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  1. Just checked, no problems editing there.
  2. I poked that post by adding (and removing) an innocuous character, and I was able to save both edits successfully. And as you previously noted, the problematic post had a quote. Try editing that post now, see if my poking had any effect.
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    Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

    As part of a headcanon storyline from a few years back, I made some national flags. My design philosophy favors the use of flat graphics with significantly contrasting colors, avoiding text and gradient effects. I also arranged various elements such that the flag would remain recognizable even when distorted from flapping in the wind or rendered in monochrome (such as equipment stencils). Confederate States Analogous to the modern United States, a democratic Federal Republic with an economy based on the sciences, robotics and medical innovation. Krussia Analogous to modern Russia, with an economy based on heavy industry, forestry and mineral extraction. Krussian People's Republic [DEFUNCT] Predecessor to Krussia, a Communist state founded after the overthrow of the ruling monarch Kzar Nikolas I. Noted for its military and industrial might during the Great Kerbin War. Honko Co-Prosperity Union Analogous to a modern, capitalist China, with an economy based mainly on agriculture and aquaculture, but is transitioning towards manufacturing. Honko Hegemony [DEFUNCT] Predecessor to the Honko Co-Prosperity Union, and analogous to the waning days of Imperial China / WWII Japan. Ruled by a long line of Blessed Heavenly Emperors for centuries. Most of the population were peasants and merchants supporting a small feudal and imperial elite. Keinsberg Analogous to postwar Germany / France, famed for its cuisine, brewed beverages, castles and landscapes. Special Administrative Region of Keinsberg [DEFUNCT] Puppet state created during the KPR occupation of Keinsberg, while a resistance movement formed by oppressed citizens secretly continued supporting the Confederate States. United Kingdom of Kritannia Analogous to Britain / England, a seafaring nation boasting one of the most powerful navies on Kerbin, with many former colonies now part of the Kritannian Commonwealth. Kerimera Analogous to the Mediterranean, with a rich history as the center of the Ancient Karimos civilisation. Economy heavily based on tourism, which the local government wants diversify away from. Kashkeeree Republic Analogous to the Middle East, wealthy due to apparently bottomless oil reserves. Whilst its numerous ethnic groups have lived together in harmony for centuries, it was previously ruled by a Khanate. Kantana Analogous to Spain, and a rival to Kritannia during the colonial era. Many of Kerbin’s greatest artists and architects were either Kantan natives, or studied there. Isla Muna A former colony of Kantana, and now a Banana Republic with successive generations of eccentric leadership. Primary exports include tropical fruit, rubber and coffee beans. Ikxcal Analogous to Mexico, famed for its colorful cultural history and cuisine, a combination of native Ikxcan and colonial Kantanan influences. PLATOON, software publisher of the hit computer game "Human Space Program", is based in the capital of La Ciuda. Kerbal Federation Unified world government founded at the end of the Great Kerbin War through the Kerbal Armistice Constitution of KY 498. A constitutional, liberal, and representative democracy governed by a council of representatives from each major nation-state, whose seat of government, legislature and judiciary is located in the Confederate States capital, Kerbin City.
  4. I have definitely noticed seeing the Cloudflare image CAPTCHA test every time I try to edit one of my existing posts, too, although the edits are saved successfully.
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    Hot Kerbin [1.3.1]

    I confirm that your download now contains the appropriate license. You may edit your post to put your download link back now. However, the SpaceDock listing for your mod still says: License: Attribution-NonComercial 4.0 International When it should say: License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Remember that Creative Commons is the top-level name of the license, and that Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International describes the specific flavor of the CC license. In the future, please make sure you write the name of the license in full every time.
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    Hot Kerbin [1.3.1]

    @Alaygrounds, your download does not contain a copy of the Creative Commons license you have chosen, and so I have removed your download link until you rectify this. Also, you had only written down the partial name of the license in your first post, and so I have edited it to include the full name and link to the full license terms. Please remember that you will need to do this yourself in the future.
