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  1. Option 32 in the HORIZONS table settings is the IAU2009 right ascension and declination of the body's "north pole" in the ICRF. However, even that has it's limitations because more obscure bodies like Dysnomia aren't in HORIZONS. Probably have to just make up reasonable numbers in some cases
  2. @"Our Benefactors" Don't mean to badger you, but is it possible to get RealMoons, RTNOs, etc. working with Principia? I was super excited to find this mod because I was disappointed with the lack of Jovian moons beyond the big four and the lack of Eris, but I would really like to keep Principia in my set of mods, and it seems like from your replies here that it was planned at some point but not currently possible or WIP. I know basically nothing about modding but I'd be willing to dig in and do some tweaking if compatibility is possible with minor changes. In any case, thanks for your work on
  3. I tried to make a legit personal motorcycle. I got the body to look quite nice, but it was really awkward making a wheel. I tried clipping a ring of mini wheels inside of each other, but the ones facing the motorcycle freaked out. The other wheels are too wide for a regular motorcycle, so I kinda abandoned the concept. :/
  4. This is the Ymir Carrier a built a while ago for Macey. As you all probably know, he's been gone awhile, so I thought I'd put it here for you guys. My PC simply can't handle it going into orbit, so for right now I just cheat it there. It has about 700 parts without fighters. The Bay is permanently open, and the hanger has room for 5, albeit a bit cramped. The carrier itself has 8 reloadable self-guided torpedoes. The weight is balanced really well, and it's got about an orange worth of fuel and 8 nukes. The fighters included are beefed-up mosquitoes, with safety ERPs. [ejection, reentry and pa
  5. So if any of you like to read about advanced physics or even just rocketry in the real world, you'll probably hear about propulsion technologies that we know are possible, just don't have the ability to produce yet. I'm not talking about anything crazy, like Space-time warping or hyperspace, just some of the more exotic forms we don't have yet. Fusion - Fusion is a step up from the kind of fission rockets that we see in NERVA, it achieves a high level thrust with a similar level of efficency. Ramjet - If you can build an intake big enough, it's possible to power nuclear rockets with the inters
  6. Just thought that the ant needs some tweaking, considering that it's only benefit over the 24-77 was that it was in-line is now gone. The 24-77 Has more thrust, efficiency, and the same utility. Anyone else like to see it having a purpose? A high efficiency low thrust engine would be nice for bridging the gap between Liquid and ion in the probe category
  7. So, as the later end-game stages fold out in career mode, we're most likely going to have a pretty complex system of space stations, mining posts, and transfer vehicles. Obviously, noone would be able to juggle everything in a complex space program with localized components in each system, so I was thinking of utilities that would aid with this, but still hold realism and etc. My first idea was a routine flight system in which you could tell any craft to set up a schedule, for example, every 6 days, undock craft [Fuel transfer X]- wait... How do you tell it to get it to the ground and back? Th
  8. When you think about how the reentry shock heating works, raycasting to find the surfaces exposed to moving air, it seems like it would be easy to hijack that and use it to make an accurate drag model. If you could somehow add the angle of attack to what the raycast calculates, you could then combine that data with the exposed surface area of the part to find it's actual drag. After the maths for all of the parts is done, you multiply each by the thickness of the atmosphere and then apply the force in the physics engine. The force should probably just use the center of mass of the part to appl
  9. Wow, Moreas, those are some of the best atmospheric craft I've seen. Amazing stability, even after dropping their payload.
  10. Who are you taking to, Ann wn? I said anything stock that can fight fits.
  11. Being placed higher than Macey is a huge complement. Thank you. Mind posting your tigers claw? I'd love to see it.
  12. Yah, I just like seeing what people can do with the stock parts.
  13. Rules: I don't really care what you post, as long as they're stock and can fight in some manner. I'll start with my carrier. (In the background is a resupply vessel) She's got 5 Fighters inside, and has 8 Self-Guided Torpedoes, and 8 Nuclear Engines. The Entire thing is armour plated.
  14. Shuttle Submission: The Minimalist Stats: Part Count: 63 Weight: 6 Tons Propulsion: 2x LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engines @ Aprox. 2 Kerbin Gs acceleration. Cargo: 6 Seats for Kerbals, 440L of Fuel, 600 Electric Charge. Control: Okto 2 Probe, w/ ASAS. Utilities: 3 Landing Spikes, 3 Ladders, 3 Landing Lights, 3 Passenger Lights, 3 Radioisotopic Generators, 1 Regular docking port w/ Jrs. Testing: Edited it into a 15 Kilometer Orbit and proceeded to land in the vicinity of the Armstrong memorial. After landing, it had a little over 2/3s fuel left, and I honestly didn't do the optimum fuel efficiency land
  15. Shuttle Submission: Helion "Deluxe" Crew Transport Stats: Weight- 20 Tons [At Launch] Part Count- 87 Control- 1 Rockomax probe body, 6 Kerbal Seats, 2 Sets of RCS with 6 radial tanks, A.S.A.S. Propulsion- 1 Poodle Engine, 1100L of fuel. [Provides upwards of one Kerbin G of acceleration at launch mass.] Electricals- No Battery power [No Need], 8x Nuclear Generator, 4x Backup Ox-Stat Solar Cells. Aesthetics- Not a very orthodox design, but has a cool utilitarian look to it. Full Internal lighting for the Kerbals, as well as landing lights, and two Ladders. Testing: I save file edited it into a 1
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