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  1. When I can reproduce the same errors you get, Ill be able to fix it. Does it happen with other science devices from the mod? Last I checked the Radiation sensor shouldn't work like that. Could be a mod conflict, If it is Ill have to rename my experiment for compatibility. Mind telling me what you are doing to cause this? I booted up KSP 32-bit and was able to load a craft and use the SkyLab. Ill have a update dedicated to fixing the mod up for 0.24.2 posted after I finish testing all the stuff. Well seems adding the configurable data size was a good idea. Ill update the cameras that come
  2. Well I took a look, but im not sure really where to look in the log. But i did notice a error being repeated. Could be related. HandleD3DDeviceLost HandleD3DDeviceLost: still lost Skipped frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost)
  3. Do you have any other mods that change how the camera works? Did this happen after activating the take RL picture option? I don't do anything with the camera until you take a actual picture, with the hull-camera's.
  4. I have a 0.24.0 Release, but I forgot to update the forum post. Guess i got caught up playing around with 0.24.0. As far I know it works in 64 Bit. Id still like some feed back on the new Experiment Gui for the SkyLab though, I feel there's lots of room for improvement. V2.20 Change Log: Updated for 0.24.0. Added L-Tech Industries agent. Re-balanced the costs of the resources/parts. Moved around the parts in the Tech tree.
  5. I'm doing a beta, for v219 of L-Tech. As with all Betas I want your feed back, and any bugs you find. http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/221787-l-tech-scientific-industries#t1:other-downloads **ToolBar isn't required, but its recommended. v219 Beta ChangeLog: *Added ToolBar Support. Replaced the poor configuration I had before for the HullCam Module. *The SkyLab now has a selection Gui for the experiment you want instead of a action for each one. *Smaller Parts are KAS activated, and one of the containers is now also a KAS container. *The cameras now have modules for RasterPropMoniter. *Adde
  6. In the HullCamera module for the SciCam add in "picdatval = 3.5" Tweak the number around a little until you get the results you want. Also make sure that you arnt taking pictures of nothing, As a picture of say the space center(or a anomaly) should raise the transmission size.
  7. Update News: V2.15 **Im Back Baby! *Changed the Sky-Lab to require snacks to generate insight. *Re-balanced Sky-Lab science returns, and resource weights. *Updated the Action buttons on the Sky-Lab to automatically hide experiments you lack the resources for. *Added variables in the camera's cfg's that allow you to change the amount of science/data you obtain from taking a picture. *Added Tweak-scale Support to the Air-Brake and Storage's. *Separated all the resources into their own resource containers. *30% more chance of bugs! Comment Reply Time!: Ill look into these, Thanks for the suggest
  8. I finally got some time away from everything else in my life so I decided to visit KSP again, and found out my mod had no download. Well I solved that problem by posting it on curseforge. (Link may not work for a bit while moderators approve it. Hopefully that will be soon.) http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/221787-l-tech-scientific-industries On another note, Before i was consumed by real life. I was working on a update for LTech, Ill pick up where I left off and hopefully get it finished/tested.
  9. Where did you exactly take this picture? Was it orbiting the sun? Ksp must have some insane science scaling. I expected pictures of further objects to be valuable, but emptiness shouldn't give you 500 science. As for taking time to relish you're pictures Ill look into setting a timer for how long the exposure lasts.
  10. The pictures saved to your hard drive. Check in the "modfolder/plugins/plugindata/ltscience" for the picture.
  11. You actually get more science the farther away its from kerbin, following the standard KSP science logic. I might change it so you can pour more resources into the experiment and get more science out. Ill just have to figure out a fun way to balance it.
  12. Yeah that last update was a bit out of character, Normally I would test a little more but I assumed everything was working as it should. Due to the way the KSP science system works Kerbin gives much smaller amounts of science then say taking a picture of other planets. If sending the camera to other planets is too much trouble, I suggest pointing it at some Interesting objects. Such as Easter eggs and Mun arch's.
  13. V2.01 **The Hotfix Update! *Fixes a problem with the skylabs experiments not being runnable. Remember when I said a didn't test that much? I only did quick testing like "Did it Load?", "Is it unlock-able at the right tech tree node?" but i forgot to test the modules in the parts. So the when i got the new Skylab model it was using a .cfg from a older version and didn't have the new experiment module I made for it. Should be fixed now for you guys.
  14. Started playing other games like StarBound so a lot of my free time has been sucked away from working on this mod. So I decided to release the latest changes, for you guys to play with. I Also Redesigned the First post to look nicer. I didn't do much testing with this one, so if you guys encounter any issues or bugs post them so I can quickly fix them. *If possible. Update News: *When Updating from a older version. Completly Delete the L-Tech Folder from your KSP Save and remove any Parts in your saves for best compatibility. V2.0 -Redid The forum post. -Included more Models. -Added Experime
  15. I've encountered this bug also. I Narrowed it down to resource storage modules in the .cfg Most likely a oversight on squads end.
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