  7. As I've hinted a few times in the FusTek Station Parts Expansion threads, I've also been musing with the idea of making a service module and associated accessories for use with the in-game Mk1-2 Command Pod. While there are a number of similar solutions currently available from other modders, I'm aiming for geometry very loosely inspired by NASA's Orion MPCV, but with stockalike aesthetics to ensure compatibility with other stock parts in-game. At the time of posting, I already had some prototype parts working in-game; however, I delayed making the announcement because: - The prototypes are purely functional with little to no geometry - This parts pack is (partially) dependent on the the IACBM docking ports I made for the FusTek pack But anyways, I suppose I can get started now. Progress Report, 1 September 2013 I've cobbled together a rather crude graphic outlining key components in this system - two of these would be modified version of stock parts, while the majority of rest I will make from scratch to match the stock aesthetic. Fig 1 - SolidWorks mockup depicting system components. Retractable solar panels and RCS thrusters have been omitted for clarity. The first thing I wanted to address was the Service Module. Supernovy has made two versions of a combined Service Module (Fuel/RCS/Battery/Reaction Wheel), and while I am currently happily using it for my own setup, I personally found the pre-0.18-eqsue texture to be a little jarring. Also, while the Apollo Service module was mostly exposed during launch, I didn't like the idea of RCS thrusters and stowed solar panels being subjected to atmospheric drag at liftoff (retracting the latter does prevent breakage, but it is not aesthetically pleasing). As such, my intention is for my Service Module design to have a 2.5 m-ish mating section with the Command Pod as well as a narrower rear section covered by ejectable side fairings containing the solar panels, thrusters, and some other neat little surface-attached accessories I had in mind for future releases. Secondly, I've noted that some folks had concerns over the use of docking ports and parachutes. Currently, the only stock solutions are to either choose between having a docking port or a parachute at the apex of the pod, or to carefully position radial parachute packs into the sloped sides of the pod (no easy feat). My current idea is to combine both into one assembly, with the parachute stowed in a side compartment built into the docking port and triggered through staging or action groups as usual. MODEL{} nodes would allow me to reuse the mesh of the stock Clamp-o-tron for this purpose. I've also realized that the new IACBM docking ports from my FusTek pack are (deliberately) incompatible with Clamp-o-trons, and so I will be including an IACBM variant of the parachute-enhanced docking port as well. In terms of the Service Module's main engine, I decided that just the stock Rockomax LV-909 would suffice; however, it will come as a variant without the auto-fairings (since I already have fairings for the Service Module proper). A heat shield has been thrown in for good measure; I have no idea how to make it Deadly Reentry compatible (as I don't use the mod myself). Finally, I won't be making an Escape Tower, since not everyone would use one, and mods like KSPX and BFGfreak's Prilla LES would already suffice. Work In Progress (WIP) parts available for download Dropbox - this link will be updated irregularly with newly-completed parts, so check back regularly!
  8. Imgur Album Service Module and accessories designed specifically for use with the stock Mk1-2 Command Pod, vaguely resembling NASA's Orion MPCV. May or may not have a convincing stockalike appearance. Dependencies - AnimatedDecouplers (@Starwaster), for umbilical animation on decoupling, as well as adding stock drag occlusion support for the Boost Protect Cover and Service Module side fairings - ModuleManager (@sarbian), for applying patches for functionality/features provided by dependencies and third-party add-ons - Wenkel Corporation RealChute Parachute Systems (@stupid_chris), for parachute functionality Supported Third-Party Addons - Deadly Re-entry Continued (@Starwaster) - if installed, the SDHI Heat Shield will protect the Mk1-2 Pod from the heat and stresses of atmospheric reentry; most other Service Module components will also consistently be burned up when deorbited - Connected Living Spaces API (@Papa_Joe) - if installed, crew transfer will be realistically limited to through the parachute-equipped docking ports - TAC Life Support (@TaranisElsu / @danfarnsy / @JPLRepo) - if installed, will add a total of Kerbin eight day's worth of life support provisions to the Mk1-2 Pod and Service Module, plus Carbon Extractors and Water Filters - USI Life Support (@RoverDude) - If installed, will add a total of Kerbin eight day's worth of life support provisions to the Mk1-2 Pod - PEBKAC Industries: Launch Escape System (@Kurld) if installed, will automate SDHI LES and Pod Boost Protective Cover deployment/jettison Download (V3.2.4 / 18 June 2017) - CurseForge - GitHub (Issue Tracker / Wiki) How To Install 1. Ensure that you have all of the aforementioned dependencies installed 2. Remove any previous version of the SDHI SMS add-on 3. Download from one of the sources above 4. Extract the .ZIP archive and copy the GameData folder provided into your KSP root directory The parts should then be located under the SDHI/Service Module System folder Usage - This parts pack is specifically designed for use with the stock Mk1-2 Command Pod - For assembly and configuration instructions, refer to the how-to guide on the wiki - A Launch Escape System is included in this pack, which has better performance than the LES from the stock game; it also comes with a built-in Solid