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  1. Suggestion: Add an option for dynamic planetary brightness. The option causes planets to become dimmer or brighter with distance. For example:
  2. This is an artifact that i've encountered in SVE. It only appears after the camera is above 100km. Is this a bug with scatterer mentioned under "known issues"?
  3. So there's this phenomenon called "Time Dilation", where i roughly recall, means that you will observe time to speed up for others when gravity increases. This means that when you fall into a large gravitational well, you will observe the rest of the universe to move more quickly. Using this concept, that means that when you fall into the event horizon of a black hole, you will observe the rest of the universe to speed up, right? I have a thought: When you enter a black hole, you will observe the universe to speed up. If the gravitational well is deep enough, you can see the movement
  4. Update: Anomaly was not caused by the rocket itself. Either payload/ground support issues.
  5. Yup it was... Edit: My apologies, it was LC-40. I can't remember things. Another great source is https://www.reddit.com/live/xix3m9uqd06g
  6. It's rather crucial to know if the rocket did actually explode, or was it just ground support equipment. This way, we can know who to assign blame on we can know if the rocket has any flaws, or not.
  7. Would the strongback be able to withstand a strong explosion from the rocket itself?
  8. I know it's a bit late to ask this, but how fast was the stage flipped right after MECO? The boostback burn started pretty quickly.
  9. Are we forgetting about Ted as well?
  10. Making a falcon 9 rocket that is partially reusable and successfully landing it on a barge on an ocean.
  11. I've edited point 2 to include LOX. I guess its a necessity.
  12. So i have this ambition that we can send homemade rockets to orbit. I've seen some pretty cool videos on homemade rockets reaching the Karman line. What do we need to make a rocket that's orbit-capable? By that i mean it has enough delta-V to reach an altitude of above 100km and orbit the earth once. These are some of the considerations i would think separates "homemade" from "professional". I'm researching if a homemade rocket is truly possible, or not. 1. The rocket should not use any highly-pressurized fuel, or hard-to-attain fuels such as liquid hydrogen. Ke
  13. Perhaps a simple way is to "stretch" the particles in the prograde direction so it looks sort of connected, without making new particles.
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