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  1. Very good points there. I would say maybe 10km engagement range? All the numbers are somewhat subject to change, but I've taken the time to experiment a little
  2. I think most people (like myself) are a bit busy at the moment with schools/universities starting up again.
  3. Also, new rule ideas to promote intelligent, tactical maneuvering: -Turns last 2:30 MET maximum, 30s at the beginning of the turn for assessing the situation. -If an enemy ship is below 750m from one of your ships, you may fire on it with that ship for free -Friendly ships below 200m from the active ship at the start of the turn may maneuver, so long as they finish the turn below 200m from said ship. -After your active ship finishes firing, you have 5s before the turn ends prematurely. -If you do not use the full 2:30, the opponent gets to use any time you did not use. -No quicksaving, please The idea is to burn and coast so you are in that 750m at the start of your turn, or put ships in danger as a lure, for example. Other initiatives are to make formations necessary, and to put pressure on players. Thoughts?
  4. The issue with surface to orbit missiles is not accuracy but time, its probably over 10 from launch to target, like 5 minimum. You really should consider hi velocity weapons, at high enough speed physics gets funny in ksp and you can quite easily clip through and ignore armour. EDIT 10 minutes, just to clarify
  5. if it doesnt take off, move the wheels forward.
  6. I know what they are... ksp does not simulate them, I was wondering if you had some crazy scheme to bodge it
  7. The above change doesn't seem too necessary at this time... ive always thought, however, that the firing rules are too mechanical so to speak. While I proposed a rule of shooting any and all targets, but with a limited percentage of your ships mass in weapons, I suggest something less drastic: -after you finish firing weapons, you have 5s MET to maneuver before the save must be handed over -at the start of the turn, if any enemy ship is below 750m from any of your ships, you may shoot at it with the closest ship on top of your normal move -ALL ships MUST be within 1km of a friendly ship, ships within 200m of the "active ship" at the start of a turn get to maneuver (but not fire) on top of what would normally be allowed, so long as at the end of the turn they are still within 200m. These rules may sound crazy but could help bring in a strategic element, by making formations important.
  8. I was playing devils advocate before, so ill do it again. Firstly you talk about very sci fi ways of eliminating waste energy, which sound somewhat dubious to me, then talk about using contemporary space telescopes and such to find a ship! No fair! Also the sky is pretty much the same in every direction... hugging jupiter might be a better bet lol Just as weve never tried to make a space fighter, similarly weve never tried to scan for space fighters! Its a lot easier to see stuff in space than it is underwater, and submarines have to be pretty careful not to get caught... For the foreseeable future its not going to be hugely difficult to stay unseen though, its true.
  9. personally I think that 60-90 ton range hits the sweet spot for effectiveness in ksp, enough fuel to ferry big weapons and decent armour around a long way under LV-Ns and not so big it just ends up a lag monstrosity or too breakable.
  10. yeah to be honest, as long as your ship has a docking port at the back, you can mount drop tanks, if you can mount drop tanks, you can go anywhere.
  11. How are you going to use lagrange points?
  12. Apparently it counts as a "forum game", but its not off-topic... I reckon it should be in fan-works. Since we've sort of created a fan-game in ksp.
  13. lurk moar, your questions are most likely to be answered by reading back through the thread. That said, there is no single save file, persistence files are just exchanged for a single battle, usually... "no refuelling rule" ? You cant bring more ships once you start the battle, if thats what you mean.