Fuel-powered RCS thruster to allowing mid-abort course corrections Uninstallation Instructions Remove the SDHI folder and all its contents from the GameData folder. If you have other SDHI part packs you wish to keep, just remove the Service Module System subfolder. Need Help? Please read the FAQ at the bottom of this post first, as it addresses common issues and their solutions/explanations. If your issue isn't covered by the FAQ, post your bug reports and support requests in this thread, providing as much information as possible (error logs, screenshots etc.). Optionally, you may also submit a ticket on GitHub. Licence This parts pack is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), which in layman's terms means: - You are permitted to use, copy, redistribute my work as-is - You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures), and release them under your own name - You must credit Robin "sumghai" Chang (author, Sum Dum Heavy Industries Service Module System) when publishing your derivatives in the download and forum posts Further Information - Development thread (Behind-the-scenes, preview of upcoming features) Release Notes 3.2.4 - 18 June 2017 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.3 - Updated various MM patches to use FOR instead of FINAL - Added MM patch to hide parachute-equipped IACBM docking port from VAB/SPH editor parts list if FusTek Station Parts is not installed - Existing vessels that use the part are not affected - FusTek Station Parts development builds also now include a special MM patch with a FOR keyword to automatically re-enable the SDHI IACBM - (Pseudo-)Compatibility Patch for Ven's Stock Parts Revamp - If Ven's Stock Parts Revamp is installed, the parachute-equipped SDHI Clamp-o-Tron docking port will revert to using the stock Clamp-o-Tron model rather than the revamped model - Removed Ship Manifest plugin from list of Supported Third-Party Addons - Ship Manifest is still compatible with SDHI SMS, but is not neccessary for Connected Living Spaces-restricted crew transfers Bugs/Known Issues - PEBKAC support does not make use of LES pitch control motor RCS thrusters to actively point pod retrograde during abort - Kurld is working on adding this feature to the plugin in a future update 3.2.3 - 18 December 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.2.2 - Fixed USI Life Support MM patch to use NEEDS instead of FOR - Added PEBKAC Industries: Launch Escape System compatibility - This automates Launch Escape System (LES) and Pod Boost Protective Cover deployment/jettison - Boost Protective Cover will automatically jettison when pod is pointed retrograde - Changed LES engines to use ModuleEnginesFX in order for compatibility with PEBKAC support - Added custom exhaust plume and smoke effects to LES main engines Bugs/Known Issues - PEBKAC support does not make use of LES pitch control motor RCS thrusters to actively point pod retrograde during abort - Kurld is working on adding this feature to the plugin in a future update 3.2.2 - 22 November 2016 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Tweaked heat shield aerodynamics parameters so that pod stays retrograde during atmospheric reentry - Moved heat shield to Thermal category and Advanced Landing tech tree node - This brings it in line with the stock heat shields - Added USI Life Support compatibility - Eight days' worth of Supplies and Mulch storage for the standard crew of three Kerbals - Storage is applied directly to stock Mk1-2 Pod 3.2.1 - 20 November 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.2.1 - Service Module and Avionics Ring tweaks - Increased reaction wheel torque from 5 to 15 kN/m - Set SAS to standalone operation, allowing crafts with inexperienced crew to have full SAS capaibility - Mk1-2 Pod Aeroshroud colliders are now manifold (closed) meshes - Launch Escape System (LES) pitch control motor RCS thrusters now have custom flame and sound effects 3.2 - 8 July 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.1.3 - All models have been re-scaled to actual size in-game - Side fairings have been overhauled - They now split into thirds rather than halves, and include built-in solid rocket jettison motors to help push the panels away cleanly after separation - The parachute-equipped IACBM docking port has been updated to match the new design from FusTek Station Parts - The ports will now enforce docking orientation angles at 90 degree increments - Updated support for tg626's Kerbal Optical Alignment System (KOAS) mod, previously known as the Docking Target mod - This adds an inline docking camera and target to the parachute-equipped SDHI Clamp-o-Tron docking port 3.1.1 - 23 April 2016 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.1 - Added support for DennyTX's OLDD docking camera plugin to both parachute-equipped docking ports - All parts now have search tags - Improved heat shield texture and normal map - The fairingless LV-909 "Terrier" Liquid Fuel Engine has now been deprecated - This is because the stock LV-909 now includes the ability to hide the engine shroud - Existing crafts will not break, but users are encouraged to switch over to using the stock engine for new crafts - The fuel cell in the Service Module and Avionics Ring can now be toggled using Action Groups - The Launch Escape System (LES) has been reassigned to the more sensible Advanced Landing tech tree ndoe - This is a Level 6 node, which puts it on par with the other SDHI SMS parts - Tweaked the ModuleAnimateGeneric parameters used to prevent the Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port from being toggleable outside VAB/SPH editor scene - KSP 1.1 fixed some typos in the parameters used in KSP 1.0.5 3.1 - 13 February 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.0.5 - A dedicated Launch Escape