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  1. If you're referring to the current dev build, then nope. It really ain't gonna work with .90 from how I remember it.
  2. Re-releasing this since I had to rebuild everything from scratch. SSDC Mass Acceleration Combat Vessel http://www./download/mz0p599cs08k78o/MACV.rar Part Count: 140 (excluding launch vehicle) Main Armament: x1 Mjolnir Mk1 Booster Gun (credit goes to chunkblaster's amazing "gun") Propulsion: x4 LV-N Atomic Rocket Motor Action Groups: 1 - Main Propulsion 2 - Fire Gun 3 - Start up Fuel Cell (in case of damaged Solar Panels) 4 - Toggle Solar Panels Instructions on Launch: The lifter relies on patience. Really. Throttle up to 100% and let it slowly crawl up to 25 km. Make sure to decouple the firs
  3. I've noticed that the turrets sometimes do not respond to the BD Armory weapon selection or the Toggle Turret button, and whenever I turn the turret off it rattles. A lot. Dunno if this is just an isolated case. Anybody here experiencing the same problem? Edit: seems like it's just the Challenger turret that does that a lot.
  4. It'll take me some time to write the next part. Real life's starting to catch up again, and I have to manage my time so that I can finish my sketch of the next scene. Thanks for tuning in, by the way
  5. Septerra Systems – Mikrostar BIOS v6.00AI Copyright © 2005 – 2033, Septerra Space Development Corporation Automated Bio-Electronic Liaison v3.01 05/29/2033 Main Processor : Wenrher Ascension(t) Processor 990A Memory Testing : 2004459T CPU0 Memory Information : Multi Channel, 4k-bit Loading ABEL Loaded: \ABEL\System\Boot\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\catrootA\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\catrootB\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\catrootC\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\catrootD\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\catrootE\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\config\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\DriversA\ Loaded: \ABEL\System\DriversB\ Loaded: \ABEL\
  6. The Kerbol System: it was the final frontier for Kerbalkind. Its emptiness was once harmony and the future for the civilization, enlightening them to reach farther and become greater. It was the silk road of science and discovery. Yet, such peace was squandered through selfish desires for power and control. The united civilization of the Union of Kerbol plunged itself into a deadly civil war that had spanned through a whole decade, reaping through thousands to millions of souls. As a result, the once-peaceful Kerbol System was divided between two factions: the Kerbin Union, and the Joolean Ind
  7. Kerbin: The War Diaries A series of stories detailing the lives of Commodore Jebediah and the crew of the Praetorian-class Battleship "Sword of the Orient" during their tenure in the Kerbin Union Armed Forces - Naval Expeditionary Force.
  8. Nothing much happened in KSP today, but at least I finally found some time to make this.
  9. Sounds like a nice idea, actually. It kinda gives recruitment more meaning. I think it's also good to have something like a training center for Kerbonauts so that while you're doing some flights or time-warping, your Kerbals keep getting better at what you've assigned as their specialty in the training center.
  10. Uh... Chris/Tav/Bac9. I've noticed that the incomplete S3 Hypersonic Front Section is packed with v5.2.5.
  11. I've experienced that, but with other parts. I can safely say, though, that it's not B9's fault.
  12. Removed ATM and lowered my settings, but still encountered that nasty CTD. I guess I'm a lost cause
  13. I'm experiencing constant CTDs whenever I load my save even when I'm using ATM. Experienced this on both x32 and x64, and I can safely say that it's not caused by a Memory spike. Also lowered my texture settings to default and half-res.
  14. Question: If I wanted certain sets of weapons to be Point Defense while the others target vessels, do I need separate Weapons Managers for each set?
  15. Retro-Future's got a 30mm Gondola Autocannon included in the pack.
  16. Despite the bad weather and lack of snacks, test pilot Jebediah Kerman's photo is taken as he proceeds with the maiden flight of the X1 Ebonsword.
  17. Ah, you're back. I must bump this compatibility report then. It seems like Skillful's causing a 'dry mass' problem with B9 HX parts in both pre-release and actual release. You see, the B9 parts suddenly had the "dry mass" feature added up in R5. For some reason, the bug only appears with HX parts so I'm guessing something's conflicting between the configuration of Skillful and B9's HX. I've double and triple-checked and it really seemed to be the root. Attached below is the screenshot I posted back in B9's pre-release, back when we thought the bug was caused by the R5 release. As you can see,
  18. I dunno if anybody previously brought this up, but have you thought of installing an IVA menu for the weapons manager?
  19. Only experienced it once or twice, I think, during the initial pre-release in a modded KSP. Never experienced it again as of 5.2.1. I'm guessin' it's because of (obviously) mods.
  20. I think he's referring to how part symmetry's flips out and stops mirroring properly for B9.
  21. I don't want to put some pressure on you or anything, but will you be including naval guns (76mm Oto Melara to 14" naval guns) in the near future?
  22. A Velites-class Destroyer, UNV Watchman, orbiting Kerbin. Currently working on a script and video for a series or something.
  23. I'm a Steam user, and when I got mine it had the x64 exe packaged with KSP. Just look for it in your directory folder.
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