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  1. Shaun

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    When using the cutaway views, bloom on engine exhausts are removed, even if bloom settings are equal for both flight and IVA.
  2. The x8 drag multiplier that KSP uses is astronomically high; so much so that jet planes have massive amounts of thrust, but can't gain speed at altitude, even when there should be sufficient thrust to do so. I could easily lower the drag multiplier, but that would knack up the game when I'm launching rockets. Surely there's a way to fix this. I'm presuming the game uses a drag curve like the one above. Perhaps lowering drag below mach 0.9 by a factor of 4, or 8 would mean planes could act more realistically at subsonic speeds; slow take-off rolls, and speed building up slowly as altitude increases. Past mach 0.9, the drag curve would remain the same, so rockets and supersonic flyers would act the same. This would mean that perhaps subsonic flyers could finally circumnavigate Kerbin with less fuel than hypersonic aircraft. Alternatively, lowering thrust to jet engines and sticking the drag multiplier on 1 could sort the issue.
  3. After playing on KSP for a long time (I'm currently 4 hours into a subsonic circumnavigation), FPS drops a lot, presumably due to memory. This is the x64 bit version of KSP. I'm capped at 60fps. After an hour or two, fps drops below 60fps ever so slightly. After a few more hours, we're getting close to 30 FPS. At this point, the game timer slows down periodically. Interestingly, opening the task manager seems to relieve the issue; memory usage drops and my tower fans suddenly relax. I tried again after dropping below 50 FPS, and what do you know; it works again! I wish there was a mod that could constantly dump this old memory... Mods used: Toolbar Chatterer JSI RPM Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kramax Autopilot KS3P NavHud PlanetShine RealPlume Scatterer Smokescreen Speed Unit Changer If this works with anyone else, please let me know!
  4. I love this mod, but there are a few settings I'd like to see added: Option to replace AGL (Above Ground Level) altitude with ASL (Above Sea Level), Option to replace Altitude with secondary speed unit, for example I could display both Knots and Mach, Option to increase precision of speeds, so that Mach could display three decimal places (0.785) rather than two (0.79).
  5. Shaun

    Avro Vulcan [DOWNLOAD HERE]

    Unfortunately I no longer have this file. May still be in Dropbox though. However the craft file is severely outdated and would need work. I’ll have a look for you. If not, I can make a new Vulcan based on this one if you so truly wish.
  6. Attempting to make my own series of rockets, but because I've taken inspiration from your aesthetics so much, a lot of them look almost the same as yours
  7. Shaun

    Binary Aerospace

    I love me some statistics!
  8. Anyone know how to switch off volumetric clouds?
  9. Also, I'm getting clouds around the mun... not sure why...
  10. Any chance to disable volumetric clouds? It's a bit slow within the atmosphere.
  11. Beautiful work! Just a question though, how do you present your ships like that? Is there a mod that takes blueprints?
  12. Shaun

    The Romulans

    It’s called violation of forum policy. This belongs in add-ons. If your mod is good enough, it will see it’s fair share of admirers.
  13. Shaun

    Modifying POV

    I'm aware how the FOV works. I think I got my vocabulary wrong. I want to be able to PAN the camera in a cockpit more than 90 degrees left/right, so I can see the rear of the aircraft from the cockpit.
  14. Just wondering if there’s anything in CFGs I can edit so that I can increase the POV range from 180 to say 270 degrees, which would enable me to see behind in cockpits. I do a lot of flying with joysticks, so would be nice if I could pan behind to see what’s on my 5/7 o’clock.
  15. Shaun

    Binary Aerospace

    Probably the best thought out and presented program I’ve ever seen. You’ve probably got a lot of time on your hands, but who the hell cares when the outcome is this good! Your initial rockets are simple, but beautiful and practical. I personally don’t like too much going on, so you’ve won me over. I’ll be watching this program closely. Kudos/cookies/moar boosters to you my friend.