System (LES) is now included in the parts pack - The LES runs on Solid Fuel, and is capable of lifting a Mk 1-2 Pod, heat shield and Pod Boost Protective Cover up to 2.0 km in altitude, making pad aborts viable compared to the stock LES - The LES also includes built-in RCS thrusters that are powered by its own independent Solid Fuel reserve, allowing mid-abort course corrections - Added support for tg626's Docking Target mod, which adds a cosmetic docking alignment target mesh to all Clamp-O-Tron docking ports - Dropped support for HotRockets! plugin - The plugin is currently not compatible/updated for KSP 1.0.5 - The fairingless LV-909 engine will now only have stock engine FX - Dropped support for Klockheed Martian Special Parts plugin - The plugin is no longer being maintained - The Heat Shield's flotation collar no longer works - Mk1-2 Pod Aeroshroud jettison motor thrustTransforms relocated to the sides of the shroud - The thrustTransforms were previously located under the skirt of the shroud itself, which would overheat nearby parts such as the Service Module and Heat Shield - Shroud texture modified to include jettison motor nozzles and warning label decals - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port no longer toggleable outside VAB/SPH editor scene - This long-standing bug was fixed with the introduction of scene-specific animation toggling in KSP 1.0.5 (courtesy of SQUAD developer NathanKell) - Rebalanced part costs to be in line with stock parts (courtesy Kerbas-ad-astra) - Avionics Ring now has higher entry/per part cost, lower mass and adjusted CoM offset - Service Module now has higher entry/per part cost, lower mass and adjusted CoM offset - Service Module Adapter now has lower entry/per part cost, lower mass and lower breaking force/torque - SDHI Heat Shield characteristics updated for KSP 1.0.5's thermal model - Side fairings and Mk1-2 Pod Aeroshroud colliders reworked using convex rather than concave meshes - Side fairings now decouple from the Service Module itself rather than the Service Module Adapter - The Service Module and Avionics Ring now have built-in support for MechJeb and RemoteTech - The Service Module and Avionics Ring decoupler will wait until the umbilical has fully extended before releasing the Mk1-2 Pod Bugs/Known Issues - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 3.0.1 - 10 July 2015 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.0.4 - Heat shield is now compatible with 1.0.4's updated thermal system - Deadly Reentry support has also been updated accordingly, and the corresponding patch is now compatible with DRE 7.2.x - Fallback patch for stock parachute behaviour has been updated - Deployment altitude increased to 1000m - Minimum air pressure required to open reduced to 0.04 kPa - Both values are comparable to stock parachute part performance - Note: RealChute is still the recommended default Bugs/Known Issues - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port is now also toggleable outside of the VAB/SPH editor scenes - This is due to a limitation with the current stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric behaviour, but is not game-breaking. - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 3.0 - 11 June 2015 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a potentially craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.0.x - The Service Module's fuel cell now uses the new stock ModuleResourceConverter system, and has the same performance as its stock standalone counterpart - Stack attachment node directions have been updated to conform with 1.0.x stricter definitions - The Node Resizer plugin is no longer required when attaching the Heat Shield to the pod, Service Module or Avionics Ring - All textures have been converted to DDS format for faster loading and reduced memory usage - A bright patch on the Pod Boost Protective Cover has been fixed - The Heat Shield is now compatible with the new stock reentry system - Ablative darkening is not used in SDHI SMS, and has been disabled - Deadly Reentry is still supported, and the corresponding patch is now compatible with DRE 7.x - The fairingless LV-909 engine has been updated to have similar performance to its stock counterpart - The Service Module colliders have now been fixed, so that surface-attached parts like solar panels and RCS thrusters should no longer float out from the lower propulsion trunk segment - The Service Module Adapter textures have been reworked to be visually consistent with the Service Module upper ring itself - The Pod Boost Protective Cover and Service Module Fairings are now fully compatible with the new stock aerodynamics system - This requires the latest version of the AnimatedDecouplers plugin, which provides special versions of the standard decoupler/jettison PartModules in order for the stock ModuleCargoBay to know when to update its drag occlusion behaviour - Removed Ferram Aerospace Research MM patch for Pod Boost Protect Cover - The latest versions of FAR now intrinsically and automatically handle drag occlusion for hollow parts, making such patches redundant - Fixed HotRockets! MM patch for the fairingless LV-909 engine Bugs/Known Issues - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port is now also toggleable outside of the VAB/SPH editor scenes - This is due to a limitation with the current stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric behaviour, but is not game-breaking. - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 2.4 27 December 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.90.0 - Added Editor Part List Filter By Manufacturer Icon for SDHI - Heat shield floatation collar powered by Klockheed Martian Special Parts now considered an optional feature instead of a depedency Bugs/Known Issues - In