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