the VAB/SPH editor scenes, When surface-attaching solar panels and other small parts to the ribbed propulsion trunk segment of the Service Module, the parts will sometimes appear to be suspended a fair distance away from the surface - The problem generally occurs when angle snap is enabled, possibly due to editor scene changes in KSP 0.90.0 - No known fix - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 2.3 10 October 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.25.x - Updated references and scaling factors in stock parts used by SDHI (such as the Fairingless LV-909 and Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port - Parachute version) - Replaced FSanimateGeneric with new stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric - IACBM fins, Boost Protect Cover hatch and Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port remain toggleable in the VAB/SPH editor scenes - Firespitter plugin is no longer required, and has been dropped from the list of dependencies - Added fallback patch for stock parachute behaviour if RealChute is absent - Note: RealChute is still the recommended default - Stock parachute behaviour only deploys main chutes, and should only be used in an emergency as it may cause sudden or craft-damaging deacceleration upon deployment Bugs/Known Issues - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port is now also toggleable outside of the VAB/SPH editor scenes - This is due to a limitation with the current stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric behaviour, but is not game-breaking. 2.2.1 30 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Updated TAC Life Support patch for compatibility with new v0.10 version 2.2 29 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Added Node Resizer support - This dynamically changes the stack nodes of the Avionics Ring and Heat Shield to size 0 while in the VAB/SPH editor scenes, allowing for easier attachment (and thus fixing the "bouncing" attachment node bug) - When entering the flight scene, this automatically switches the node size back to 2 to ensure a strong structural connection as usual - New meshes, graphics and better details for the FusTek Karmony hatch on the IACBM parachute-equipped docking port - This is for compatibility / visual consistency with future versions of FusTek Station Parts 2.1.1 21 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Fixed TAC Life Support patch so that it only applies if TAC LS is actually installed. 2.1 7 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.24.2 - Native TAC Life Support compatibility - Increased Mk1-2 Pod Food and Waste storage capacities - Added Water, Oxygen, WasteWater and CarbonDioxide storage to Service Module - Added Carbon Extractors and Water Filters to both Service Module and Avionics Ring - A combined Command Pod / Service Module would thus contain up to eight Kerbin days' worth of provisions for its three crew - Fixed HotRockets! patch dependency checking - If HotRockets! is not installed, LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) will revert gracefully to stock effects - RealChutes 1.2.4 compatibility fix - SDHI TextureLibrary and ProceduralChute removed from parachute-equipped docking ports as they are no longer required - Fixed missing drogue canopy texture - WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking change; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update 2.0 27 July 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.24.x - Native integration for Connected Living Space (CLS) API - Parachute-equipped docking ports will allow crew passage if Ship Manifest is installed - Native Deadly Reentry Continued support - Heat shield will protect command pod during atmospheric reentry - All other parts should burn up reliably when deorbited - Native HotRockets! particle effects support for LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) - Consolidated Service Module and Avionics Ring textures / subdirectories - Native FAR support for Boost Protective Cover - NOTE: When first installing FAR and/or SDHI, you must delete CustomFARPartClassification.cfg from your GameData\FerramAerospaceResearch\ folder in order for FAR to properly rebuild its part classification definitions to include the SDHI parts) - Reduced docking port spotlight range and intensities, as they are not intended for general illumination - Fixed Service Module rescaling bug that occurs on scene reload - RealChutes compatibility fix - WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking change; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Features: - New Command Pod-Service Module Umbilical interface on Service Module and Avionics Ring - Stock Mk1-2 Command Pod now has option to show / hide SDHI Umbilical port - Umbilical will animate when decoupler is triggered - Requires Starwaster's AnimatedDecouplers plugin - Boost Protective Cover now has toggleable crew access hatch, compatible with FASA launch towers - Opening the hatch allows Kerbals on EVA to board the command pod, while closed hatches prevent Kerbals from getting out - Boost Protective Cover can now be adorned with mission flag / logo - Self-inflating floatation collar built into Heat Shield - Triggers automatically on splashdown to keep the pod afloat while awaiting recovery - Requires dtobi's Klockheed Martian Special Parts plugins 1.9 5 April 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.23.5 - Fixed IACBM 1.25m - Parachute version docking light colors 1.8 20 March 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Reduced drag on Service Module, so that when it decouples from the Mk1-2 Command Pod just before re-entry it is less likely to bump back into it - Set Boost Protective Cover decoupler force to 0, as the ejection force is made redundant by the cover's own solid rocket motors 1.7 13 January 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Dropped FusTek_Sumghai.DLL in favour of external dependency on Snjo's Firespitter plugin - You will need to download and install the latest version of Firespitter yourself - This change now allows the IACBM guidance fins to be tweakable within the VAB/SPH 1.6 24 December 2013 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Added new 0.23 EFFECTS{} for parachute sounds (stupid_chris) - Tweaked main parachute deployment altitude slightly; the mains will now deploy almost immediately after drogues are cut, instead of after a (decidedly terrifying) period of free-fall. 1.5 8 December 2013 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility upgrade to take advantage of new features in RealChute v0.3 - Parachute drag is now dependent on effective canopy area rather than stock drag - Command Pod assembly will now hang under parachute anchor realistically without the need for the CoMOffset hack, and as such the latter has been removed 1.4 24 November 2013 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Parachute-equipped docking ports now use stupid_chris's RealChute Parachute Systems plugin - Drogues will now auto-cut properly before automatically deploying the main chutes - Docking port lights can now be toggled normally during parachute deployment - This is not included in the pack, so you will need to download it separately - Updated drogue parachute textures to distinguish them from the main parachutes 1.3 8 November 2013 --------------------------- Features: - New Part - SDHI 2.5m Avionics Ring - Avionics Ring is essentially the upper decoupler portion of the full Service Module, with a bonus battery, reaction wheel and toggleable integrated fuel-to-electricity converter - This is particularly useful for people who want to build their own Service Module, but also use the SDHI Heat Shield and Boost Protective Cover 1.2 25 October 2013 --------------------------- Changes: - VAB/SPH: Moved SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter and SDHI 2.5m Service Module Fairing to Aero tab - R&D: Moved SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter to "Supersonic Flight" node - If you have unlocked this part previously in Career Mode, you will need to edit your persistence file to temporarily remove the adapter from the list of unlocked parts, and then re-unlock after restarting the game - Modified SDHI Mk1-2 Pod Boost Protective Cover collider to allow the Mk1-2 Pod underneath to be selected - Hover your mouse pointer over the "Cut To Rescue" graphic on the cover and right-click 1.1 17 October 2013 --------------------------- Changes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.22+ - All parts have now been assigned to the appropriate nodes in the Research & Development Tech Tree - Parts are in the same Tier Level as the Mk1-2 Command Pod (i.e. Tier 5) - "Specialized Construction" unlocks: - SDHI 2.5m Heat Shield - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter - Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port - Parachute version - IACBM 1.25m - Parachute version - "Supersonic Flight" unlocks: - SDHI Mk1-2 Pod Boost Protective Cover - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Fairing - "Heavier Rocketry" unlocks: - SDHI 2.5m Service Module - LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) 1.0 12 October 2013 --------------------------- Features: - Initial release - New parts - SDHI Mk1-2 Pod Boost Protective Cover - Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port - Parachute version - IACBM 1.25m - Parachute version - SDHI 2.5m Heat Shield - SDHI 2.5m Service Module - LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Fairing - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter - Boost Protective Cover is ogive-shaped to fit stock Mk1-2 Pod and any surface-attached accessories underneath - Staging activates both the shroud decoupler and jettison solid rocket motors - If shroud jettison is to be triggered via action groups, both the decoupler and the solid motors must be manually mapped to the same action key - Docking Ports come with short-range illumination lamps and integrated drogue/main parachute system - Clamp-O-Tron variant is compatible with stock standard-sized docking ports - IACBM variant is compatible with the FusTek Station Parts Expansion add-on - Service Module comes with: - Non-staged CM-SM decoupler to prevent accidental Pod/Service Module seperation during flight (action groups or right-click context menu used instead) - Toggleable integrated fuel-to-electricity converter for use Bugs/Known Issues - Drogue parachutes do not auto-cut until mains are fully deployed - This is due to the use of *two* ModuleParachutes, which is technically "hacky" by KSP standards - Unlike BobCat's Orion spacecraft, however, the parachute-equipped docking ports will use the greater of the two drag configurations, guaranteeing a safe landing - Warranty void if parachutes are deployed on a planetary body other than Kerbin - Docking Port Lights become untoggleable after parachute deployment - This is because of the way KSP handles animations; the game can only save the state of one animation at a time, and the docking ports need several animations to handle the various parachute deployment stages and the lights. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Acknowledgements - @stupid_chris: RealChute Parachute Systems plugin - @Starwaster: AnimatedDecoupler plugin, stock aero fixes, heatshield rebalancing - @Kerbas_ad_astra , @StevieC and @NathanKell: various tweaks and fixes
  9. Hi @Sokol_323, as per my comments two posts above yours, I am slowly working on updating these parts for 1.4.x, and will definitely look at fixing the umbilical.
  10. Thanks for the feedback and compliments, everyone! I've decided to drop the idea of the Clamp-O-Tron Jr. docking port variant completely, and just refine/retexture the current Clamp-O-Tron part. @Starwaster made an excellent point that there are far more use cases for the standard-sized docking port than the one use case with Making History's Munar Excursion Module. Besides, SDHI SMS is intended to be a stockalike Orion MPCV (and not an Apollo-Saturn) parts pack. I have already evaluated and rejected Comfortable Landing, as the plugin in its current state does not meet my needs. Icecovery has also explicitly stated he was not interested in my use case, so there's that. Yes, I will most likely bring the FusTek IACBM version back when FusTek Station Parts itself is ready - in fact, a MM patch could be used to only make the part available if both SDHI SMS and FusTek are installed. @Starwaster - the Avionics Ring shenanigans were a series of user reports complaining that the decoupling behavior between the AR and SM were inconsistent (i.e. one decouples the pod straight up as expected, the other pulls the decoupled pod slightly to the side). It was a transient issue reported by a handful of persistent users that I've forgotten the usernames of, and despite spending hours examining the visual and collider meshes, I couldn't figure out what the differences were. But if it sounds like there is a significant number of use cases for the AR, then I'll keep it. Apologies for the scare, folks. My modding time is now limited due to other projects and commitments, so I have been trying to simplify/consolidate the number of parts in my mods (quality over quantity, yada yada).
  11. Unlocking this thread so that we can discuss the revamp here, without cluttering the release thread. Progress Report, 7 April 2018 After quickly familiarizing myself with the latest features of KSP 1.4.2, I think it would be best to remake all the parts from the ground up, with updated stockalike aesthetics to match the new Mk1-3 command pod. This update would also be a clean break, so I won't strive for craft or savegame compatibility. I'm currently debating these major changes: Deprecating the FusTek IACBM-compatible parachute-equipped docking port - This part was originally made for compatibility with my (constantly-backburnered) FusTek Station Parts pack, and I suspect it would be easier for players to just add a docking port adapter to their space stations anyway, just like how the real ISS uses different types of ports for docking of visiting spacecraft and berthing of station modules. Deprecating the Avionics Ring - This part was originally made for people who wanted to build their own "custom" Service Modules, while still using the SDHI Heat Shield, Aeroshell and LES. Looking back, I feel it's such a niche use case that it doesn't justify the trouble of trying to fix/maintain the part, especially with the shenanigans regarding different decoupling behaviours between the Avionics Ring and Service Module Change the standard docking port to the Clamp-O-Tron Jr - Apparently, this is now the smallest docking port that allows crew transfers, and if I switch over to this size, I can probably make the parachute ring a nice frustrum (truncated cone) with the same slope as the rest of the Mk1-3 Pod, instead of compensating for the bulkier standard Clamp-O-Tron with the current lumpy-looking abomination. Native Plugin for Inflatable Flotation Collar / Landing Airbag - After considering various third-party solutions, I think the best bet would be to work with @Starwaster to modify and natively integrate his SplashdownHandler plugin to fit SDHI SMS's specific needs. I'm also dropping the idea of spinning off SplashdownHandler as the basis of a standalone "inflatables" parts pack, to keep plugin development and maintenance focused on the bare essentials. Thoughts, guys?
  12. Now that I'm back from vacation, I can start looking into revamping this mod for KSP 1.4.x. Due to the numerous changes in the base game and the litany of issues, I suspect the best thing to do would be to remake all the parts from scratch - see my newly-reopened dev thread for details.
  13. Payload shrouds for rockets have always bothered me, long before the controversy surrounding the stock potato-chip fairings in KSP 1.0. Currently, one has the following options for protecting their payload during ascent: Pros Cons Stock Procedural Fairings - Allows manual drawing of shroud profile around payload - Low part count in VAB/SPH (choose desired base diameter) - When editing payload, shroud segments automatically move out of the way (convenience) - Potato-chip style fairing jettision is visually unappealing - Shrouds do not have mass - Allows nonsensical shroud designs (e.g. very tall or fat payloads on top of a tiny lifter rocket) e-dog's Procedural Fairings - Low part count in VAB/SPH (tweakable base diameter) - Automatically conforms to payload - Clamshell fairing jettision - Supports interstages - Allows nonsensical shroud designs (e.g. very tall or fat payloads on top of a tiny lifter rocket) KW Rocketry Fairings (or equivalent) - Built-in decoupler - Clamshell fairing jettision - Shroud pieces have mass / cost - Individual segments limit shroud to sensible designs - Non-intuitive assembly procedures - High part count as shrouds are built up from multiple discrete parts - Separate fairing bases for straight and boattailed shrouds - When editing payload, fairings must be manually moved aside, breaking staging Zero-Point Inline Fairings (uses auto-shroud feature from stock engine PartModule) - Easy support for interstages - Fixed fairing sizes limit shroud to sensible designs - Part list bloat from numerous fairing size/shape variants - Lack of true clamshell fairing behaviour (nose code comes off separately from rest of fairing Looking at the comparison above, my biggest personal annoyance was that most fairing systems allow the user to build whimsical and ungainly payloads, and then slap a set of fairings around it as an afterthought. In real life, fairings are standardized, mass-produced components for ease of manufacturing and to keep costs low, while payloads are, correspondingly, more sensible in size and shape (giant space stations are built by docking sensibly-sized modules in orbit, not launched in one go). KW Rocketry Fairings is heading in the right direction with standardized fairing components, but its high part count, part list bloat and non-intuitive assembly method can be discouraging. Also, the KW fairings still technically allow extremely long payloads. As such, my intention is to create an alternative payload fairing system that combines the best features of the current options on the market, while also imparting some sensible restrictions. Sum Dum Heavy Industries AeroFairings Features - Fairing bases available in 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75m diameters - Semi-procedural two-way shrouds with tweakable options: - Straight or boattail bottom segment - One, two or three mid-segments (four would be too tall) - Conical or ogive nose cone - Three material choices: stockalike, clean, Copernicus MTV-style heat shield tiles - Shrouds move out of the way when editing payload - Shrouds have mass and cost that increases with size - Shrouds are persistent debris after jettison. - Lower overall cost due to standardized components / mass production - Standalone add-on with NO dependencies Not Planned - Three or four-way fairings (not common on contemporary 2000's and 2010's rockets) - Interstages (most contemporary payloads are launched at the very top of the rocket) Implementation Details / Plans Making the models is the easy part, as all that's needed are: - One fairing base - One straight bottom segment - One boattail bottom segment (same height as straight bottom segment; upper diameter is 125% 140% of base diameter???) - One standard mid-segment (height = diameter) - One conical nose segment (height = diameter) - One ogive nose segment (height = diameter) A custom plugin will take these assets, scale/duplicate them appropriately and build them into one-piece clamshell fairing halves. The plugin will also natively handle procedural cost and mass, as well as the switching of the fairing material and the VAB/SPH ghosting animation. Questions - Any seasoned plugin authors interested in helping out? - I'm a bit concerned about texture scaling, especially for the Copernicus MTV aeroshell-style heat shield tiling. I would prefer that (most of) the tiles have constant size across all fairing sizes, to fit with the standardized components / mass production ethos - but at the same time, I want to keep the number/size of textures at a minimum. Does this matter to you guys, or is it okay if the larger fairings end up having bigger heat shield tiles overall?
  14. Please don't use animated GIFs of low-resolution screenshots - all the folder names are pixellated beyond readability. Have you tried a stripped-down version of your game installation with just SDHI and the bare-minimum dependencies? -------------------------------------------- By the way, folks - I'm heading off on vacation from 14 March through to 4 Apr. I'll look into updating this mod for KSP 1.4 when I get back.
  15. If you could get me a complete list of correct category assignments, I'll see what I can do this weekend.
  16. Could you please describe which parts are affected, and which categories they should show up under?
  17. I exported the Service Module and associated models from Unity 5.4 with KSP PartTools. The Service Module is actually two separate models - the SM itself and the umbilical. Only the umbilical model has the animation, which is simply a 90-degree rotation of the entire mesh over ten frames. The animation component is attached to the root of the Blender model itself rather than the dummy transform I usually use the PartTool script.
  18. I haven't really seen to need to add ladders myself, since I just position the FASA launch tower crew platform so that the deck is close to the bottom of the BPC/Mk1-2 capsule hatch area.
  19. 本人是台灣人, 現在住在紐西蘭. 很高興認識大家!
  20. I have no plans to support other docking ports beyond the stock Clamp-O-Tron or the FusTek IACBM. It is not practical to make a universal stack chute part and the Boost Protect Cover compatible with the varying dimensions of all the third-party docking adapters out there.
  21. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll look into it over the next few days.
  22. @Jhorriga, I suspect you do not understand the full situation. Yes, Comfortable Landing is already released, and I have been aware of it quite some time before you first asked about my flotation collar. The problem is that the way the plugin is written right now, airbags and buoys cannot coexist on the same part, as documented on the GitHub wiki - my desire is for the SDHI SMS heatshield to be able to support both the airbags for ground landings and flotation collars/buoys for splashdowns simultaneously. Based on my last correspondence with @Icecovery , he either does not understand my request, or does not wish to implement it. I may consider resuming work on my own derivative flotation collar plugin in the distant future; right now, I'm putting this feature on the backburner. *I've been dabbling in plugin coding for RimWorld recently with the help of a more experienced modder, and so far I'm enjoying the process.
  23. sumghai

    KSP USB Control Panel

    [MOD - Moved to the KSP Fan Works subforums, as this is the generally-accepted location for hardware control panels and simpits] Looking quite nice!
  24. @Jhorriga - I am waiting on @Icecovery to redevelop his Comfortable Landing plugin, before I can fully-implement flotation collars to SDHI SMS.
  25. Try removing those and see what happens.